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Calcasieu Charter Service
Duck & Goose HuntingFrom $300.00 to $690.00

Lake Arthur • Calcasieu Charter Service offers superior waterfowl hunting in the legendary fields and marshes of Southwest Louisiana, the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. We provide a quality hunt by offering complete comfort and superb hunting over realistic decoy spreads on the finest lands Southwest Louisiana has to offer. Our lands are the winter homes to thousands of waterfowl. Every season gigantic flocks of Snow, Blue, Specklebelly and Canada geese surround our hunting areas. In addition numerous species of ducks, including Mallards, Pintails and Teal flock here to feed and rest. Our guides have one goal, to make your trip a memorable experience each time you hunt with us.

Whistling Wings Guide Service of Louisiana, LLC
Duck HuntStarting from $200.00

Louisiana • Come enjoy the sportsmans paradise while hunting the coastal marshes of Reggio/Delacroix Island area. Whistling Wings offers some of the best waterfowl hunting in the southeastern area. We hunt only on private leases that winter a large variety of species that include both puddle ducks as well as diving ducks.

Southern Salt Outdoors LLC
Duck Hunting in LouisianaFrom $500.00 to $3,000.00

Gueydan • Guided duck hunts in Gueydan, Louisiana for Mallards, pintail, and specklebelly Geese

Coastal Charter Services
Duck HuntFrom $200.00 to $400.00

Louisiana • Coastal Charter Services, LLC provides seasonal Louisiana duck hunting. Captain Olden is licensed and insured with over 10 years of New Orleans Duck Hunting experience. New Orleans Duck Hunts are done primarily out of Dularge, Lousiana. The brackish water marshes hold a variety of ducks that migrate to the waters around New Orleans & Dularge Louisiana. Teal, gadwall (grey duck), mallards, wigeon, redhead, pintail, canvassback, and scaup are some of the ducks you can expect on your Louisiana duck hunting trip. "Louisiana blast and cast" is our most popular trip. This trip includes duck hunting followed by a day of Louisiana charter fishing for redfish or speckled trout. It is the ultimate Cajun hunting & fishing experience. We can accommodate groups of all sizes. Give Our Duck Hunting Guide Service A Call To Book Your Next Louisiana Duck Hunting Trip.

Capt Scott Ritchey's Louisiana Outfitters L.L.C.
Duck, Geese HuntsFrom $250.00 to $575.00

Louisiana, United States • Louisiana Outfitters properties are located in the heart of wintering grounds to tens of thousands of ducks and geese from both the Central and Mississippi flyways. As our guest you will have the opportunity to shoot several species of ducks and geese. The most prominent ducks on our straps are Green and Blue Winged Teal, Pintail and Mallards, with good chances at an additional four species. Our professional guides also rely heavily on Specklebelly Geese "flying filet mignon" to help fill your bag. With the right conditions, you will have opportunities at Snows and Blue Geese. All of our guides are passionate about everything 'waterfowl', as well as being extremely accomplished hunters and callers. Louisiana Outfitters hunts are fully guided and don't require any work or walking of our guests.

Dove HuntStarting from $125.00

Louisiana, United States • Louisiana Outfitters hunts are fully guided and don't require any work or walking of our guests. Your guide will drive you and your hunting partners to your well concealed pit blind on a special purpose ATV, and then he'll place all the decoys for the specific conditions you encounter that morning. All you have to do sit back enjoy the show and shoot straight!

Waterfowl Specialist Guide Service
Duck HuntsFrom $150.00 to $850.00

Louisiana, United States • Our land is privately leased marshes with a wide variety of species of both puddle and diving ducks. So come experience some of the finest duck hunting that Southeast Louisiana has to offer!

Guided Ventures
Louisiana Deer, Turkey HuntsFrom $750.00 to $22,000.00

Louisiana, United States • Hunters will be placed in comfortable deer hunting stands with chairs overlooking well-used game trails and /or food plots. Hunters may pass on or select any trophy deer they desire. Any wounded animal will be considered to be "dead" and the hunter will be assessed an appropriate trophy fee, however, every effort will be made to recover any and all wounded animals. Stands are designed primarily for long gun hunters, however, archery stands are available upon request.

Louisiana Alligator Hunts

Louisiana • Guided Ventures in Lake Charles, Louisiana, provides guided alligator hunting trips and trophy hunting parties along the Bayou River and swamps. With more than 35 years of hunting and guided hunting experience, we are some of the most knowledgeable outdoorsmen you will find. Hosting people from all over the world, we provide all the accommodations and guidance you want in a hunting trip. Whether you are new to hunting or seasoned vets looking to try your hand in the swamp, we will make the trip memorable.

Waterfowl Hunt

Louisiana, United States

Dove Hunt

Louisiana, United States

Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides
Duck, Goose HuntsStarting from $300.00

Louisiana, United States • Louisiana winters the largest concentration of migrating waterfowl in America. At the Arkansas-Louisiana state line, the flyway narrows to a one-mile bottleneck where seventy percent of all migrating waterfowl will pass. Stand in the yard at Megabucks and look up. This mile-wide bottleneck is directly overhead Megabucks. As a result of years of dedication , coming to Megabucks is the epitome of an ideal duck hunting experience. Not only do hunters leave with their limit of ducks and geese, they generally go home with a promise to return the following year. Johnny offers an array of amenities not found in most duck camps. No hardship hunt here, the lodging is similar to "roughing it at the Hilton."

Venice Outdoors
Duck HuntStarting from $225.00

Louisiana • Duck Hunting in Venice Louisiana's vast estuary system has long been known as the premier hunting destination in the US. Located at the end of the Mississippi Flyway, Venice provides the most diverse selection of ducks in the states. Each fall the ducks come by the hundreds of thousands to this area where food will be plentiful and over 200,000 acres of habitat. It's not unusual for hunters to take every species of puddle duck and southern diving ducks. Canvasbacks, redheads, pintails, mallards, gadwals, widgeons, teals, shovelers and scaups all come readily to the decoys.

Quack Heads Outfitters
Duck HuntsStarting from $200.00

United States • Quack Heads Outfitters Guide Service offers top notch hospitality like no other. We have water fowl leases in Venice, White Ditch, Point A La Hache, Port Sulpher, Lafitte, Delacroix, and other surrounding areas in South Louisiana so that we can bring you where the birds are.

Aligator Hunt

Louisiana, United States • Now offering inshore fishing and alligator hunts!

Duck, Goose HuntsFrom $300.00 to $1,700.00

Louisiana, United States • Located just 30 minutes south of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Big Lake Guide Service offers duck hunters exceptional "old time" southern duck and goose hunts. Our blinds are in the heart of the central and Mississippi flyway. All of our hunts are fully guided with experienced duckmen, who will call for you, identify and retrieve all ducks and geese. You will be delivered to a dry comfortable pit blind via boat or ATV, depending on where you will hunt. Your safety is our main concern while hunting with us

Limitless Waterfowl Outfitters
South Louisiana Waterfowl HuntFrom $175.00 to $450.00


Duck Hunting in Southeast LouisianaStarting from $250.00