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JPC Guide Services
From $50.00 to $150.00
California We offer Kayak Fishing for Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut, Sharks, Rays, Jacksmelt, Mackerel, Croaker and Surfperch Shark fishing day and night trips Pier Fishing Cliff Fishing for Rockfish Shore Fishing and Wading for Surfperch Pier Fishing for Surfperch, Shark, Rays, Croaker, Jacksmelt and Mackerel
Magic Bowfishing
From $400.00 to $600.00
Berlin 5 hour charter for rays
Black Tine Outfitters LLC
From $500.00 to $600.00
Crystal River Our saltwater bowfishing trips are 4 hours of actual shooting time. Charters can be conducted both day time or night time. We can accommodate up to 6 anglers per boat with no age restrictions. All bowfishing equipment is provided at no additional charge. This trip is an exciting non stop action filled experience. Anglers can expect to shoot on average between 300-500 shots on our 4 hour trip. All Captains with Black Tine Outfitters are USCG Certified to ensure that not only your experience; but your safety is our number one priority.
Gator Raiderz
From $300.00 to $575.00
Florida We do our Bowfishing from an airboat. Most people assume that since the Airboats are noisy, they spook the fish. The plain truth is just the opposite. Since an airboat has no underwater exhaust or propeller, the fish don't hear us coming until it's too late. We just go slow and easy alowing you to sneak up on the big ones! We also prefer hunting at night. Fish get more spooked from the reflection of the boat on the water during the day than they do from the lighting all around the boat at night. There are a lot less shadows that look like predators at night. We have just updated our two boats with new sodium lights and generators. This gives you a much clearer view of the fish to get that perfect shot. All of our trips include the bows you need, including both reserve and compound bows with reels.