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Tombstone Outfitters
Moose, Bear, Caribou, Sheep HuntsUp to $35,000.00

Yukon • Grizzlies are a trophy experience of a lifetime! There is a good population of grizzlies within the area, as they are managed well, so it is not uncommon to spot or see signs of bears throughout your hunt. The Yukon has become the world's hunting destination for a first class Alaska/Yukon Moose. The Alaska/Yukon Moose are of the largest subspecies of Moose within North America. The average span of their antlers range from 57"-60" but the Tombstone is known for moose that exceed 70". We hunt both Fannin (Stone) and Dall Sheep. You will notice a wide variety of color ranging from dark Stone to light Dall. The Tombstone has taken exceptional Mountain Caribou every year. We have a good population of the local Hart River herd in our area. Mountain Caribou are an excellent add-on to our sheep and moose hunts, or can be a separate hunt throughout our season.

Predator hunt - Wolf and GrizzlyFrom $2,000.00 to $20,000.00

Yukon • Our exceptional hunting area includes 4,600 square miles of pristine wilderness, with many valleys and mountains yet to be explored. We are located northeast of Dawson City, Yukon, nestled in the Ogilvie Mountains. There is no better way to experience the adventure of Canada's true north than that of a traditional horseback hunt in the Yukon. Tombstone Outfitters strives to make each and every hunt successful & enjoyable for you. Generally wolves are harvested when hunting for other species. Spring hunts will also be available.

Ceaser Lake Outfitters
Big Game HuntsFrom $7,500.00 to $23,600.00

Yukon • The Alaska-Yukon moose which we hunt are the largest of all moose. Spreads up to 70 inches are possible however most moose taken are in the 54 – 58 inch, 190 plus B & C point range. As with the moose, our mountain caribou are among the world's largest. Antlers are correspondingly massive. A big bull caribou in his rutting colors is a majestic sight you may never forget. Our Yukon goats are the largest of the species due to being the most northern goat population. Dall or white sheep make up about 95% of our sheep with the remaining 5% showing a very light fannin color. Sheep are hunted with horses in one area and by backpack in the other. Spring hunts using jet boats and hiking give you the best success on big boars. These can be very physically demanding if you want to hike or very relaxing if you prefer just to float. Fall moose hunts give you the next best odds plus you will take a moose and or a caribou home.

Wolf Hunt

Yukon • These animals are rightly called the ultimate predator. Nothing is safe from a wolf pack including the grizzly. They are the population control for all large ungalates and next to a wolverine are the hardest North American trophy to get. Most wolves are taken incidentally on a moose or caribou hunt but we do offer winter wolf hunts with consistently improving success. A most desirable trophy but we can only trap them. They are fairly easily trapped so most clients will get one, however their populations follow our rabbit populations which just crashes every few years.

Grizzly Creek Lodge
Wilderness Trap-Line AdventuresFrom $3,000.00 to $4,000.00

Yukon • Each year we establish a few bait sites well in advance of your arrival. This really improves your chances of connecting with big fur like wolves, wolverine and lynx. On a typical day we will travel 25 to 30-miles of wilderness trail checking and setting traps. For clients interested, some good ice fishing is also available.

Prophet Muskwa Outfitters (Devilhole Outfitters, Ltd)
Yukon HuntsStarting from $21,500.00

Yukon, Canada • In our Yukon and Northern British Columbia properties, the majority of our hunting is done on horseback with some hunting being conducted by boat and backpacking. We have a string of reliable horses, well adapted to the mountainous terrain. A guide skilled at stalking game, handling horses and caring for trophies, accompanies each hunter. All hunts are one on one. In most cases, hunters and their guides operate from spike camps, cabin and/or tents away from base camp. This is accomplished easily with sturdy horses equipped with the best of saddles and pack gear; allowing the hunter to cover more ground and increasing his chances of collecting a trophy animal.

Big Game Hunts

Wann Rd • The Deuling Stone Outfitters crew consists of experienced friends and family members who are familiar with the territory and will provide you with a first class hunting adventure.