Moultrie Trail Camera Wireless Field Modem

See why outfitters choose Moultrie trail cameras and field modems
Dec 12, 2016

My name's Jacob Moore, with Kansas Whitetail Addictions and Moore. I use a ton of trail cameras out here. It really, it gives me the edge.

I feel like, with my clients, I'm trying to keep them on big bucks, and this Moultrie has just come out with a new line.

It's a wireless field modem that hooks in with any of the new Moultrie cameras, and I really like the way this thing works. You use an app, and you go in and pick which package you want, basically, and the number of pictures, basically however much money you want to spend, and it'll send them right to your phone.

So I can be at camp hanging out with hunters at lunchtime. If my phone goes off and I got a picture of a giant buck, we know we need to move in on him. And it's nice to be able to get pictures there at camp and not have to come out here and stink the woods up checking cameras all the time. So it's just another way it gives me a little edge on keeping my clients on big bucks.

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