About Guidefitter: The Ultimate Outdoor Platform for Enthusiasts and Professionals.

Welcome to Guidefitter, the ultimate hub for outdoor enthusiasts and industry professionals. We are more than just a community; we are a marketplace where passion for the great outdoors thrives. Our mission is simple yet profound: "To make every outdoor professional in the world accessible for trusted advice."

Our strategy revolves around five key elements:

Help Pro Guides Succeed: Support outdoor professionals who earn a living guiding people outside with the benefits and tools they need to be successful and the platform they deserve to be recognized for the authoritative and influential figures they are in the outdoor industry.

All the Outdoor Professionals, Accessible in One Place: Connect anyone wishing to enjoy the great outdoors with the largest and most authoritative network of individuals best positioned to provide the know-how, information, and advice required to maximize the outside experience. Do so in a way that engenders the utmost trust and confidence in the information exchanged and decisions made based on that information.

Foster a True Sense of Community: Be at the center of a thriving community of like-minded enthusiasts who can learn from each other, inspire, and support each other in their shared passion for the outdoors. Create a community with a true sense of belonging, not one where its members feel judged or berated. Promote an understanding of proactive wildlife and ecosystem conservation's role in sustaining our ongoing enjoyment of the outdoors.

Build Beneficial Network Effects that Create More Value for Everyone Involved: Outdoor recreation, in all of its various forms, involves multiple constituencies, including pro guides, enthusiasts, gear manufacturers, retailers, professional associations, conservation organizations, outdoor government organizations, educators, lawmakers, law enforcers, scientists, artists and more. Build and promote technology and business solutions that add value to individual constituents in such a way that ultimately creates more value for everyone involved who has a stake in helping us achieve our mission.

Operate the Most Powerful Marketing Platform for Outdoor Brands: Provide outdoor brands with a new kind of marketing and sales channel fueled by genuine outdoor professionals and authentic influencers that has the potential to outperform any other available channel. We aim to leverage a brand’s pro program into a strategic “tip of the spear” marketing advantage that helps position the brand as “the preferred choice of professionals.”

At Guidefitter, we believe that to enjoy an outdoor experience fully, you need the right information, gear, and mindset. We identify individuals with the highest authority on outdoor products and skills and make them easily accessible to those who benefit from their knowledge and influence.

We reinvented pro purchase programs to help brands identify large audiences of genuine outdoor professionals while maintaining the industry’s highest standards for program eligibility verification. We make it convenient for these professionals to experience new brands and products, share feedback, and make recommendations. Over 300 outdoor brands, including Swarovski Optik, Kenetrek Boots, Weatherby, Polaris RANGER, ZIPPO USA, Kelty, and SMITH Optics, partner with Guidefitter.

Our online community is a space where outdoor professionals, enthusiasts, and brands can interact, inspire each other, and share unique insights. Our trip search features the most extensive hunting and fishing outfitters database in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. We also provide software designed specifically for pro guides, outfitters, and lodge owners to help them run more efficient and successful outfits.

In essence, Guidefitter is pioneering a true outdoor platform fueled with the best information, advice, insights, experience, brands, gear, and, most importantly, connected people with a common passion. Join us and become part of a community that understands and shares your passion for the outdoors.

Guidefitter is headquartered in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, where outdoor recreation represents 4.3% of the state GDP, the second highest in the US (behind Hawaii).

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