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Barrow's Goldeneye Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

20 Outfitters that offer Barrow's Goldeneye Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Three Rivers Adventures
Watefowl HuntsFrom $2,850 to $4,800

Alberta, Canada • Southern Alberta's secret is getting out! We have become one of the most popular destinations for superb waterfowl and upland bird hunting in North America. Our hunts are located in the heart of Canada's breadbasket, where corn, pea, and cereal crops are found in abundance. Our climate is mild and many birds stay all winter in this area. Add to this, the many large irrigation reservoirs and local lakes, ponds and wetlands - and you get the perfect staging area. Millions of geese and ducks from the Pacific and Central Flyways stage here throughout the fall. This area also boasts world class Hungarian Partridge and Sharp Tail Grouse hunting, so our variety is unmatched! There are many reasons why you should make us your next bird-hunting destination.

Birds of Fall Outfitters
Duck, Goose HuntsFrom $180 to $200

Colorado • Colorado duck hunting can offer some of the most mixed bags of ducks you can shoot. We see a little of everything. Divers like Red Heads, Ring Necks, Golden Eyes and Buffel Heads are some of the speedy targets you will see on our water properties. These diver ducks will challenge your shooting skills. We also see a nice mix of puddle ducks on the water too. Everything from Mallards, Wigeons, Gadwalls, Pintails and the speedy Teal can be harvested. You will hunt from above ground blinds or layouts over these water properties. When you book your goose hunt with us you can expect a hunt with birds back pedaling over the decoy spread with their feet down ready to join their look-a-likes on the ground for a bite to eat. With our hard work, love and dedication to the sport you can rest assured you will be getting the best goose hunting experience money can buy.

North River Waterfowl
Waterfowl HuntsStarting from $250

Mount Vernon • ALL HUNTS ARE 100% GUARANTEED! While we cannot guarantee that you can shoot straight, we are confident in our abilities and will absolutely guarantee you the opportunity to shoot AT ducks and or geese. On the rare occasion that Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, we will reschedule you for another hunt, absolutely free of charge. All of our hunts take place on privately leased and managed land in Washington State. We hunt primarily in Western Washington, however, we offer a limited number of hunts in Eastern Washington, every year. We are Waterfowl Hunters... We do not differentiate between Duck and Goose hunts. If you have a preference, we will make every attempt to accommodate. There are no "half days" or "morning duck hunt/afternoon goose hunt". We charge one rate for a Waterfowl Hunt and we will hunt until you are done.

CICC Outdoor Adventures
Duck HuntsFrom $250 to $12,000

California, United States • Our guided waterfowl hunts are conducted in flood rice fields, seven days a week over the course of the waterfowl season. We maintain guide blinds in various locations througout the Sutter Basin, Richvale and Colusa Areas, giving us an advantage to track hot spots making sure our clients are given the greatest opportunity to have a successful hunt. Your hunt will include a professional guide, decoys, and retrieval of birds.

Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters, Ltd
Duck, Goose HuntsStarting from $2,730

Alberta, Canada • Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters brings hunting to the next level. Our hosts, guides and support staff are willing to do what it takes to make sure your trip is a positive and enjoyable experience. What sets us apart is our attention to detail!

Waterfowl HuntsFrom $200 to $400

Washington, United States • Wings whistling and dive bombing into your spread! Dog making multiple retrieves…. Really!!!? Can it get any better than that! Shooting mixed bags of mallards, widgeon, canvasbacks, redheads, goldeneyes, buffleheads, and bluebills. Using big spreads of decoys on the Columbia River to small groups on the Okanogan River. All the best motion decoys legal to this state and top notch calling to insure hunter success. Hunting out of established blinds, laydown blinds along the river and private ponds are our areas for hunting these great birds. Goose - Hunting over Green Head gear decoys and experience callers continues to be uncrowded and exciting as we shoot from camouflaged pit blinds, lay-down blinds and the ever famous "snow box." OVGS takes pride in having a good hunting experience. The long hours of scouting prior tryout hunt and seeing the smiles we bring to our clients make it all worth while!

Macfarlane Sporting Camps
Waterfowl Hunts

New Brunswick, Canada • Waterfowl in New Brunswic Consist of Canada goose, Mallards, Black duck, Wood duck, Golden eye and Teal. We hunt over a decoy spread of Flembeau and Greenhead gear, with a mojo in water and flocked geese decoys spread around as well, the Blinds are from the bank with a boat as our main source of transportation all thow there are plenty of ponds and streams we hunt were all is needed are waders.

Kodiak Bear Guides/ Port Lions Lodge
Waterfowl HuntStarting from $3,100

Alaska, United States • Sea duck hunting is most often done in conjunction with Sitka blacktail deer hunting, but if you're interested in focusing only on these great birds, let us know! We would be happy to help you connect with some of these fantastic speices. Kodiak island supports a great variety of ducks, including many collector species. Commonly seen species include Harlequins, Barrow's Goldeneyes, Surf Scoters, White Wing Scoters, Common Scoters, Buffleheads, and longtail ducks such as Old Squaws. This is a fun hunt with LOTS of shooting.

Lecuyer's Lodge
Waterfowl HuntFrom $800 to $2,895

Ontario • DUCK HUNTING, GROUSE HUNTING AND FISHING PACKAGE [we are capable of catering to large corporate groups ]

Waterfowl HuntsFrom $350 to $475

North Dakota, United States • The Devils Lake area is blessed with strong numbers of resident Giant Canada's, migrating Canada's, and is home to one of the largest fall staging areas in the country for snow and blue geese. Our team of guides are well equipped and motivated to show your group a great guided goose hunting experience. If you are a duck hunter you will find paradise in our back yard. Simply put, we have some of the best duck hunting available anywhere. We specialize in field hunts over harvested North Dakota fields. Imagine clouds of mallards and pintails cooling their afterburners over wheat and corn stubble. This is a "in-your-face" type of duck hunting and gunning. Mallards and pintails are the main duck in the harvested fields, but you will often see widgeon, green wing teal, and other varieties of ducks with them.

Duck HuntsFrom $2,450 to $3,450

Alaska, United States • Kodiak Island, Alaska is truly a sportsmans paradise. For the traveling hunter the destination "Kodiak, Alaska" conjures up big bears and fantastic sea duck hunting. For waterfowl hunters, sea duck hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska is one of the top destinations to experience waterfowl hunting at its finest. There is a large variety of species including: Black, White Wing, and Surf Scoters, Harlequin, Old Squaw, Common and Barrow's Goldeneye, Red Breasted and Common Merganser, Bufflehead, Bluebill, Mallards and many other puddle ducks early in the season. Some of the puddle ducks also winter here in Kodiak and can be hunted until the end of the season. Alaska's sea ducks migrate to here, not though here. Kodiak Island is the final wintering place for many of them and Kiliuda Bay is ice free all winter. The season starts in October and runs through late January. If you are looking for fully plumed birds to mount, I suggest hunting in mid Nov. - January.

X-treme Waterfowlers
Duck, Goose HuntsStarting from $125

Nebraska, United States • We offer numerous hunting capabilities from field hunting, (on over 5,000 acres) out of heated blinds, lay down (ground blinds) to our all electric pond hunting pit blinds. Our guides have over a century of experience behind them which will help to ensure you of a great Nebraska waterfowl hunt.

Muddy Creek Outfitters
Waterfowl Hunts

New Jersey, United States

Cape Cod Sportsfishing Charters (Magellan Fishing Charters)
Waterfowl Hunts

Massachusetts, United States • Captain Len Greiner has been guiding duck hunting parties for 20+ years. His knowledge, experience and sense of humor will insure you to have a safe, productive and enjoyable trip. On our Waterfowler's hunt we can specifically target sea ducks other than Eiders or target a mixed bag of waterfowl before or after an Eider hunt. On a Waterfowler hunt you may see and bag any of the following: Black Duck, Brant, Geese, Bufflehead, Merganser, Scaulp, Golden Eye, and a wide variety of puddle ducks depending on where we hunt or the given day. This is not necessarily a sunrise to sunset hunt. We hunt the weather and the tides for these additional species and incorporate this hunt in conjunction with an eider hunt. Trophy Eiders are our specialty.

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