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Eastern Moose Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

24 Outfitters that offer Eastern Moose Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Green Farm Guide Service
Maine Moose HuntsFrom $1,250 to $3,000

Stratton • Moose are one of the largest game animals in America that you may get a chance to hunt. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to take a moose. I have been guiding moose hunts since '99. Including hunts myself, I have helped harvest 49 moose in that time. In June 2012, I finished 2nd in the World (Maine) Invitational Moose Calling Championship and tried again in 2015 for a 3rd place finish. Generally, we will spend time calling and searching for moose in cuts. The moose will be looking for love, food, drink and a place to rest. We may walk a short distance or we may hunt close to the vehicles, the choice is yours. If you would like a more traditional hunt, be advised that a moose harvested deep in the forest takes a lot of time and effort to retrieve. We will often hunt in areas we can still get a jeep or 4 wheeler in to assist with retrieval. I guide in WMDs 7, 8, 4 & 1 regularly and have guided other WMDs as well. Please note the Maine moose hunt is a lottery hunt. I may also have information regarding lodge permits. This hunt includes meals, lodging, guide and PERMIT.

OMM Outfitters
Maine Trophy Moose HuntsFrom $8,000 to $30,400

Sinclair • Call us to reserve your "Hunt of a Lifetime". Hunt moose in WMD zones 3,6,2,1,4,5,7,8,9,10 with experienced and registered Maine moose Check with us about swapping your cow tag for a bull tag, or changing your wildlife management district. OMM is one of the few moose guide services that offer one on one calling for trophy bull moose. Calling during a moose hunt sounds easy, but there is much more to it than just calling. Call placement, wind direction, scent, sight, and sound, all factor in The sound of your heart beating as the trophy moose of a lifetime snaps branches on his way to the sound of the call is beyond exhilarating it's heart stopping excitement. To make a moose hunt successful it also helps to have great tools. At OMM Outfitters we have what it takes for your once-in-a-lifetime moose hunt. Husky Bush Plane for scouting and delivery of supplies. Over 200 scouting cameras strategically placed. Professional guides skilled in packing out, calling, and have a passion for moose. Use of Garmin Rhinos featuring track lines of scouted areas for traversing and contact with other guides. Packers and spotters to assist in locating and recovery. OMM's trained professionals work as a team. No long drives to the hunting areas. Utilizing private channel radio systems. OMM strives to work with our hunter's capabilities. Our hunting techniques are always adapting to the ever-changing landscape and moose. OMM has hunted these areas for moose since 2003. Licensed and insured (including Liability, Commercial Auto, and Workmen's Comp.) for operations behind the North Maine Woods gates. Avoid disappointment from illegal guiding operations. State licensed lodging and meals and ServSafe Certified food service managers. After booking, we put you in touch with your guide and offer optional conference calls to learn and ask questions.

Garrett Bros Outfitting, Ltd
Alberta Hunts And World Wide AdventuresFrom $4,000 to $55,000

Fort Mcmurray • Garrett Bros. Outfitting is a family owned outfit that provide's World Wide Hunts. Whitetail Deer Hunts and Fly in remote Moose hunts. We strive to get you the trophy of a lifetime. Pat Garrett has hunted all his life and know what it takes to get the game you are after. If it's a a big Alberta Trophy Canada moose or a huge Alberta whitetail deer , Maybe a Big old ram on top of a mountain peak or a trip to spain for the grand slam of ibex or any antlered game animals that you are after then give us a chance and come and hunt with Garrett Bros and you will not go home disappointed. We realize that your hunt is not only about taking the animal of a lifetime but to feel welcome and have fun, stay in comfortable clean accommodations and eat well. None of us would expect anything less on an outfitted hunt. You can be sure everything is taken care of with Garrett Bros Outfitting And World Wide Consulting.

Absolute Outfitters
Moose Hunting in New Brunswick, CanadaStarting from $5,999

Doyles Brook • NB Moose Hunt: Includes: 5 days, 6 nights accommodation, hearty meals, experienced guide service and housekeeping. Moose Bag Limit: 1 License by draw only You can apply from February 4th to April 26th to win one of 50 non-resident moose licenses up for grabs. Please visit our site or give us a call for more details. On the day you arrive, a light lunch of sandwiches and sweets are waiting for you. Each day, breakfast is served at the crack of dawn. You'll head straight out to the woods after that. A packed lunch will be enjoyed in the woods. A home-cooked supper is served back at the camp between 6pm and 7pm. -

Reddog Guide Service
Maine Moose huntFrom $1,800 to $5,995

Maine • Moose Hunting by Lottery Winners Only! If you were selected in Maine's Moose Drawing and need a guide to locate your moose.. Contact us! Keep in mind we have one guided hunt per season. New for 2016 season - we are now providing two experienced Maine Registered Hunting Guides on every moose hunt, to increase odds, additional removal help and other reasons we have decided to double team our guides on your hunt! We know where to hunt, how to call. Our hunts are custom engineered to provide you with a truly remarkable hunting experience.

Maine deer huntStarting from $200

Maine • We are located on the borders of zones 14 and 17 for your moose hunts. We do spike camps or can rent camps in other zones. On your hunting day we will hunt and visit areas that have been scouted by your guide and call moose.Hunting deer can be tough in the state of Maine but if you put in the time you can be rewarded with a real trophy. We will put in the time scouting for you and put you on stands that have deer activity or spend the day still hunting or float a local river or bog.

North View Hunting & Fishing Lodge
5 Day Moose HuntFrom $9,000 to $10,000

New Brunswick • Our Moose hunts are by random draw, and include a one-on-one guide, delicious home-cooked meals, 6 nights accommodation in our comfortable lodge, gate fees and transportation to/from the hunt area. Taxes and License are extra. Your license is purchased from the Province at the time of your successful draw. Our success rate for Moose hunting averages 90%.

Lac Suzie Outfitters, Inc
Moose huntFrom $1,695 to $4,200

Senneterre • Located in the heart of Quebec's Abitibi region with an exclusive territory of 160 square miles Lake Suzie Outfitters is home to a high density moose population. The forest types and good logging management make Lake Suzie the outfitter of choice for moose territory in Quebec. We have two seasons for moose hunting, archery and rifle. All of our guides are archery moose hunters so they know how to position you so you can make your shot within a distance of 30 yards. At Lake Suzie Outfitters bear hunting is one of our specialties. Our success rate is close to 100%. We hunt an area of over 300 square miles of which 160 are exclusive to us. Whether you hunt with a bow, crossbow, or a firearm, we will customize your site for you.

Deer Pond Outfitters LLC
Maine Moose Hunting

Maine • A true wilderness hunt. We hunt off the grid and well into the deep woods. We go where the majority of hunters are not willing to go or can't. All our hunts are fair chase and these are wild animals, which mean there are NO GUARANTEES. There are many factors outside of our control that will affect our trips for a good or bad hunt. We are committed in providing you with the best hunt we can. Limits do not happen every day of the season, but your guides will always be professional, keep a positive attitude, and will provide all knowledge and equipment necessary for a safe and enjoyable hunt. Remember this is a 6 day hunt.

Boggybrook Outfitters LLC
Trophy Moose HuntFrom $3,500 to $16,500

Island Falls • We hunt all zones

Russell Pond Camps Maine
Bear, Deer, Moose Hunts, Grouse Hunting.From $550 to $3,000

Maine, United States • Deer hunts will focus on the week of the 15th of November for guided hunters but camps can re rented in advance anytime. If you are Lucky enough to pull a Moose tag in units 4, 8 or 9 call us, we know where the big bulls are! Moose hunting is very successful. we also rent camps for Moose and Grouse hunting throughout the varied seasons. Deer hunts for Northern Maine giants are conducted in November. We offer fully guided deer hunts at $1200.00 and semi guided $550 per hunter per hunter. We have many faithful hunters who consider our camp "theirs". Bear hunting over bait has always been a Russell Pond specialty. The season starts the Last Monday in August every year. We have exclusive bear baiting rights on about 430 square miles and maintain over 100 bait sites beginning as soon as the law allows. This gives bears the greatest time to establish a regular feeding patterns.

Conne River Outfitting
5.5-Day Moose HuntStarting from $5,450

Division No. 3 • Spend 5.5 exciting days hunting Newfoundland moose. It doesn't get any better than this.

Bryson Lake Lodge
Canada Moose Hunting in QuebecFrom $3,000 to $4,000


Kovack Guide Services inc.
Eastern Moose Hunting in New BrunswickFrom $1,800 to $5,999

Edmundston • The price for a Moose hunt is 5500 USD bow / crossbow / Riffle Price do not include the hunting licence & Food What is included -Lodging at the 3.5 Star Canada Select Camp -Traveling to and from Active Bait Site -Freezer to keep you Moose Cold if you need your animal Butchered it's 1.15$/Pound 300 $ USD Deposit is required to book your hunt

Epic Adventures
Maine Trophy Moose HuntStarting from $4,995

Ashland • Fully guided remote trophy maine moose hunts. We hunt of out comfortable heated wall tents set up in the epicenter of trophy moose habitat.

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