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Ultimate Gear List Raffle

Create a gear list before July 15 and get entered to win the following prize package worth over $1000.
Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45
My Medic Sidekick
Hardside Hydration Set
Dark Energy Charging Bundle
MTN Tough Annual Membership
Crazy Creek Chair
Guidefitter Swag Bag
Read the rules and start creating your gear list below.

What gear do I need to bring with me for my upcoming trip?

What brand of boots do you run?

What pack do you recommend?

Do these sound familiar? We are here to help!

Guidefitter is offering the first online gear list database where you can build and share gear lists based on your guiding experience. Outdoor enthusiasts around the world can then use your list to make solid decisions on gear purchases. These gear lists are a great way for people to find you and your outfitting business online.
Guidefitter Gear Lists were created so you can share your expertise with your friends, family, and even upcoming/ potential clients. Your gear list will be featured on your Guidefitter profile and can even be shared on any social media platform or website that you wish!

Why create a Guidefitter Gear List?

Did you have a brand new client this season that is starting at ground zero for what gear they need to bring to help make their trip a success? Easy, send them a link to your Guidefitter Gear List and you’re done! They can even purchase any of the gear directly off of the list and have it shipped directly to them! Here are some of our favorite gear list features:
Free - There is no cost to build a gear list.
Quick - Our templates only take 30 minutes to complete.
Easily Linkable - So you can share your list on whatever platform you wish. Link it to your website, social media accounts, or just email it to a friend or client.
Modifiable - Find a new piece of gear that you love that you want to add to your list? Or need to get something removed? No worries! Your gear list is able to be edited at any time!
Great Business Resource - Do you run an outfit and wish your clients showed up better prepared for their trip? Build a gear list specialized for each trip you offer such as Base Camp Outfitters and link it to your website to make it easily accessible for future clients so they can gear up before they show up!
Future Financial Incentives - We are working with a small set of pro guide members on a test program (the “Guidefitter Influencer Program”) that provides incentives, including financial incentives, for proactively promoting brands and gear through gear lists and other content. For further information on how to become a Guidefitter Influencer, please contact us at

How to Create Your Own Guidefitter Gear List?

There are a few different ways to send over your gear lists to us so we can get them built up in the system for you and set live. Here is what we recommend:
Google Forms - Use one of our pre-formed templates (linked below) for a simple and quick option to get a gear list sent over to us. They typically only take about 30 minutes to complete!
Word Doc - Want to customize your gear list a bit more? Great! Just email us over a document to with it your gear list (organized however you would like) and we can replicate it online for you to match your vision.
Paper Copy - Do you have a PDF gear list that you already send out to all of your clients that you would like to make digital and linked? Email it over to us as-is and we can take care of the rest!
For questions regarding Gear Lists, contact us at

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