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Black Scoter
Fins and Feathers Outfitters
Starting from $200.00
Rio Grande All of our Waterfowl hunts are done over decoys. Shots range from 5 yds to 40 yds. Join us for a variety of birds and a great time!
Fish Duck Outfitters
From $200.00 to $1,000.00
Corolla We offer waterfowl hunts with chances to kill divin,sea,dabbling ducks dark and light geese we also offer trophy swan hunts
North River Waterfowl
Starting from $250.00
Mount Vernon ALL HUNTS ARE 100% GUARANTEED! While we cannot guarantee that you can shoot straight, we are confident in our abilities and will absolutely guarantee you the opportunity to shoot AT ducks and or geese. On the rare occasion that Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, we will reschedule you for another hunt, absolutely free of charge. All of our hunts take place on privately leased and managed land in Washington State. We hunt primarily in Western Washington, however, we offer a limited number of hunts in Eastern Washington, every year. We are Waterfowl Hunters... We do not differentiate between Duck and Goose hunts. If you have a preference, we will make every attempt to accommodate. There are no "half days" or "morning duck hunt/afternoon goose hunt". We charge one rate for a Waterfowl Hunt and we will hunt until you are done.
Memory Makers Guide Service
Starting from $275.00
Biddeford On behalf of Memory Makers Guide Service, I would like to thank you for the opportunity and your business. As your personal guide and Captain your safety is the utmost importance of mine. I have been hunting for Sea Ducks since early 2000 and have enjoyed fishing most of my life. The hunts will be in Saco Bay or Casco Bay. We will be hunting out of a 17' TDB Classic.
High Country Guide Service
From $400.00 to $400.00
Wasilla For these hunts we base out of our house and hunters will return to the bunk house every night. Our waterfowl hunts offer a variety of peddle ducks and diver ducks with some opportunity at sandhill crane and geese. Our upland bird shooting offers opportunity at all 3 species of ptarmigan along with ruffed and spruce grouse.
Traditions Guide Service
Starting from $200.00
Maine, United States Maine Sea Duck Hunting at it's Finest!!! Hunt Maine for Sea Ducks, Sea Ducks, and more Sea Ducks! Enjoy hunting Maine's coast for Eiders, Scoters and Old Squaws. Experience Maine's premier wing shooting, sea ducks come in low and deceivingly fast, making the shooter not only admire their beauty, but agility and speed as well. Once you've experienced this type of wing shooting it's hard not to want to go again. The birds fly shortly after legal time and the action can be the best the Atlantic flyway enjoys.
Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters, Ltd
Starting from $2,730.00
Alberta, Canada Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters brings hunting to the next level. Our hosts, guides and support staff are willing to do what it takes to make sure your trip is a positive and enjoyable experience. What sets us apart is our attention to detail!
CICC Outdoor Adventures
From $250.00 to $12,000.00
California, United States Our guided waterfowl hunts are conducted in flood rice fields, seven days a week over the course of the waterfowl season. We maintain guide blinds in various locations througout the Sutter Basin, Richvale and Colusa Areas, giving us an advantage to track hot spots making sure our clients are given the greatest opportunity to have a successful hunt. Your hunt will include a professional guide, decoys, and retrieval of birds.
Quaker Neck Gun Club
From $700.00 to $960.00
Maryland, United States Our legendary puddle duck hunting is conducted on our forty drained and planted impoundments. They encompass several hundred acres and over 18,000 bushels of seed. These impoundments have been planted in standing corn, sorghum, millet, and moist soil plants creating a smorgasbord of food sources for the ducks. Maryland's Eastern Shore is world famous for its Canada goose hunting and the Chester River has long been known as the Canada goose capital of the shore. The gun club manages approximately eight miles of waterfront along the Chester River mostly preserved as sanctuary areas. This allows us to manage our waterfowl from the roost to our feeding areas and back. The primary species harvested are mallards and black ducks. Wood ducks, green wing teal, widgeon, pintail, canvasback and lesser scaup make up the rest of the bag depending on the time of the year and areas being hunted. Maryland currently has a 60 day season with a five bird limit.
Drake's Waterfowl Guide
From $180.00 to $250.00
New Jersey, United States We hunt the Atlantic ocean to the Delaware Bay, we specialize in decoying shots for divers, brant, puddle ducks, Scoter and Old Squaw and the Bonus Eider on occasion. We also offer Canadas goose and late Season Snows.
Macfarlane Sporting Camps
New Brunswick, Canada Waterfowl in New Brunswic Consist of Canada goose, Mallards, Black duck, Wood duck, Golden eye and Teal. We hunt over a decoy spread of Flembeau and Greenhead gear, with a mojo in water and flocked geese decoys spread around as well, the Blinds are from the bank with a boat as our main source of transportation all thow there are plenty of ponds and streams we hunt were all is needed are waders.
Kodiak big timber lodge
From $550.00 to $3,400.00
Midcoast Outfitters, LLC (MCO)
From $275.00 to $400.00
Maine, United States Midcoat Maine is at the top of the Eastern fly-way and has outstanding Maine sea duck hunting. Midcoast Outfitters has a high success rate for sighting sea ducks on Penobscot Bay. We can guarantee a fun filled day. With generations of local knowledge and exclusive locations, guests keep coming back each year. Ask about our Canada goose hunts.
Big Game Waterfowl
From $600.00 to $1,250.00
East Greenwich We offer guided and self guided waterfowl trips in the Rhode Island area
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