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Cinnamon Teal Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

35 Outfitters that offer Cinnamon Teal Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Cast & Bang Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntsStarting from $200

Geronimo • We provide some of the best farm pond duck hunting in Southwest Oklahoma. You will hunt with one of our guides who will provide decoys, scouting, calling, and bird cleaning. We recommend 2-4 hunters in a group, so give us a call today to schedule your next duck hunt.

Cupped Wings Guide Service
Duck HuntsFrom $250 to $550

Marked Tree • We strive to ensure our hunters receive the best duck hunting experience that NE Arkansas has to offer. We hunt on over 10K acres of flooded rice, beans, timber and cypress sloughs. We are where the ducks are! We offer top notch accommodations, guides and locations. The farms we own and lease hold huge numbers of waterfowl. We are uniquely situated between several well known WMA's and refuges that winter millions of birds. NE Arkansas has quickly become a mecca for some of the best duck hunting in the country and we are sitting at "GROUND ZERO"! We are a family friendly environment located about 25 minutes from Memphis International Airport (MEM). If you are duck hunting Arkansas and looking for the best place to book your guided hunt, you have found the right place. We realize when it comes to booking a guided duck hunt there are many options out there. We do not over book and do not over hunt any of our areas. Its about quality with CWGS!

Reel Rush Charters
Duck Hunting

Palacios • Duck hunts are available for bay or private ponds. Transportation is done by boat or vehicle. Provided for the hunt are decoys and blinds.

Sierra Madre Hunting
Waterfowl Hunts

Fresnillo • The privileged location between roosting cover, grain fields and water supply, of our Hacienda ranch in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico, provide us with the ideal situation for a fantastic dove, quail, ducks, sandhill cranes and geese combo hunt. The proximity to the hunting grounds make most of our drives for dove and quail under 30 minutes and from 45 to 90 minutes for the waterfowl action. Depending of the size and preferences of the group we can combine all this species in any of our 3 to 5 day hunts. We provide plenty of shooting between grain field, cover and ponds and with a cold "cerveza" provided by your bird boy at the end of the session, will do an unforgettable shooting experience. Daily scouting will make you sure to be in excellent wingshooting conditions each hunting session. Down the Mexico Way!

Three Rivers Adventures
Watefowl HuntsFrom $2,850 to $4,800

Alberta, Canada • Southern Alberta's secret is getting out! We have become one of the most popular destinations for superb waterfowl and upland bird hunting in North America. Our hunts are located in the heart of Canada's breadbasket, where corn, pea, and cereal crops are found in abundance. Our climate is mild and many birds stay all winter in this area. Add to this, the many large irrigation reservoirs and local lakes, ponds and wetlands - and you get the perfect staging area. Millions of geese and ducks from the Pacific and Central Flyways stage here throughout the fall. This area also boasts world class Hungarian Partridge and Sharp Tail Grouse hunting, so our variety is unmatched! There are many reasons why you should make us your next bird-hunting destination.

Perch Eyes Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntStarting from $200

State Hwy 19 • Waterfowl includes Geese, (Canadian, Snows & Blues) Ducks, (Mallards, Pintails, Teal, and divers) and Sand Hill Crane. Perch Eyes Guide Service is located in the heart of the pot-hole region of North Dakota. Our huge migration of ducks offers some of the best hunting in the world. 90% of our mallard hunting takes place in cut grain fields. If you prefer diver hunting, we can set that up for you also.

J And B Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntStarting from $275

Stratton St • Our waterfowl hunts take place on the Colahan Ranch in Paisley. This ranch has some awesome Waterfowl habitat. We hunt ducks for the first two months of Waterfowl season. Usually, the second week of October through November. By that time the area usually frozen out. By mid December through the end of January we hunt Canada Honkers. This is one of the best Waterfowl hunting in Oregon.

Top Gun Guide Service
North Dakota HuntsFrom $1,100 to $1,800

Mcclusky • At Top Gun Guide Services we offer excellent waterfowl hunts with access to thousands of acres in the Devil's Lake area in the North Central, South Central, and South Eastern portion of the state. We hunt waterfowl in the mornings and afternoons. Fall field hunts for Snows/Blues, Canadas, and Ducks are from layout blinds and are usually groups of 2-6 clients and one guide. Spring goose hunts are from blinds and locations will vary depending on the migration of the birds. We will arrange a variety of hunts to suit the interests of your group, and generally do not mix parties unless you have less than 6 hunters. North Dakota is legendary for being the best goose and duck hunting in the Lower 48! We shoot Canada Geese and a lot of Snow Geese in the spring. We shoot mixed limits of ducks including Mallards, Pintails, Teals, Widgeons and just about every duck that travels the Central and Mississippi flyways! Every birds shot is processed and can be taken home.

Saskatchewan Hunts

Saskatchewan • We hunt waterfowl in the morning and continue until around 1 P.M. Afternoon hunts last until sunset. The field hunts for Snows/Blues, Canadas/Specklebellies, and Ducks are from layout blinds and groups usually consist of 3 - 6 clients and a guide. The Puddle duck hunts for Ducks and Geese are in the large potholes and smaller lakes. We will arrange a variety of hunts to suit the interests of your group. We generally do not mix parties unless they consist of fewer than 6 hunters. Please keep in mind that weather can be a factor as some hunts depend on calm weather for safety reasons. The Saskatchewan prairies and Quill Lake region are legendary for their world class goose and duck hunting! We hunt Canada Geese and Specklebelly Geese (limit of 8 per day) plus lots of Snow Geese (limit of 20 per day). We shoot mixed limits of ducks which include; Mallards, Pintails, Teals, Widgeons, Bluebills, Redheads, and Canvasbacks.

Navajo Outdoors
Waterfowl HuntsStarting from $250

United States • We provide several types of waterfowl hunting: Field hunting, River hunting and jumping techniques. For hunters who focus on Geese, we start the morning by setting up dozens of large fully flocked Avian X Canadian geese decoys on a pre-scouted field using laydown and hunt blinds on private leased hunting properties. As soon as the morning flight is complete, we move on to stocking and jumping ducks along the Great San Juan River and on our leased grazing and private properties.

Beau's Outdoors, LLC
Waterfowl HuntsFrom $150 to $375

Colorado, United States • Beaus Outdoors scouts daily making sure birds or big game are in the field your hunting that day or weekend. Whether your looking to hunt WATERFOWL, UPLAND, TURKEY, DOVE OR DEER I am putting eyes on them before you arrive. With this respect and dedication you as the client I will try to provide the best hunting experience I can.

Stillwater Outfitters, LLC
Waterfowl HuntsFrom $250 to $750

Colorado, United States • Duck hunting with Stillwater is available from October through the majority of January. Typically our best duck hunting takes place from mid October through the end of November. In mid to late October, many varieties of ducks migrate out of the high country and disburse along the Front Range, where they find an abundance of food sources, lakes, ponds, rivers, and sloughs. Soon our local and mountain birds will be followed by flocks of ducks from Montana, the Dakotas, and Saskatchewan. The most common species are Mallards, Teal, Widgeon, Gadwall, Red Heads, followed by a variety of other puddle and diving ducks. Stillwater Outfitter offers some of the finest decoy Canada goose hunting in North America. You will be hunting near Ft. Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Longmont, Brighton, and Denver, Colorado. We hunt over 25 locations that consist of corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa, water, and occasionally over frozen lakes and ponds.

Red Bluff Prairie
Duck, Goose HuntsFrom $150 to $9,000

Texas, United States • Red Bluff Prairie offers coastal prairie duck hunting on ponds and flooded fields. Pintail, teal, gadwall, widgeon and other puddle ducks wintering on the Texas Coast flock to these managed areas offering consistent, quality hunting. Above ground blinds are located on each of these ponds and fields. They vary in size from 24' to 32' in length. Each blind contains a bench for comfort and a top for concealment from birds overhead. We also take advantage of the huge concentrations of wintering geese that visit the area by deploying large "white spreads" in harvested rice, soybean, plowed, and fallow fields. White spread hunting for geese was developed by Marvin Tyler and Jimmy Reel during the 1950's and is still the method of choice for Texas goose hunts. Although the equipment has changed from cloth rags to commercial wind-socks, the concept pioneered by these waterfowling legends remains unchanged.

Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters, Ltd
Duck, Goose HuntsStarting from $2,730

Alberta, Canada • Quickload Waterfowl Outfitters brings hunting to the next level. Our hosts, guides and support staff are willing to do what it takes to make sure your trip is a positive and enjoyable experience. What sets us apart is our attention to detail!

Macfarlane Sporting Camps
Waterfowl Hunts

New Brunswick, Canada • Waterfowl in New Brunswic Consist of Canada goose, Mallards, Black duck, Wood duck, Golden eye and Teal. We hunt over a decoy spread of Flembeau and Greenhead gear, with a mojo in water and flocked geese decoys spread around as well, the Blinds are from the bank with a boat as our main source of transportation all thow there are plenty of ponds and streams we hunt were all is needed are waders.

Good Ol Days Pheasant Hunting
Waterfowl HuntsStarting from $200

South Dakota, United States • Guided South Dakota pheasant hunting is our specialty, but with numerous potholes and sloughs scattered over the area, duck hunting is always a rewarding bonus to goose and pheasant hunting. Many species of waterfowl co-exist right here in our back yard at Good Ol Days Pheasant Hunting in eastern South Dakota. We have just about everything. Mallard, wood duck, gadwall, teal and redheads are the staples of our early hunts. Mallard, pintail, canvasback, and bluebills occupy most of the late season hunts. We also have the GIANT Canada Goose. Hold on to your hats. These birds approach 18 pounds and have a wingspan of about 5 feet. In season, these birds offer splendid opportunities in sport of waterfowl hunting. Bald eagles also migrate through this region. They have been spotted on frequent occasion. Wild turkey also inhabit this region.

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