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How to Get a Hunting License in Indiana

How to Get a Hunting License in Indiana

Here’s what you need to know about Indiana hunting licenses

Where to buy:

Recreational hunting licenses and stamp endorsements are available online, at Indiana license agents like sporting goods stores and other sport-related retailers, by phone or by mail.

Buying Indiana Hunting Licenses online:
You can also purchase over the phone: (317) 232-4200

Guides & Outfitters:

Commercial Licenses, those for holders who are making money from the hunt, must be purchased with the Permit Coordinator in the Division of Fish & Wildlife. (should be a space between & and Wildlife)

Residents v. Non-Residents:

Stamps and licenses are available to both residents and non-residents. A resident is someone who has resided in Indiana for more than 60 days.

Active Duty Military:

If you are a resident engaged in full-time active military service, you are exempt from license requirements. If you are stationed in Indiana, but are a non-resident, you are eligible for a resident license.

Resident Landowners:

Owners of Indiana farmland and their dependents may hunt their own land without a license.


Residents - $17
Non-Residents - $80
Youth (17 and under) - $7
Commercial - Varies, here’s the commercial pricelist

Additional Permit & Endorsement Prices


Select your Indiana Hunting Outfitter now so that they can help you determine which license and stamps are needed for your trip, if going on a guided hunt.

For more about obtaining a hunting license in the state of Indiana, visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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