Flycraft Boats Product Spotlight

One of the most versatile boats on the market
May 25, 2016

Hey, my name is Brandon. I'm with Flycraft and we're out of Salt Lake City, Utah. And we're making a new, innovative type of fishing boat.

The idea is you can have a garage full of boats for a lot of different purposes or you can have a Flycraft that's going to do all of those things and I think it's the best of all of them. So this boat right here, it's a 12 foot long, 98 pound, sports car version of a drift boat. We float a lot of small streams in Salt Lake City but we're really close to a lot of those drift boat fisheries.

So when we floated these small, little streams we had to drag them down boulder fields to get to the water. We were tired of beating up our other types of boats and we were tired of compromising fishing out of these small types of boats that weren't as good of a drift boat. So we created this boat so when we're fishing a small stream it's just like we're fishing out of a drift boat but now I'm not trailering my drift boat to these rivers either. I'm not rowing around a few hundred pounds of boat. I'm rowing around 98 pounds.

So because it's so light you don't need anyone to help you move this thing around. I'll drag this thing right across my yard you can see how light this is. A lot of our customers drive Subarus. You pick it up, throw it right on the roof rack. Walk around to the other end. Swing it up. If you drive a pickup it's super easy as well. Stick it on the tail gate, shove it in. All you need is one strap to keep it from sliding out the back. You can also throw it right in the trunk of your car. Fly with it as a checked bag on an airline. Put it in an RV and drive across country. That type of thing. We basically took the pain in the butt out of boating.

So like I was saying, you have the full functionality of a drift boat. We keep the whole front of this boat clear so for line management there's nothing for you to tangle on. Nothing for you to catch your hooks on. We brace ourselves by putting our feet against either side and putting our calves against this reverse lean bar. So now when I'm stripping line, there's nothing to tangle on. Also, as far as that line management goes, we run our anchor system through the inside of the frame right here. Our anchor system has a two to one mechanical advantage. You can drop anchor in a river, even swift currents just like a drift boat.

But like I was saying you can run it through tiny, little streams. We have a three inch draft so you only need three inches of water to go through. And this boat is heavily reinforced with four layers of PVC armor on the bottom. So when you're going through that shallow water constantly bumping bottom this boat's designed to take that. It's also designed to drag it over rocks if you need to that type of thing. And it's also, like I was talking about very light to carry around.

We like standing in these boats a lot. They have a completely rigid floor. It feels like a board under your feet. But due to the drop stitching it's actually just an inflatable floor. It's three inches thick of air. Now we also spend a lot of time sitting down fishing so we have elevated seats. We're not sitting water level like a lot of other smaller boats. They also swivel 360 degrees so we can cast off the side flip those roll casts that way.

Our gear rack on the back right over here is a great place to store your gear. New this year we just released our third seat for kids. We rated this to around 100 pounds or less. I personally am normally putting my cooler and all my fishing gear there but a lot of people like incorporating this third seat, slipping it right in here. It's literally that easy with a quick release. And that's a great place for your kids to hang out. The frame is very customizable. You can put your cup holders, rod holders, things like that wherever you want.

Another great feature is the motorability of this boat. You can run your choice of a small outboard on it. I typically run that Honda 2.3 gas outboard. A lot of people go with the electric. You put a tiller extender on it so you're not trying to reach back in an awkward position. And also when you're motoring this is completely safe for use in the salt. The PVC is good to go in the salt water. All powder coated aluminum, stainless steel hardware. So we call ourselves the most versatile boat in the world because whether you're out on the ocean, a small stream, a big river, or every bass pond, little creek like that in between this is going to be your boat.