Some of the best hunts end with contentment
Apr 6, 2016

This short film is the result of a season that started off with the drive to produce content that was relevant and exploited the success of my efforts, and ended with a life lesson showing my lack of contentment with all that I was blessed with. The content vs. content battle is a real struggle that I fight with constantly. The push to get the best content that I can to impress others, or showcase what an "accomplished hunter" I am really casts huge shadows over what should really be important to us as hunters... being CONTENT with the ability to pursue this lifestyle, regardless of a harvest. 98% of this short was solo filmed, which turned out to be more exciting than my season overall, but now looking back I am able to be content with the times I spent in the stand, or in a ground blind with my kids. I am able to appreciate the beauty of creation and how blessed I am to be able to try to piece it back together through films for others to experience. Hunting isn't always about the harvest, It's about being content with the chances you have, and thankful for the things you are fortunate enough to witness.

- Wade James