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Nanika Lake Outfitters (NLO)
From $3,000.00 to $10,000.00
Bulkley-Nechako E We are located in the Skeena region of BC (Region 6) which takes in the northwest quarter of BC. Region 6 is well known as one of the best areas in all of BC to hunt. The geographic layout of our area is coastal/interior. A 50% mix of mountains and a 50% mix of forested valleys and countless lakes. Many outfitters specialize in 1 or 2 species due to territory layout, not NLO, we specialize in 4 as they are all abundant due to the areas unique geography. Most of the mountainous part of our area is also protected by park, a true remote wilderness. With 6 different camps to conduct our hunts from we ensure hunting pressure is spread out evenly through the territory ensuring proper game management. All Camps are located on lakes and offer spectacular views and true wilderness hunt experiences.
Whiteswan Lake Outfitters, Ltd (WSLO)
From $3,500.00 to $12,900.00
British Columbia, Canada Our guiding team is devoted to providing the hunter a safe, fair chase hunt with a reasonable opportunity to harvest a mature animal typical of the Kooteney area. Hunt camp has a relaxed, casual atmosphere with home cooked meals and comfortable cabins. Every effort is made by our team to make sure your hunt with us is safe, fun and enjoyable.
Sentinel Mountain Safaris
From $3,350.00 to $9,500.00
British Columbia, Canada Sentinel Mountain Safari's features 2,250 square miles of the most bountiful hunting concession land in British Columbia. We look forward to sharing our wilderness with you and providing a successful grizzly bear hunt. British Columbia allows hunting for grizzly bear during two seasons each year, fall and spring. In the fall season you are also allowed to hunt for bull moose. Black bear can be taken in the spring. Bagging these animals will cost you no additional trophy fees, however license and tags are extra. Sentinel Mountain Safari's black bear hunts have been 100% over the years. On a typical day our hunting group will normally see between 3 and 7 black bears. Black bears range from 6' to 8'. Hunters on our concession in British Columbia have taken several black bears that measure over 8 feet. Sentinel Mountain Safari's has an 85% success rate on bull moose hunts. We have one of the highest populations of moose in British Columbia at 7-8 moose per sq. mile.
Aniakchak Guide Service
Starting from $16,500.00
Alaska My Dall Sheep hunts take place in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in my sole guide use area. This is a Designated Wilderness area, and some of the most remote, unspoiled wilderness in the state. Sheep populations are very healthy here and hunters can expect a great fair chase sheep hunt. Hunt style is back pack spike camp, spot and stalk.
Atna Outfitters Ltd
Starting from $4,100.00
British Columbia We offer big game hunts in our remote wilderness area in northwest British Columbia. There are six base camps located in the area, all of them comfortable log or frame cabins, from there we use spike camps in various locations. We only take a limited number of hunters per season to ensure top quality hunts. We arrange hunts for single species or combo hunts for moose, mountain goat, grizzly bear, black bear, wolf and wolverine. Mainly our fall hunts are conducted as backpack hunts but we also use boats out of the main camps. Fall hunts are 10-12 days, but longer trips can be arranged upon request. The spring bear hunts are conducted in our drive in area but can also be arranged as fly in hunts.
Turner's Alaskan Adventures
Alaska, United States Turner's Alaskan Adventures offers big game hunting opportunities and trapline adventures that are as unique and exciting as the lands where they bring you. Our focus is on the adventure and thrill of real hunting, providing our clients a chance to connect with the land, while at the same time pursuing the trophy they've dreamed of. We offer hunts across some of America's most treasured lands-its National Park Preserves and Federal National Wildlife Refuges.
Fredlund Guide Service
Starting from $9,800.00
British Columbia, Canada With a limited number of hunts per season, and a far more personal level of attention, FGS clients should not only expect the highest possible trophy shot opportunity, but they should walk away feeling like they've been hunting in British Columbia with friends. We offer a wide variety of trophy animals to hunt in British Columbia. In the past we have had excellent hunters who were successful in harvesting many great trophy moose, elk, whitetail, mule deer, bighorn sheep, black bear, grizzly, and wolf. 2015 and 2016 trophy British Columbia moose hunt, British Columbia elk hunts, British Columbia whitetail and mule deer hunts, British Columbia bighorn sheep hunts, British Columbia mountain goat hunts, and British Columbia black bear and grizzly hunts are adventures that you do not want to miss. It's you turn !! We bring you trophy Bighorn Sheep hunts, Mountain Goat hunting, Moose hunting, Elk hunts, Whitetail hunting, Mule Deer hunts, Wolf hunting, Grizzly and Black Bear hunts.
Lobo Peak Guides & Outfitters
British Columbia, Canada Lobo Peak Guides & Outfitters offers a 5 day 1on1 mule deer hunt in the November rut. We hunt out of treestands overlooking farmers fields, game trails that we know are being used and openings in the timber. Our mule deer are trophy class with bucks ranging from 140 to 180 and bigger. Lobo Peak Guides & Outfitters offers a 5 day spring or fall spot and stalk black bear hunt. Our black bear hunts are on both a 1on1 or 2on1 basis. We hunt bears in the spring on the roadsides and the south facing slopes where the grass gets green first. Lobo Peak Guide & Outfitters offer a 10 day 1on1 spring or fall grizzly bear hunt. This is a spot and stalk hunt that can be done with either a bow, muzzleloader or rifle. Lobo Peak Guides & Outfitters offers a 8 day 1on1 or 2on1 fall moose hunt. We hunt moose in the peak of the rut to give you the best oppertunity at harvesting a nice bull.
Midnight Sun Safaris
From $4,000.00 to $28,800.00
Healy We are known for our record scoring Dall Sheep and Alaskan Moose. Consider our world class guiding service and exclusive mountain ranges with plenty of game including grizzly bear, giant bull moose, dall sheep, wolf hunts and caribou. Welcome to the home of Guiding Outfitter Midnight Sun Safaris and Master Guide Coke Wallace. We are a full service big game professional guiding company located in Healy, Alaska. We specialize in trophy hunting including Grizzly Bear Hunting, Alaska Caribou Hunting, Alaska Trophy Moose Hunting, Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting, Alaska Wolf Hunting and more.
Prophet Muskwa Outfitters (Devilhole Outfitters, Ltd)
From $6,450.00 to $46,500.00
British Columbia Canadian Moose, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Mountain Caribou, Elk, Rocky Mountain Goat, Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, The Grizzly Bears, and Continental Black Bears, Big Game Season in Northern British Columbia and the Yukon runs from August 1st through October 31st. Each hunt is five, seven, 10 or 14-days long. This does not include traveling days. Hunting in early August are mainly Stone Sheep and Dall Sheep, however, the hunter can also collect Wolf if the chance should arise. Elk and Moose season opens August 15th and Caribou September 1st.
Starting from $21,500.00
Yukon, Canada In our Yukon and Northern British Columbia properties, the majority of our hunting is done on horseback with some hunting being conducted by boat and backpacking. We have a string of reliable horses, well adapted to the mountainous terrain. A guide skilled at stalking game, handling horses and caring for trophies, accompanies each hunter. All hunts are one on one. In most cases, hunters and their guides operate from spike camps, cabin and/or tents away from base camp. This is accomplished easily with sturdy horses equipped with the best of saddles and pack gear; allowing the hunter to cover more ground and increasing his chances of collecting a trophy animal.
BC Big Game Adventures, Ltd
Cariboo C "Explore Canada.......HUNT-BC!" We provide hunting and guiding services for moose, black bear, grizzly and mountain goat. Our hunts are conducted in British Columbia Canada, which is the province north of Washington State. Our Wolverine Mountain Guiding Territory is 1000 square miles in size (600,000 acres) and is located 300 miles north of Vancouver.
Rampage Alaska
From $12,000.00 to $25,000.00
Alaska Rampage Alaska is located in Healy Alaska just outside Denali National Park. Conor Halloran owner and operator is a license registered guide in the state of Alaska. Conor has been big game guiding for the past eight years, and he guides in game management unit 20 located in the heart of the Alaska range. Hunts can be arranged for Dall sheep, Grizzly bear, Black bear, Moose and Wolf.
Alaska Bush Adventures
From $5,200.00 to $29,500.00
Nikolai Our hunting experience for Alaskan Big game and first hand knowledge of these animals and their habitat will greatly assist you in having a successful and memorable trip. Our Alaska hunting camps are located within view of the Alaska Range in the Kuskokwim Valley and its tributaries. We have a good Brown Bear and Brown Bear, Moose, Caribou and Black Bear, population in our area.
Backcountry BC And Beyond Ltd.
From $15,000.00 to $55,000.00
British Columbia, Canada Whether your hunting in BC, The Yukon or the NWT, you must find the right area to hunt. I have personally hunted all of these places. For the avid hunter wanting a true trophy class animal, we will only hunt the top areas and every client will be given the chance to make their dreams come true. British Columbia has a very diverse landscape from gentle rolling hills to some of the most rugged mountainous terrain imaginable. It has the best Grizzly hunting in the world, Huge Billy Goats and it is home to the widest variety of huntable game in North America. Hunting BC has a lot of qualities. Starting with: guaranteed over the counter tags for all species, the option to hunt multiple animals on any given hunt, long seasons that allow you to choose your weapon (Rifle, Bow or Muzzleloader) during the prime hunting dates and over fifteen species to hunt including three in the sheep family. British Columbia is a hunters paradise!
Beaverfoot Outfitting
British Columbia, Canada All hunts are 10 days and include non-resident hunting license, primary species tag, a wolf tag, trophy fee for one animal, transportation to and from Calgary International Airport and non-resident hunter preservation fund fees. Come and see the variety of color phases in our grizzlies, from dark silvertip to light blond. This hunt includes tags for 1 grizzly bear and 1 black bear, the trophy fee for a grizzly is an additional $3000, and the black bear trophy fee is included. Hunter success on grizzlies the last five years is 80%. With a very limited number of permits issued in our area, our shiras moose are a highly sought after trophy, with a great chance of success. This hunt also makes a great combination with trophy mule deer. We haven't hunted elk a lot over the last number of years, but the population is rapidly expanding, and an elk hunt now has an excellent chance of success, with a 6-point or better trophy season in effect for all hunters.
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