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As a COA guide/outfitter member, you put miles on your boots, push the low-light limitations of optics, and put gear durability to the ultimate test, almost every day. You are viewed as the trusted source of knowledge for every client that crosses your path, “What gear should I bring?” You are the key reason why pro-purchase programs even exist as outdoor brands realize YOU are the boots-on-the-ground, in-the-field expert, and we want to celebrate that by inviting you to become a Guidefitter Insider.

Verify your guide/outfitter credentials credentials with Guidefitter and gain access to hundreds of guide and outfitter pro purchase programs from hunting, fishing, and other industry-leading outdoor brands.

We’re talking deals on serious products for guides like you who push their gear to the limits every day in the field and demand the best at affordable prices. You’re a professional, and professionals need the best tools possible to get the job done for themselves, and their clients.

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Now is the perfect opportunity to become a member of the Colorado Outfitters Association. Not only does your membership get you representation in state in federal governments advocating for your rights as a guide/ outfitter and the future of the industry, but you also get immediate access to Guidefitter’s entire platform of brand partners.

Who We Are

Based at the foot of the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, USA, Guidefitter is a company with roots steeped in the outdoors. When we're not working, we spend as much time as possible outside with a rifle, bow, rod, camera, or cold beverage in hand, with friends and family, or sometimes solo.

We're addicted to great outdoor gear and can talk about it for hours. We're passionate about building a thriving outdoor community with like-minded outdoor professionals and enthusiasts like us.

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Shop hundreds of outdoor gear brands, all in one place, with Outdoor Industry VIP pricing
Get early access to Insider-only sales and product drops
Market your outfit with Guidefitter s free Outfitter Pages and Trip Finder listings, or upgrade your outfit with a Guidefitter hosted Outfitter Website - suited specifically for you and your clients, and that is super easy to maintain
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Connect with hundreds of thousands of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and verified outdoor pros in the Guidefitter Community
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US-based company headquartered in Montana

How do I access the guide and outfitter pro programs?

Since you are a member of Colorado Outfitters Association, verifying your credentials is straightforward.

How do I get started?

Unlocking your exclusive benefits is as smooth as paddling through calm waters in a kayak.

Note: We respect your privacy and use your credentials solely for the verification of your exclusive membership.

Don’t take our word for it

See for yourself

Still have questions? We’re here to help.

Our company and customer support team is based in Bozeman, Montana, available from around 7am to 5pm mountain time, Monday through Friday. We all love to hunt, fish, hike, camp, off-road, and spend more on gear than we probably should. Some of us are also a little nerdy, so we can also help with technical issues. We’re standing by to answer your questions.
Give us a shout during business hours via phone (512.215.4530) or Live Chat (hit the
button at the corner of the page), or if you’re not the talky/chatty type, send us an email, and we’ll respond as soon as we can. We don’t operate a massive call center with hundreds of difficult-to-understand people who answer phones and follow scripts that some corporate-type wrote. So please hang in there with us as we try to help you as quickly, but as thoroughly, as we can.
If you’re in town, stop on by any time when we’re in the office. We’re located at 392 Gallatin Park Drive, Suite 201, Bozeman - just past MAP Brewery on the north end of town. We may even be able to hand you some Guidefitter SWAG if you stop by, depending on availability. We’d love to say hello and swap hunting stories.

The Fine Print

Here is all the legal mumbo-jumbo our lawyers make us put here...
Membership into any brand pro purchase program made available to applicants through the Guidefitter platform requires adequate verification of program eligibility. Guidefitter first considers applicants for inclusion into one or more “Insider“ categories within the Guidefitter membership roster.
Once qualified as a verified Guidefitter Insider, the Insider may opt-in to individual brand pro purchase programs through Guidefitter's platform. Membership in a specific brand pro program is not guaranteed. Some brands may require additional qualification steps or documentation before being accepted into their pro programs. Guidefitter does not ensure participation or acceptance into brand pro purchase programs.
All individual brand program eligibility requirements, pricing/benefit levels and product availability decisions are ultimately up to the brand and not Guidefitter. Maintaining status as a Guidefitter Insider and as a member of any brand program made available through Guidefitter is subject to strict adherence to all applicable program rules, which are made available to each Insider and program member. Violating these rules may result in losing your membership in any or all brand pro programs available through Guidefitter and your status as a verified Guidefitter Insider.