Sharp-tailed Grouse Hunting Trips, Guides, and Oufitters
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Let us help you plan your next hunting trip. Locate the right professional hunting guides and outfitters for the exact species you want to hunt, in the place you want to hunt them. We know the best of the best.

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Montana Big Game Outfitters

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Mouse River Outfitters

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Simpson Outfitters

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Milk River Outfitters

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The Uplanders Guide Service (UGS)

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Wild West Outfitters & Adventures

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Alcorn's Hunter Haven

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Patten Hunting Lodge

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Al Gadoury's 6X Outfitters

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Gathering Lake Outfitters

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JACO Outfitters, LLC

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Haines Hunting Service

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Billingsley Ranch Outfitters

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Gobble 'n Grunt Outfitters

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Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures