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Alabama (US)
Triple Forks Hunting, LLC
Starting from $400.00
Millport Do you enjoy the challenge of calling in long beards off other hens? Do you enjoy stalking turkeys through different landscapes? Do you enjoy sitting in a ground blind and calling turkeys in for a closer look? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Triple Forks Hunting has a hunt for you!
Starting from $450.00
Millport Hunting at Triple Forks Hunting will give you many diverse land choices to choose from. If you are a hunter that likes to be in a shooting house or a hunter that likes to stalk hunt and sit in the elements we have the hunt for you.
Starting from $200.00
Millport Hear them at night and call them in during the day. If you are an experienced caller or a beginner we can help you with the process of hunting coyote and bobcat.
Chattokee Lodge
Starting from $1,200.00
Alabama, United States Chattokee Lodge offers the finest wild duck and goose hunting available in this area. Our ponds are designed and built for waterfowl hunting. We typically have good populations of mallards, gadwall, teal, and wood ducks that frequent our hunting areas. In the regular waterfowl season, we only offer 2 day duck hunts and only have one 2 day hunt per week to limit hunting pressure. We can accommodate up to 10 hunters and require a minimum of 4 to book a hunt. Most of our permanent hunting areas have 2 spacious blinds that will accommodate up to 5 people and have been built to keep you out of inclement weather. If you prefer to strictly goose hunt, we have huge flocks of resident geese that visit our agricultural fields and the flats on Lake Weiss. We are also fortunate that Alabama offers a early goose season that typically begins September 1st with very liberal limits. Scheduling early goose hunts is dependant on the corn harvest.
From $150.00 to $1,400.00
Alabama, United States At Chattokee Lodge, we hunt both quail and pheasant on our upland bird hunts. From traditional quail hunting to our European Pheasant hunts, we are able to offer a variety of hunting styles that will test shooting skills. Our traditional hunts will take you through planted pine plantations, hardwood bottomland, and agricultural fields with an experienced guide and well seasoned bird dogs. We offer half-day, full day, and Lodge Upland Hunts that are all inclusive. We require a minimum of 4 hunters and can accommodate up to 8 on the Lodge Upland Hunts. If non-stop action is what you are looking for, we suggest a European Pheasant Hunt. 10 birds are released per hunter and we require a minimum of 10 shooters and can arrange a hunt for 20. Chattokee Lodge will schedule 4 European Pheasants hunts throughout the season but we can provide a hunt specifically for your group.
From $1,200.00 to $2,500.00
Alabama, United States Whitetail Deer Hunting: Hunts are 100% fair chase; no fences or supplemental feeding, just sound deer management for 25 years. Three or four day hunts are offered with limits of one trophy buck and two does. Although Northeast Alabama is not known for "giant" bucks, our guest will have an excellant opportunity for a buck in the 125" to 140" range. Additionally, we only offer ten deer hunts a year. Eastern Wild Turkey Hunts: We are blessed at Chattokee Lodge to be in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where large populations of Eastern Wild Turkey call home. It would be a pleasure to be your host as you match your skills with these awesome birds. Our experienced guides will use all their knowledge and "tricks" to put a big gobbler within range of your gun or bow. Seasoned turkey hunters who prefer to hunt alone are invited as well.
RackNine Outdoors LLC
From $550.00 to $1,750.00
From $650.00 to $875.00
Our Place Preserve
Starting from $4,995.00
Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunts 3 days 3 nights meals & lodging included with all hunt packages. Specialize in 200" Plus deer hunts guided 1 on 1. NO TROPHY FEES. Large shooting houses on food plots and ladder stands in hardwoods and planted pines. Hunt a hog after your Whitetail harvest.
Five J's Hunting Preserve
From $3,000.00 to $15,000.00
Alabama All deer hunts are conducted on 1 on 1 basis meaning only one guide and one hunter. We will hunt from a site in one of our spacious shooting houses overlooking a food plot, from stands on isolated ridges or the challenge of silently stalking your trophy through our thickets and hardwoods.
Alabama Your professional guide will have a plenty of well trained dogs from our kennels to choose from. Lunch is included with full day hunts. Lodging can be included for an additional fee.
Southern Spur Outfitters
From $850.00 to $1,200.00
Tallahatchie Hunts
Starting from $500.00
United States If you're a deer hunter looking for big buck hunting action, don't be fooled by our passion for duck hunting. We take great pride in the quality of our deer herd, and have some of the best deer hunting opportunities that Mississippi has to offer.
Greenway Sportsman Club
Alabama, United States We are located right in the middle of Bullock County, Alabama, the field trial capital of the world!At one time a good quail hunt in the deep south was just a matter of calling your buddy, grabbing your shotgun and heading out. Times have certainly changed, but you still can enjoy a good old-fashioned quail hunt. We try to make it as simple for you today as it was back then. We provide you with experienced guides. unlimited shooting, top-notch dogs, and both wild and flight-conditioned pre-released birds. We strive to provide you with a feeling of the old-southern tradition hunt but still incorporate new traditions from today. During your hunt you may choose to ride on one of the custom built quail wagons or either walk on your hunt over one of our well maintained quail courses. ou can't find friendlier folks to cater to you anywhere at any price. Our goal is to make this your most memorable hunt ever. Our quail packages are tailored to your needs.
Alabama, United States Bow or gun hunting! Careful wildlife management along with being located in the famous black belt region of Alabama, Bullock County has always been noted for producing trophy whitetail deer. ​Here at Greenway we offer both one day and three day hunts with guides, lodging and meals included. Hunting licenses are required and may be purchased online. Bucks taken must be at least an eight point with a fifteen inch spread (horns out past the ears) One trophy buck and two does may be harvested per hunt along with a doe a day. An additional buck may be harvested for an additional fee.
BassWhacker Guide Service
From $175.00 to $250.00
Alabama, United States Lake Guntersville offers some of the finer Wild duck hunting in the southeast. We are host to large amount of some of the finest diver duck hunting in Alabama. We have any and all of the necessary gear to give you the very best chance possible to get the ducks you came for and very experienced guides who will have been on the river and know where the best group of ducks are for your hunt. We can cater to any hunt you desire inside our ducks that are available to us. We are very successful in bagging trophy divers (Canvasbacks, Red Heads, ect), for those looking for a trophy or trophies for the wall.
Wildcat Creek Hunting Lodge
From $350.00 to $750.00
Alabama The call of the Bob-White" can be heard year-round at Wildcat Creek. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible wing shooting experience. Your day will begin with a homemade breakfast from the past. Followed by a mourning hunt where you will enjoy walking behind some of the finest Pointers, Setters, and German Shorthaired Pointers around. Whether hunting, fishing, or just experiencing the beauty of nature, we're sure you can find year-round enjoyment at Wildcat Creek Hunting Lodge. Quail hunting includes cleaning and preparing birds for travel. Extra birds can be purchased for $6.75 per bird. We can provide package hunts as well. We offer hunting and fishing in a private lake stocked with Tiger Bass and Copper Nose Blue Gill Bream
From $525.00 to $600.00
Alabama Whether hunting, fishing, or just experiencing the beauty of nature, we're sure you can find year-round enjoyment at Wildcat Creek Hunting Lodge. Our cabin, which sits secluded among hickory, oak, and pine, sleeps six. We accept reservations for groups up to eight. Due to the personal attention that our hunters receive, we limit the days we hunt. We offer good quality hunts and excellent home cooking featuring AGED ANGUS steaks.
Pushmataha Plantation LLC
Alabama Since 1998, owner Mark Ezell and his staff have dedicated themselves to providing their customers a memorable outdoors experience in a family style atmosphere. Located in Choctaw County, Alabama, Pushmataha hunts over 16,000 acres of lush wildlife habitat managed to ensure that their hunters have an opportunity to harvest a trophy animal whether that trophy be a whitetail deer, Eastern turkey or a wild boar.
Alabama Since 1998, owner Mark Ezell and his staff have dedicated themselves to providing their customers a memorable outdoors experience in a family style atmosphere. Located in Choctaw County, Alabama, Pushmataha hunts over 16,000 acres of lush wildlife habitat managed to ensure that their hunters have an opportunity to harvest a trophy animal whether that trophy be a whitetail deer, Eastern turkey or a wild boar.
Langford Farms
From $350.00 to $425.00
Alabama Since 1980, we have been managing for trophy deer. Our philosophy is that to have big rack deer, you can't shoot the small rack ones. Our 4 to 5 year old deer will weigh between 185-230 lbs. and will probably score 130-165 Boone & Crockett. We have found that good nutrition and age combine to produce nice deer. We have good genetics, but without good nutrition, the genetic potential can't be expressed. Everything possible is done to try and make sure that all of the deer's nutritional needs are not only met, but surpassed, throughout the year. If you enjoy turkey hunting, or just want to start, this is the place. This is a turkey that we killed in 2010. He was a triple-bearded turkey with 26.5 total inches of beard. We've killed several double-bearded turkeys, but this was our first triple. The guides are all experienced turkey hunters that will do their best to make sure you get your bird. We call the turkeys for you and can even provide you with camouflage if needed.
From $125.00 to $400.00
Alabama Our coyote hunts are conducted anytime except during deer or turkey season. We provide do it yourself and fully guided hunts. Lodging is provided for each type hunt. We have very reasonably priced coyote hunts in an effort to have more people take part. Come alone or in a small group for the same price. We allow you all the hogs that you can kill for free with any paid deer or turkey hunt. Our regular hog hunts are conducted anytime that we do not have deer or turkey hunters. You can hunt twenty-four hours a day and kill all you can for one fee. You can come in for the day or for several days, with or without lodging. You can bring whatever type weapon you wish, or we will provide you with one, at no extra charge. We hope that by providing the hunts at a reasonable price, that more people will try it and maybe we can keep their damage to a minimum. At least we hope so!
Great Southern Outdoors
From $175.00 to $1,450.00
Alabama Great Southern Outdoors prides itself being located in the region known as the Field Trial Capital of the World. Quail hunting in this area has been a gentlman's sport since the 1800's when plantation owners would get involved in friendly competition. Now it has become a well liked sport by both outdoors-men and women. Great Southern Outdoors quail staff, Steve, Mark, Freeman, and Hunter enjoy the sport as much as our hunters and a little friendly competition only makes it more exciting.You are sure to have an experience of a lifetime just watching the dogs work and being in the Great Southern Outdoors. All hunts at Great Southern Outdoors include unlimited birds per day. There is no extra charge for bird cleaning. Birds will be packed ready to go.
Starting from $500.00
Alabama Alabama Hog Hunting is offered year round in Alabama. At Great Southern Outdoors our Special Hunts begin in April and run through September. Our 6000 acres is a natural habitat for these animals and they can quickly get out of control without the right management. These hogs may not win awards for their looks, but they're a challenge to hunt – and our cooks can smoke some of the finest Alabama Hog Hunting pork you've ever tasted! Predator hunting at Great Southern Outdoors is an adventure of its own. You arrive at the lodge on the afternoon of your first hunt and head to the woods with your guide after a brief orientation. Your guide will call in your predator or you can call on your own at Great Southern Outdoors. "Predator Only" predator hunts are conducted March and April for Bobcat and Coyote and August and September for Coyote only.
Alabama Great Southern Outdoors prides itself in trophy deer management. This means taking care of our deer herd year round. So fields stay full of grain sorghum, iron clay peas, and other protein supplements. This insures the best in antler development and maintains a large deer herd. This has resulted in what we consider a perfect doe to buck ratio (about 1.4 to 1). If you want to hunt whitetail deer, go where the bucks live. When the winter months arrive, let our trained guides personally get you in the woods and prepare for what will become one of the most memorable moments ever. Great Southern Outdoors provides everything necessary for the ultimate whitetail experience. Our turkey hunts have been at an amazing 80% harvest ratio since the opening of business. We only take a few turkey hunters each year. For nonstop gobbling action contact us to schedule your turkey hunt. Each hunter is allowed to take 2 mature gobblers per 3 day hunt (no jakes).
Alger Flats Outfitters
Alabama Full service outfitter specializing in quail hunting. Lodging overlooking the Alabama River. Day hunts, individual and corporate memberships also available.
Alabama Wing shooting for quail, dove, and woodcock. Limited deer, hog and waterfowl hunts available. Year round fishing for bass and panfish.
Alabama Wing shooting for quail, dove, and woodcock. Limited deer, hog and waterfowl hunts available. Year round fishing for bass and panfish.
Night Shift Charter Service
Starting from $500.00
Alabama Targeted species include: Redheads, Buffleheads, Bluebills, Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and Canadian Geese. Morning and Afternoon Trips Available! See Trip Rates for details.
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