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Big Game Waterfowl
Duck Hunting in Rhode IslandFrom $600.00 to $1,250.00

East Greenwich • We offer guided and self guided waterfowl trips in the Rhode Island area

WillowTail Farm
Duck HuntFrom $1,000.00 to $2,000.00


Arkansas county guide service
Self guided duck huntFrom $550.00 to $550.00

Stuttgart • Self guided duck hunt for up to 6 people

Mazonia Hunt Club
Waterfowl HuntsStarting from $125.00

Illinois, United States • Illinois is famous for quality goose hunting. Our migrant flocks of Canada geese stage in this area for weeks at a time. Our club features hundreds of acres of harvested grain fields which attract thousands of Canada geese and ducks. If you are planning an Illinois goose hunt check out the opportunities in the Illinois Central Zone. Our resident goose population gives goose hunters an early opportunity to harvest prior to the arrival migrant flocks of greater and lesser Canada geese. If goose hunting is in you blood then the Mazonia Hunt Club has the goose hunting cure. One visit will tell you that your decision to Goose Hunt Illinois and the Mazonia Hunt Club was the right one!

Williamson Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntsFrom $200.00 to $1,495.00

Maryland, United States • Williamson Outfitters is operated on Maryland's Eastern Shore specializing in waterfowl hunts for Canada Geese, Puddle Ducks and Diver Ducks. The Eastern Shore is known for some of the best waterfowl hunting grounds. During the course of your hunt we should be able to shoot a variety of birds from diver ducks, puddle ducks and Canadian geese. Some days depending on the situation we will hunt ducks at first light and once the morning flight is over we will move back into the field for the goose hunting. Other days we may just hunt geese or see how good your reflexes are and try your luck on the diver ducks.

Ragged Reef Outfitters
Duck, Goose HuntsFrom $200.00 to $400.00

Wisconsin, United States • Ragged Reef outfitters specializes in puddle ducks hunts in bays along the Lake Michigan shoreline and open water layout hunts in the Door County Wisconsin area. The duck hunting in Door County is phenomenal due to the abundance of bays, islands and underwater structure. On calm days we can travel long distances on the open water and hunt off-shore duck flyways. Early Season Goose hunting is your first and often best time to get some quality waterfowling in. Local goose populations have exploded in the past 20 years to the point where an early season 5 goose limit is available September 1-15.

Whiskey Ridge Outfitters
Duck Hunting in Southern MaineStarting from $250.00

Buxton • Come enjoy a morning on the water or in the field as we target Ducks and Goose in southern Maine, with many small ponds, rivers, and brooks to chose from the hunting is is always offering something new and exciting, add the honks of migrating Geese and the excitement kicks up even more!!!

Primm Springs Wildlife
Duck HuntsStarting from $1,200.00

Arkansas, United States • As any duck hunter knows, whether from any other state there's nothing quite like hundreds of ducks funneling through the air hitting the water, the place Stuttgart Arkansas. This is duck hunting capitol of the world. Part of Mississippi Flyway and Central Flyway. Located in the heart of the Grand Prairie 20 miles northwest of Stuttgart, Arkansas. 92,000 private acres of premier Arkansas duck hunting territory, both flooded rice fields and green timber. Many of our pits are allocated near the world famous Bayou Meto. These hotspots have ducks flooding the fields after leaving private rest areas to feed. Duck hunting guests and Arkansas duck hunting club members can expect an opportunity to harvest every species of waterfowl. You want mallards we got timber. Duck hunt Canvasback and Redheads and pintails. There are shallow duck blinds set up in rice fields. We specialize in getting our guest their trophy duck.

Elite Outdoorsman
Arkansas Duck HuntsStarting from $250.00


Rolling Plains Adventures
Waterfowl HuntsFrom $1,195.00 to $2,195.00

North Dakota, United States • We are located along the central flyway for migratory birds. When the birds start heading south from Canada, they hit our fields and ponds heavy. We have a full line of decoys, mojos, lay down blinds, duck boats, calls, flags, and everything else you may need to aid in hunting these huge flocks of waterfowl. You will have to see it to believe it, when these giant flocks come into our blinds!

Frontier Waterfowl Guide Service
Professionally guided Greater snow goose and Canada Goose huntsFrom $200.00 to $250.00

Champlain • Field hunts for geese take place on pre-scouted grain or hayfields using large decoy spreads(100-4000 decoys) and A-frame blinds or white suits. All fall hunts end at Noon to allow the birds to rest and the guides and helpers time to scout. Spring snow goose hunts are all day hunts

Red Bluff Prairie
Duck, Goose HuntsFrom $150.00 to $9,000.00

Texas, United States • Red Bluff Prairie offers coastal prairie duck hunting on ponds and flooded fields. Pintail, teal, gadwall, widgeon and other puddle ducks wintering on the Texas Coast flock to these managed areas offering consistent, quality hunting. Above ground blinds are located on each of these ponds and fields. They vary in size from 24' to 32' in length. Each blind contains a bench for comfort and a top for concealment from birds overhead. We also take advantage of the huge concentrations of wintering geese that visit the area by deploying large "white spreads" in harvested rice, soybean, plowed, and fallow fields. White spread hunting for geese was developed by Marvin Tyler and Jimmy Reel during the 1950's and is still the method of choice for Texas goose hunts. Although the equipment has changed from cloth rags to commercial wind-socks, the concept pioneered by these waterfowling legends remains unchanged.

Prairie Sky Guide Service
Guided Arkansas Waterfowl HuntsFrom $300.00 to $500.00

Amagon • We guide hunts for Ducks and Specklebelly Geese in Flooded and Dry fields.

Field N Marsh Outfitters & Kennels
Waterfowl HuntFrom $175.00 to $625.00

London Dr • Waterfowl hunts for Ducks and Geese are located in several Northwest geographical areas for the Fall seasons. Sauvies Island, the Lower Columbia River, and the Willamette Valley. Southern Oregon in the Umpqua River drainage. Contact us for specific dates in specific regions. Hunts begin at first light, the legal shooting time, till mid-afternoon or client's discretion. Decoys, guide, dogs, lunch and afternoon an snack are provided. Guests need to bring shells, and personal gear.

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