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How to maximize your marketing power on Guidefitter through the use of Outfitter Pages.
May 24

There are many benefits to having an Outfitter Page on Guidefitter. The most important benefit is that it is an additional way to market your outfit to a large audience of hunters/ fishers/ and other outdoor enthusiasts for FREE.

Already have an Outfitter page? Make sure you keep it up to date to get ranked higher on the Trip Finder page.

To learn how to set up a free Outfitter Page on Guidefitter and trick it out to the max to get the most visibility possible, just follow the steps below and you are all set!

1. Go to (Located in the footer under Services for Pros). Complete the sign-up wizard and submit your request to create a Guidefitter Outfitter Page.


2. Once your Outfitter Page is approved, it will be set live on Guidefitter for everyone to view. To customize your outfitter page and add photos, contact info, prices, location, etc. You will be able to access your new Outfitter Page by clicking on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen (best done on a desktop). Then toggle over to the Business side of your Guidefitter and click on Outfitter Page.


3. You will now be redirected to the admin portal for your Outfitter Page where you can update and customize all aspects of your page including:

  • Profile Photos & Description***
    • Tell us about yourself. Include your website, location, key search words, and more. Make sure to add a profile photo and header photo to your profile as well.
  • Page Owner and Managers***
    • Easily change and/or add additional owners and managers for your outfit to give them admin abilities to help keep your page up to date.
  • Team Members/ Guides***
    • Who is guiding for you this season? Invite them to join Guidefitter and add them here.
  • License Info***
    • Are you residing within a state that requires an outfitting/ guiding license? Enter your license number here.
  • Booking/ Client Manager***
    • Did you know that you can manage your clients/ bookings directly on Guidefitter? View your seasonal calendar and manage past and future client information here.
  • Contact Information***
    • Don’t miss out on a direct message. Enter additional contact information here such as your phone number and email address.
  • Physical Address***
    • Enter your physical address so members can find your outfit while using our Trip Finder.
  • Photos***
    • Add photo albums from past season successes for others to view.
  • Posts***
    • Use this link to go to your outfits homepage where you can view all of your posts and social interactions on Guidefitter.
  • Trips & Pricing***
    • Use the Trips tab on your outfitter page to build various hunts offered by your outfit and customize them by including species, dates, location, pricing, sleeping accommodations, special information, and more.

4. Once you create trips offered through your outfit (above), they will immediately be listed under our Trip Finder (below) for others to find while searching for their next hunting or fishing adventure.


5. When searching for trips (below), recommendations will populate based on the completeness of your Outfitter Profile, plus the frequency of activity on Guidefitter. Meaning, if your profile is completed and you are an active participant on the Guidefitter Community Feed, etc., your trips will populate near the top of the list. Making your outfit more visible to a larger group of people than others. This is designed so we can ensure that if someone reaches out to an outfitter for a trip, that outfit is active enough with us that they can get back in touch with the inquiring party quickly.


6. Make sure to revise your profile often to keep your prices and trip offerings up to date and if you ever need assistance do not hesitate to reach out and let us know. We are happy to help!

Guidefitter Staff
Guidefitter Staff
Bozeman, Montana
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