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Sharp-tailed Grouse Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

46 Outfitters that offer Sharp-tailed Grouse Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Montana Big Game Outfitters
Professionally guided Big Game hunts.From $1,500 to $5,750

Miles City • Montana's premier big game outfitter. Now booking hunts for 2019 and 2020.

Pheasant & Sharptail Hunting in MontanaFrom $1,750 to $2,250

Miles City • Hunt 100% wild birds over well trained pointing dogs. We have some of the best best bird hunting Montana has to offer.

Blackfeet Outfitters
Upland Bird HuntFrom $400 to $400

Fort Benton • Blackfeet Outfitters provides guided hunts consistent with State regulations for Upland Game.  Bird hunting the prairie to the east of the mountains is yet another way to enjoy this amazing land and get an entirely different perspective than what you get in the Rockies. Not to mention, its close and the hunting is incredible! The hunting pressure is very light and the bird populations are consistently strong. Combine our wild and fast birds with a dose of our prairie winds and you are guaranteed a very rewarding day of shooting. Take all four of our Upland bird species: Pheasant, Hungarian partridge, Sharptail grouse and Ruffed grouse. You are welcome to hunt with your own dog(s), however, our German Wirehaired pointers are always happy to help!

Bison Ranch Outfitters
Sharptail Grouse Hunts

North Dakota, United States • Book a bison hunt with us and try your luck hunting sharptail grouse. These are partially guided hunts, meaning we provide access and recommendations, then turn you loose. Expect to put on some miles chasing these birds.

Northern Aurora Outfitters LLC
Ruffed Grouse Hunting in MichiganFrom $500 to $800

Gulliver • Upland bird hunting in northern Michigan is a very special and unique hunting experience. It been a tradition in my family for generations. Something that all ages can enjoy. No dogs needed. Just a solid shotgun and a keen eye with a good pair of hiking boots and plenty of shells.

Patten Hunting Lodge
Bird & Small Game HuntStarting from $150

Maine, United States • Ruffed Grouse is number one without a doubt. This bird comes in great numbers, which makes for lots of action. Woodcock, on the other hand, are migratory birds -- when the weather gets cold, so does the woodcock hunting. But when these flight birds are around, they offer great shooting. Pheasant is also a fine bird to hunt. Pheasant is now raised on one of our properties. We release birds weekly exclusively for our hunters.

Simpson Outfitters
Upland Hunts

Montana, United States • We have excellent mule deer hunts for bucks that average 22" to 24" with an occasional 26" to 28". We have several large ranches leased for these hunts. We also have some bird hunting on these same ranches for sharptails, pheasants, prairie chickens, and blue grouse. If you would like to add another big game animal, pronghorn antelope may be added to this hunt.

Three Rivers Adventures
Upland HuntsFrom $2,850 to $4,800

Alberta, Canada • Southern Alberta's secret is getting out! We have become one of the most popular destinations for superb waterfowl and upland bird hunting in North America. Our hunts are located in the heart of Canada's breadbasket, where corn, pea, and cereal crops are found in abundance. Our climate is mild and many birds stay all winter in this area. Add to this, the many large irrigation reservoirs and local lakes, ponds and wetlands - and you get the perfect staging area. Millions of geese and ducks from the Pacific and Central Flyways stage here throughout the fall. This area also boasts world class Hungarian Partridge and Sharp Tail Grouse hunting, so our variety is unmatched! There are many reasons why you should make us your next bird-hunting destination.

Gobble 'n Grunt Outfitters
Upland HuntsFrom $1,850 to $3,450

Nebraska • Sharptail Grouse are found in the same habitat as the Prairie Chicken and are commonly shot on the same day. We refer to the two species combined as "Prairie Grouse". The limit is currently set at 3 prairie grouse per hunter per day and 12 in possession. Absolutely, positively, without doubt, question, or debate, America's most fabulous and historic gamebird species. Come and hunt this rare bird in its last remaining stronghold at Prairie King Wingshooting. The bird that everyone loves to hunt! At Prairie King we don't hunt ONLY the native species. Our CRP acres hold great numbers of pheasant. Hunt preserve and non-preserve acres for born wild, wild and released birds. Face it guys, the pheasant is not a very successful introduction here in America. In September the mourning doves come through our area. They stay as long as they can. They love it here!

Mouse River Outfitters
Upland HuntsFrom $1,696 to $2,595

Kramer • Mouse River Outfitters offers the finest Pheasant, Grouse, Duck, Goose, Crane, Swan, and Deer hunting in North Dakota. Our packages include lodging, meals, bird cleaning and complementary alcohol. We offer thousands of acres of private land and all birds are wild fair chase. We will tailor your pheasant hunt to your needs. Dogs welcome for upland hunting.

Milk River Outfitters
Upland HuntsStarting from $1,250

Glasgow • North-East Montana may be the best kept secret in the upland bird and waterfowl hunting world. We offer a wide variety of upland birds, ranging from ring-necked pheasant, sharp-tail grouse, sage grouse, and Hungarian Partridge. Our pheasant hunting is excellent with a 3 bird per day limit. There is truly an oasis of habitat for the untold variety of upland birds available to sportsmen and women in Big Sky Country. Between sharp-tail grouse, Hungarian partridge, sage grouse, and ring-necked pheasants, opportunities are plentiful. Our upland hunts are nicely complemented with ample waterfowling for the avid shotgunner. At MRO, we offer a combination upland bird hunt with jump shooting for waterfowl in the numerous stock dams and ponds that dot the expansive Montana countryside. This option seems to blend the best of all bird hunting for the avid shotgunner.

Haines Hunting Service
Upland HuntingFrom $425 to $475

South Dakota, United States • Two days hunting minimum. Late season pheasant hunts occassionally are even better than opening weekend hunts. The season runs from the third week in October through late December. Grouse hunting season runs from mid-September to late December. It's not an easy bird to bag but from Thanksgiving on, success improves. Beginning in 1995, because of a demand for milder weather hunts and coordinating with other hunts throughout North America, an early season preserve hunt is offered September first thru opening weekend. Grouse season runs concurrently with pheasant season and has a 3 bird/day limit.

Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures
Upland Hunts

New Brunswick, Canada • Come see what the experts have known for ages. The Miramichi River Valley is ideal for woodcock and grouse. Combine some late season angling with fast and furious upland bird hunting. Hit the coverts early for explosive grouse and woodcock action. We can supply guided hunts over dogs or bring your own dogs if you choose. With generous bag limits of woodcock and grouse per day, the valley is lined with miles of old farmland which offers superb coverts.

Al Gadoury's 6X Outfitters
Upland HuntsFrom $2,700 to $3,500

Montana, United States • We have a long upland bird season in Montana, September 1 to January 1. Pheasant season runs mid-October to January 1. The bag limits are generous, Huns 8 per day, sharptails 4 per day, pheasant 3 per day and sage grouse 2 per day. Possession limits are 32 Huns, 12 sharptails, 9 pheasant and 4 sage grouse. My upland bird hunts are based in Lewistown in the central part of the state. The birds are all wild and few places offer more variety and opportunity. In the early season you will encounter Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse, sage grouse, Wilsons snipe and morning dove. Starting in mid October we concentrate on pheasants. Most of the hunting is on private land. The terrain is rolling hills, native prairie grassland and agricultural areas. Plan to walk 5 to 8 miles per day. Airlines fly to Lewistown, Billings and Great Falls. I do not carry a gun or mix hunting parties. The dogs are well trained English setters and Labrador retrievers. Your trained dog is always welcome.

Gathering Lake Outfitters
Grouse Hunt

Ontario • We are a remote drive-to camp with hundreds of miles of logging roads and many lakes. Most Grouse Hunters have 100% success at our camp every year. We feed our bear thousands of pounds of cracked corn and oats and it is unbelievable what this does for our Grouse numbers. Many geese, ducks and rabbits are also taken. We also offer the Grouse Hunter some great Fall fishing, if you have a little extra time. Includes fully-equipped house-keeping cabins in a completely remote setting. Diesel electric power is on all of the time. A new modern bird and fish cleaning building is on site. We are situated on the Sturgeon River where it starts at Gathering Lake. Gathering Lake has excellent fishing and we have access to it from our camp, just a few hundred yards up river by boat.

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