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Québec (CA)
Cooper Camp
From $2,700.00 to $2,700.00
Québec For the past 10 consecutive years, the Cooper Camp has been able to maintain a very high success rate with bears weighing over 300, 350, and even 400 pounds. To help sustain the black bear population, we limit hunters to our prime territory of 2,500 square miles and rotate the different hunting grounds, thus ensuring a quality hunt year after year. We have chosen to spare cubs and females as much as possible. Our famous Cooper Camp has almost 20 years of black bear hunting experience, with a yearly success rate of almost 100%. Cooper Camp is located in North of Quebec (approximately seven hours from Montréal). It is located in the fabulous game reserve north of Ashuapmushan, is the ideal place for an unforgettable black bear and fishing adventure. Over twenty lakes with an incredible fishing potential are part of the territory exploited by Cooper Camp.
Lac Suzie Outfitters, Inc
From $1,695.00 to $4,200.00
Senneterre Located in the heart of Quebec's Abitibi region with an exclusive territory of 160 square miles Lake Suzie Outfitters is home to a high density moose population. The forest types and good logging management make Lake Suzie the outfitter of choice for moose territory in Quebec. We have two seasons for moose hunting, archery and rifle. All of our guides are archery moose hunters so they know how to position you so you can make your shot within a distance of 30 yards. At Lake Suzie Outfitters bear hunting is one of our specialties. Our success rate is close to 100%. We hunt an area of over 300 square miles of which 160 are exclusive to us. Whether you hunt with a bow, crossbow, or a firearm, we will customize your site for you.
Starting from $1,995.00
Bryson Lake Lodge
From $2,800.00 to $3,500.00
From $1,399.00 to $1,990.00
Starting from $230.00
Wapus Lodge, Inc
From $95.00 to $140.00
Québec, Canada At Wapus there is partridge like you have never seen. You can also hunt hare and woodcock. Hunting starts on the third week of September, for one week or after moose hunting season, usually the last two weeks of October. Given the variety of roads and trails you can either walk, drive or use an ATV to hunt. There are two kinds of partridge at Wapus, ruffled grouse and spruce grouse.
From $1,550.00 to $4,995.00
Québec For many among you, black bear ranks as your first priority. If this is the case we invite you to visit our installations and you will not be disappointed. We start baiting around the end of April so that by mid May we can guarantee you an active bait. We have approximately 50 different sites with pre-arranged stands that we bait and visit every two days. It is important that you book early since we only take 10 hunters per week leaving you with the possibility of hunting from one of 5 different sites. For an excellent moose hunting territory, Wapus is the place. Our territories cover approximately 10 square kilometres. Whether you prefer territories with small bodies of water, roads, open areas, we will advise you on the territories most suitable for you. You also have the possibility of visiting the territory which interests you during the season. We make sure all trails are done before you arrive and we supply boats or canoes on most bodies of water.
Senneterre Outfitters
Starting from $1,295.00
Senneterre At Senneterre Outfitters Bear are plentiful, with trophies ranging from 250 to 400 lbs. Each bear stand willl be baited regularly before you arrive. You will be hunting from a tree-stand approx. 12 feet high, or a ground-blind which ever you request. All bates are between 15-30 yards to ensure an excellent shot. Our success rate averages around 90%. Both bow and rifle hunters are welcome. With the bear hunt fish combo you can also enjoy fishing on the Maseres Lake. Our seven-day bear hunt combo includes one boat and motor per two hunters, a fully equipped cabin and guide to take you to your stand (first time) and assist you with your hunt.
Starting from $1,495.00
Senneterre There are many different methods to moose hunt on our territory. You can walk and stalk, float, watch a clear cut from an established tree stand, or try cow calling. Bow, muzzleloader, and rifle hunters are welcome. Your hunting group will stay at the main camp. Each group will have a fully equipped cabin with hot and cold running water, woodstove for heat, propane stove for cooking, refrigerator, private bathroom, and fully equipped kitchen.
WT Outfitter
From $1,300.00 to $1,950.00
Caesar's North Camps
Québec Moose hunting is the most thrilling and challenging adventure in Quebec. You will hunt on your own territory, accessible only by floatplanes, where all of our tree stands are located in the best areas... Openings are limited!! We have created the perfect bear hunting's package plan for you! When you book you're fishing trip with us, let us know if you want to hunt Black Bear at the same time.
Poirier Fish And Game Territory
From $750.00 to $2,500.00
Québec, Canada We are Outfitters who have exclusive Hunting and Fishing Rights on a 320 km² (124 mi²) territory bordering La Vérendrye Park, easily accessible by car or truck from Hwy 117 and only 41 km (26 mi.) on secondary road 14 West to the main camp! Hunters may hunt with Firearms, Bows or Black Powder. Bears are plentiful with trophys ranging 350-500 lbs. Sightings and killing opportunities average 85% - 90%. Moose hunting rates are based on a per territory basis. Prices are for a group of 2 to 4 persons. Deer hunting is part of a Combo Hunt with Moose and Small Game and also during the following week with Small Game hunting.
La Griffe D'ours Outfitters
Starting from $1,850.00
Québec, Canada Our hunting is done over pointing dogs. We have seven dogs, French Brittany. These dogs know the area and are familiar with the behavior of woodcock and grouse. They know their job and they do it well. They point an average of 25 to 30 birds a day. Clients who wish may bring their own dog to hunt over. Also this is a great place to bring a puppy to start it's hunting career.
Québec, Canada We hunt farm land habitat in Zones 7, 15 and 26 of the Québec Province. The high quality habitat of these farm lands gives us a good bear population. We hunt only active baited sites from tree stands. These stands are located in a range of 15 to 45 yards from the baits, making those sites ideals for both bow and gun hunters. We have enjoyed an average of 90% success rate over the years. Controlling the number of the bears that we harvest has allowed us to increase both number and size of our bears. Our chief guide is a Certified Hunting Guide and has over 25 years of experience guiding bear hunters. We hunt moose on private lands, 1,500 acres of moose habitat. The zone we hunt has never be hunted with rifle because this is an area for bow hunters only. We have a very good healthy moose population with some trophy size bulls. So, be prepare to action!
Adventure Tunilik
From $3,495.00 to $5,695.00
Québec, Canada The housekeeping hunting package has been developed for those hunters who want to save some money by contributing to the hunt and helping out with the camp chores. You have to plan for your own food and cooking. Your group will be supervised by a resident camp manager who will direct and contribute to your hunting efforts. The camps are fully equipped, well situated and offer a very secure stay in our northern environment. The caribou camps accommodate only 6 hunters per week which makes for a far more intimate setting and relaxing hunt with a smaller group of hunting buddies.
Starting from $7,595.00
Québec, Canada When you want to go caribou hunting and offer yourself the highest quality hunting package on the market, the Tunilik VIP hunting package is meant for you. You will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our full service and low client volume VIP caribou hunting. The Tunilik staff will make sure that you are going to have a very comfortable stay with us in this sub Arctic environment. Get ready for a very productive Tunilik caribou hunt. Our additional stand by camps or private float planes are ready to fly you to another camp in the case of changing caribou migrations. You may add on an unexpected bonus to your caribou hunt with the incidental harvesting of a black bear. You may also want to catch the biggest trout of your life. What ever your dreams are, Tunilik Adventure can take you to where the caribou are migrating or where the fish are biting.
Mirage Aventure
Québec, Canada Come join us north of the 53rd parallel, where the Tundra and the Boreal Forest of Northern Quebec becomes a hunting paradise. Whether you are looking to hunt in the winter or the fall, our hunting grounds is exactly what you need to satisfy your caribou hunting appetite. Our main lodge is located in the heart of the wintering ground for the Leaf River herd; in addition, our many satellite sites will provide you with all the comforts for fall hunting. Mirage Adventure's sites are positioned along the usual caribou migratory path. On day one, a hydroplane will take you aboard to the site the closest to where the caribous were seen. The very next day, you will be on the way for a REAL DREAM HUNT!!
Air Melancon Pourvoyeur Outfitter
Québec, Canada Flying to a hunting and angling destination with Air Melançon gives you, above all, safety, quality service, and courteous personnel. Your complete satisfaction and safety are what matter most to us !
Eastern Canadian Outfitters (ECO)
From $275.00 to $4,500.00
Québec, Canada As with our fishing opportunities our hunting packages are equally diverse and unequalled by any other outfitter in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec. Eastern Canadian Outfitters' Quebec operation Mer Bleue, is an 11 000 Acre exclusive access piece of wilderness comprised of hardwood hills and ridges mixed with lowland conifer swamps and cutovers of approximately 5-7 years old. This habitat is ideal for large white tailed deer, moose and black bear. Of course furbearers, small game, coyotes and timber wolves also inhabit these remote habitats and can challenge the most experienced outdoorsmen. We offer stands specifically for the rifle and muzzleloader hunter but as a bowhunter and owner of an archery/bowhunting shop in the past, know and address the specific needs of the bowhunter to ensure success!
Québec, Canada Often overlooked but great for youth, families and just getting back to the basics for some fun and great table fare, hunting for grouse and hare gets the family outside or helps break up long periods on the deer or moose stand. Our abundance of ruffed grouse as well as snowshoe hare ensure lots of fun and great eating for all.
Québec As part of our management strategy for deer and moose, we are hoping to reduce the predator population including timber wolves and coyotes. From mid October to March we will be offering wolf hunting over bait, by calling and using "drives" to push the wolves towards the hunters. Combine this hunt through the fall with your bear, deer or moose hunt or through the winter months enjoy ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and other winter recreations!
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