Rhode Island Fishing Trips and Fishing Guides
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Bass fishing, fly fishing, offshore, inshore... Use our fishing trip directory to find whatever style you're looking for, wherever it is that you want to fish.

C-Devil II Sportfishing, Inc profile photo

C-Devil II Sportfishing, Inc

L'il Toot Charters Inc. profile photo

L'il Toot Charters Inc.

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Patterson Guide Service (PGS)

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Hula Charters

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Watch Hill Charters

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Block Island Fishworks

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Snappa Charters

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Maverick Charters Fishing Adventures

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Snowfly Charters

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Sara Star Charters

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Rocks Charters

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Constant Angler

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Fish Trap Sportfishing Charters

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Cast a Fly Charters

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Miller Time Sportfishing