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Backcountry Hunter In-Season Program


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About Backcountry Hunter In-Season Program

This MTNTOUGH In-Season program is specifically built and tested for the backcountry hunter to maintain/gain strength and to reduce injury in mountain hunting season.


*The ideal program to do during your fall hunting season to stay strong, injury free and not step backwards in your fitness level.

All pro athletes continue to train in-season, and they tailor their training for the specific goals they are trying to achieve. They know “you are either getting stronger or weaker” and in-season is no time to sit around and not train. This program is extremely versatile as all hunters have different schedules. Some hunt on the weekends while others hunt 15 days per month or more. The In-Season Program allows you to increase your performance as you continue to hunt on your terms.

  • A strategic strength training periodization to add strength without hindering performance in the field during the fall
  • Mobility and flexibility to stay injury free in the backcountry
  • Focused endurance work schedule
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Elite options (tailored to your individual fitness level)

What Makes MTNTOUGH In-Season Different?

  • Versatile Workouts For Beginners to Elite Athletes
  • A Tested Proven Method to Decrease Strength Loss in Hunting Season
  • Carefully Planned So the Athlete Does Not Feel Fatigued Before the Hunt
  • Specifically Built For Strength, Endurance, and Mental Toughness
  • Train Right From Your Phone or Any Device
  • Built in Bozeman and Tested In “The Lab”

MTNTOUGH's approach is built on unlocking psychological barriers and their team which includes former US Navy SEALs, Backcountry Hunters and Army Rangers believes that reaching your goals starts with your mind.

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Backcountry Hunter In-Season Program