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Black-bellied Whistling Duck Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

22 Outfitters that offer Black-bellied Whistling Duck Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Elite Long Island Outfitter
Hunting ServicesFrom $200 to $1,800

Calverton • Elite Long Island Outfitter is a guided hunting service that offers the ultimate in Sea duck, field goose and duck hunts for corporate or individual groups. The hunts are held on private fields located on Long Island's scenic North Fork. We've acquired the top of line in equipment and employ only the most knowledgeable experienced staff to provide you with nothing but the best in your hunt. The staff of Elite Long Island Outfitters are avid waterfowl hunters. We have over 47 years of combined experience between our guides and we are fully committed to provide the best hunt day in and day out. Our goose hunting guides scout daily to ensure the best fields are being hunted. The most important part of the hunt is to have fun. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, techniques and camaraderie with hunters of all ages. Young hunters are the future of our sport and we encourage you to bring your sons and daughters to enjoy a day in the field.

Calcasieu Charter Service
Duck & Goose HuntingFrom $300 to $690

Lake Arthur • Calcasieu Charter Service offers superior waterfowl hunting in the legendary fields and marshes of Southwest Louisiana, the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. We provide a quality hunt by offering complete comfort and superb hunting over realistic decoy spreads on the finest lands Southwest Louisiana has to offer. Our lands are the winter homes to thousands of waterfowl. Every season gigantic flocks of Snow, Blue, Specklebelly and Canada geese surround our hunting areas. In addition numerous species of ducks, including Mallards, Pintails and Teal flock here to feed and rest. Our guides have one goal, to make your trip a memorable experience each time you hunt with us.

Capt. Jeremy"cornbread"Farrell
Duck Hunting in FloridaFrom $75 to $125

Kenansville • Hunt the public lands of Central Florida from the gulf coast to the many local lakes or marsh's. Looking for a mottle duck or Whistler? Come check us out.

HP Wingshooting Adventures
Duck Hunting with HP Wingshooting AdventuresStarting from $500

Salavina • The Best Duck Hunt in Argentina

Blast To Cast Guide Service
Duck HuntsStarting from $150

South Padre Island • Duck hunting the Lower Laguna Madre is a premier duck hunting bay system in South Texas. The Lower Laguna Madre near South Padre Island is wintering home to many species of waterfowl. Redhead and Pintail are the two primary species that winter here. Other species include Teal, Widgeon, Scaups, Mottled ducks, and other species of waterfowl. Hunts are typically 4 hours long.

Duxmen Outfitters Guide Service & Lodge Inc.
Goose, Duck HuntsFrom $150 to $400

Arkansas, United States • Experience Arkansas duck hunting at its finest. Whether you're in our famous rice fields or in our flooded timber get ready to have the time of your life. You and your party will hunt in a comfortable, well rested pit with top of the line decoys. We take great pride in the kill numbers our locations produce. This is why we kill 2000+ ducks each season. You will hunt with your party and only your party to ensure a great experience. We rotate pits daily and promise you a well-rested pit line-up while you stay with Duxmen Outfitters. Enjoy hunting over a full body spread of Specks and in your own comfortable layout blind to get the geese in close. Snow goose hunting in NE Arkansas is a spectacle to behold. Let our guides work their tail off for you to enjoy a memorable hunt. Although we can't guarantee success, you will have the time of your life. Come join a bunch of good ole' boys and enjoy some "IN YOUR FACE" action.

Navajo Outdoors
Waterfowl HuntsStarting from $250

United States • We provide several types of waterfowl hunting: Field hunting, River hunting and jumping techniques. For hunters who focus on Geese, we start the morning by setting up dozens of large fully flocked Avian X Canadian geese decoys on a pre-scouted field using laydown and hunt blinds on private leased hunting properties. As soon as the morning flight is complete, we move on to stocking and jumping ducks along the Great San Juan River and on our leased grazing and private properties.

Feathers and Sheds Unlimited Outdoors (FSU)
Duck HuntsFrom $155 to $200

Texas, United States • We have acquired a few brand new properties this year and we are absolutely stoked about the potential they hold. We now have access to multiple fresh water lakes that have been manipulated and managed for waterfowl.

Triple M Outfitters Unlimited
Duck HuntsStarting from $275

Florida, United States • Florida has an abundance of beautiful ducks. Some of the varieties you will encounter on our Triple M Duck Hunts include the Florida Mottle duck, Black-bellied Whistling Duck and the Fulvous Whistling duck. In addition, hunters will encounter Puddle and Diver ducks, which show up on a yearly basis.

Brugman Outfitting Service
Duck HuntsStarting from $275

New Mexico, United States • We are a friend and family oriented business and we understand the desire to hunt versus the budget to afford it. Like any business we do have to make a profit but we will do our best to get creative on pricing especially for families trying to bring their children on a hunt as well as mobility impaired and Military past and present . I offer hunts guided only for two days on some draw hunts then you can hunt on your own. Call for details and special pricing . These hunts are for the do it yourselfers you will need your own vehicle. Same units that we normally hunt just an option for those on a tight budget or just like to be on there own.

Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters, Ltd
Duck, Goose HuntsStarting from $2,730

Alberta, Canada • Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters brings hunting to the next level. Our hosts, guides and support staff are willing to do what it takes to make sure your trip is a positive and enjoyable experience. What sets us apart is our attention to detail!

Macfarlane Sporting Camps
Waterfowl Hunts

New Brunswick, Canada • Waterfowl in New Brunswic Consist of Canada goose, Mallards, Black duck, Wood duck, Golden eye and Teal. We hunt over a decoy spread of Flembeau and Greenhead gear, with a mojo in water and flocked geese decoys spread around as well, the Blinds are from the bank with a boat as our main source of transportation all thow there are plenty of ponds and streams we hunt were all is needed are waders.

Dirty Rice Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntFrom $150 to $300

Missouri, United States • Hunt in over 5,000 acres of the best flooded rice and soybean fields in southeast Missouri!

JW Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntStarting from $250

Wisconsin, United States • I would like to invite you on the hunting trip of a life time in the heartland of Wisconsin. This is where the big bucks come from and the turkeys are in abundance. The land you will be hunting with Jw outfitters has all the key elements to produce trophy whietails, making it a true hunter's paradise.

Eastern Shore Guide Service
Maryland Waterfowl Hunts

Maryland • Eastern Shore Guide Service hunts occur on hundreds of acres of prime leased fields and as well as rivers and Bays of Maryland's Eastern Shore. With farms spreading into more than two counties we are always able to put you where the birds are, shooting over custom decoy spreads specifically for your hunt.

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