Failure's Demise: Elk Hunting in Montana

Missed opportunity prevails when bow hunting elk country until...
Nov 11, 2016

An opportunity for an archery elk hunt with Rawhide Guide Service finds the Guidefitter crew in the mountains of Montana. Guidefitter Creative Director Tyler Hock is on his 4th year of bowhunting elk and is determined not to go home empty handed, again.

Adrenaline levels are at an all-time high as Tyler lives out his lifelong dream of chasing elk with his bow. Will he put a bull on the ground? Despite unlucky weather, blown opportunities, and a camera in the way, Tyler has learned that money spent is still knowledge gained.

Our Creative Director gained an incredible amount of knowledge about hunting these animals through four hunting trips over two states and four years. Think you're ready for your own archery elk hunt? Watch this bowhunting video, then check out a few of Tyler's tips for hunting elk:

  • You've seen how the airlines handle your luggage. Be sure to shoot your bow a few times when you arrive at camp. Don't let something as simple as your sights being knocked off ruin your chances.

  • Montana elk country is vast, which means it's easy to overlook a bull. Be prepared to spend a lot of time glassing, and be sure to bring your best pair of optics.

  • Take plenty of windicator. The way that thermals pull your scent could mean you'll be easily busted by the animal. It's also a good idea to study up on how the wind will affect your hunt in general.

  • Use a guide. I couldn't have done this without Lenny Miller. Lenny is extremely knowledgable. He knows the property lines, understands the weather, and anticipates animal movements. He's good at keeping clients calm when they need it the most. He also knows how and when to call bulls.

  • Really take inventory of your hunting gear. This is the chance of a lifetime, and you don't want to have poor equipment to blame. Think about things like which broadhead is best for elk hunting. Do I have the right hunting boots for this trip?

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Read everything you can to ensure you avoid common mistakes that elk hunters make. And remember that archery practice makes perfect.
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