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Canada Lynx
BC Guided Hunting / Kispiox Valley Outfitters
From $3,500.00 to $15,000.00
Kitimat-Stikine B We provide guide and outfitter service in Northern British Columbia. We have a high success rate on all our BC Hunting species. Our area is filled with big game! We are a small business and take a limited number of clients every season. Our exclusive guide territory is close to 4500 sq miles. Hunt with us and you won't regret it.
Ambush Outdoor Adventures
Starting from $10,000.00
Cariboo J Big Cat's, great accommodation, top of the line hounds.
Total Outdoor Adventures, Ltd (TOA)
From $7,500.00 to $9,500.00
Fraser-Fort George G Our lynx hunts are conducted in North Central British Columbia, this is a exclusive lynx only area that encompasses 3000 square miles of timber, lakes and river systems. Lynx are hunted with the use of hounds in the mornings and every afternoon/evening will be spent hunting the elusive timber wolf over bait. Success on lynx is very high over the last 4 years and around 50% on wolves. You can expect to be in action every day chasing lynx, we try to focus our harvest on mature toms only. We will only take around 8-12 hunters every year to ensure success and trophy quality for all of our clients. In the last 5 years only one hunter has gone home empty handed (lynx). There is only two spots available for the 2019 season and bookings are half full for 2020 bookings.
Bowron River Guiding
British Columbia Those hunters on moose hunts who wish to hunt Black Bear, Wolf, Lynx and Wolverine will be charged a $1000.00 fee for each of these species they harvest. There will be absolutely no pressure for a hunter to take any of these species and particularly a small or non-trophy sized animal. This fee will ensure quality game and separates those hunters not interested in that species. Licence and tags extra.
Ceaser Lake Outfitters
Yukon These animals are rightly called the ultimate predator. Nothing is safe from a wolf pack including the grizzly. They are the population control for all large ungalates and next to a wolverine are the hardest North American trophy to get. Most wolves are taken incidentally on a moose or caribou hunt but we do offer winter wolf hunts with consistently improving success. A most desirable trophy but we can only trap them. They are fairly easily trapped so most clients will get one, however their populations follow our rabbit populations which just crashes every few years.
Turner's Alaskan Adventures
From $7,500.00 to $9,500.00
Alaska Join us at our home in the Wilderness of Alaska! We operate two traplines. One is located in the Nowitna River area, where we also offer Fall moose/grizzly hunts. Our traplines are truly remote. In winter, we get to and from our traplines by airplane, and travel along our 250 miles of hand cut trails and along frozen rivers using both dog teams and snowmachines. We trap primarily Wolf, Wolverine, Lynx, Fox, Marten, and Beaver. Depending on your interest, you may wish to come in the early Winter to help us set out our traps, open up 'line cabins, and set up tent camps along our many trails. Learn the processes of skinning, stretching, and drying quality furs, the source of our trapline income. Hop on the runners of one of our homemade dog sleds behind a team of dogs. You may also want to come in the Spring, when we begin to snap our marten and lynx traps for the season, and focus more of our energy on Wolf, Wolverine, and Beaver, whose seasons continue into April.
Midnight Sun Safaris
Starting from $6,500.00
Alaska Winter trapline hunts - These hunts are conducted primarily by snowmobile in GMU's 13 and 20. I run three different traplines encompassing over three hundred miles. These hunts take place from Dec. - Mar., If the hunter would like an opportunity to harvest a Lynx or Wolverine they will have to come join me in the dead of the Alaskan winter (Dec.- Feb). I won't promise warm weather but I will guarantee you some of the most scenic snowmobiling on earth and lots of it! Wolf hunting alaska style is always rewarding. We will do some calling for predators as well as setting traps and snares in locales that are likely spots to produce results. Typically we will snowmobile between 50-150 miles a day in search of Wolves, Wolverine, Lynx, Coyote and Fox. If you are looking to only do wolf hunting in Alaska then later in the winter is the prime time. We will stay at several of my cabins for two and three day stints looking for predators to call and/or trap.
Prophet Muskwa Outfitters (Devilhole Outfitters, Ltd)
British Columbia Prophet Muskwa offers clients more choice in locations and species with the high standards and focus on conservation that have been upheld over the years and will continue to be upheld in the forthcoming years. With locations in the Yukon and British Columbia, Prophet Muskwa offers clients excellent hunting opportunities for Rocky Mountain Elk, Canadian Moose, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Rocky Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Continental Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Mule Deer, Wolf, Wolverine, Lynx, Cougar, Dall Sheep and Stone Sheep.
Fraser Valley Outfitters
Alberta There are plenty of lynx and bobcats making tracks for a exciting hunt or a nice cat combo hunt!!
Arcadia Outfitting Ltd.
From $4,000.00 to $8,700.00
British Columbia
Hallett Lake Outfitters
British Columbia Moose and black bear are the main species hunted at Hallett Lake Outfitters. We also offer mule deer, whitetail deer, wolf and lynx hunts. We have over 3000 square miles of territory with hundreds of lakes in the area. For three of the last four years, we have had 100 % success on Moose hunts.
Besa River Outfitters, Ltd
British Columbia We provide guide and Outfitter services to wildlife enthusiasts and hunters alike all. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the opportunities we provide to view animals in their natural setting.
Castle Rock Outfitters Alaska
Alaska Our predator hunts are conducted in the Alaska Range throughout the months of January, February and March. The hunts are 7 days in duration and we'll utilize predator calls, spot/stalk and traps in our pursuit of your trophy fur bearer. Wolf, wolverine, lynx, fox, coyote, river otter and marten are available. Snowshoe hare, rough grouse, sharptail and ptarmigan are also available at no extra charge. I have several comfortable cabins throughout my 110 mile trapline. Snowmachines will be our mode of transportation while in the field hunting. Helmets are provided along with snowshoes. Alaska temperatures will vary between 40°F above 0° to -45°F, a complete gear list will accompany your contract should you decide to try this adventure. Your trophies will be professionally handled and prepared for your return trip home or can be transported to a tannery in Anchorage, Alaska. The hunt price includes one night lodging before and after your hunt, and all accommodations while in the fiel
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