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Guidefitter Gear Pro Picks by Matthew Friedrichs

Guides pick their favorite purchases from guidefitter.
matthew friedrichs texas

Guide: Matthew Friedrichs
Where: Magnolia, Texas
I grew up on the prairie near Katy, Texas, hunting ducks and geese in the rice fields and chasing fish in the summers. I went to school in the Texas Panhandle, and that is where my waterfowl addiction and guiding career began. I have been guiding waterfowl and big game in Texas for more than a decade, and in the past couple of years, I’ve added bowfishing in Texas and elk hunting in Colorado. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that a good season is never guaranteed—and that means income can fluctuate. Having a site such as Guidefitter helps me to buy the best gear at an affordable price. When my clients are preparing for hunts, they always ask for recommendations, and they rely heavily on my experience with different brands and products to determine what is the best gear for them.

Feradyne Outdoors LV-X Bowfishing Lever Bow

LV-X Bowfishing Lever Bow

These bows took my bowfishing operation to another level, and my clients love them just as much as I do. When the fishing is good and quick snapshots are required, this lever bow delivers consistently. This is very important, especially when comparing a lever bow to a compound bow, which you have to fully draw back the bow to engage the cams. And these bows are much more compact than a recurve. Also, not having to restring these bows every time someone accidentally dry fires makes this bow worth every penny.

  • Smooth draw.
  • Clients love these bows, which withstand abuse by the most green of beginners.
  • Good range of draw weights for all types.

onX Hunt Elite Hunt Membership

Elite Hunt Membership

It seems like these map and mapping apps are essential these days. I remember the days of using plat maps and going to courthouses to try to find landowners. The onX Elite product takes all the guesswork and nearly all the work out of that. I don’t have to try and hunt down landowners for permission or wonder where the boundaries are between private and public—the app gives me all that information. I can just pull out my phone and have the answers within seconds.

  • Great app user experience.
  • Easy to access on desktop and mobile devices to allow for easier scouting and preparation before your hunt.
  • Customer service is phenomenal.

Kenetrek Boots Mountain Extreme 400

Mountain Extreme 400

These are hands down the best boots I have ever used, which is why I reach for them every time I pack for a Colorado elk or mule-deer trip. They have a stiff sole that lets you dig into the sides of slopes while still being very comfortable for long packs out. The ability to customize the lacing pattern to accommodate changes in the conditions of your feet over a hunting trip is a significant plus. Personally, I have wide feet that can develop hot spots in certain areas, and these boots have alleviated that problem by being so comfortable in the first place and adjustable if required.

  • 400 grams of Thinsulate provides insurance should the weather turn cold or bring snow in the Colorado high country.
  • These boots last multiple seasons of hard use versus other boots I’ve used in the past. Stiff soles add additional stability in unstable and rough terrain.



When I do get the opportunity to harvest a trophy for myself, European mounts are preferred—by my wife. But we both love Skull Hookers because the company offers a variety of options that fit multiple species, come in different finishes, and allow the mount to stand out.

  • The choices are great and made for every sort of game.
  • They’re simple to install and are adjustable for every species.
  • Clean design that will be approved by any significant other.
Matthew Friedrichs
Magnolia, Texas
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