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Schrader's Outdoors
Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting On Maryland's Eastern ShoreFrom $200.00 to $400.00

Maryland • Whether you hunt with a bow, shotgun or muzzleloader Schrader's has the spot for you. We hunt thousands of acres on Maryland's Eastern Shore in Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot and Caroline County also in Kent County Delaware. These farms are under the Quality Deer Management Association (QDM) and harvest from one of these sites can be a doe or a buck that has an antler spread of 16″ (roughly the width of the ears) and 8 scorable points or more. Our properties offer a wide variety of hunting terrain including: swampland, deep woods, marsh and open grain fields. All areas are heavily populated with whitetail deer. These areas have everything a deer needs including feed, cover, water and the security that comes from light hunting pressure. The deer are provided with standing corn, soy beans and a wide variety of clover and grasses, as well as regulated feeding stations. Join our Trophy managed club consisting of multiple farms for the season. We offer small groups exclusive deer hunting

Duck and Goose hunting on Maryland's Eastern ShoreFrom $150.00 to $200.00

Maryland • Come and enjoy the old time tradition of Goose and Duck hunting on Maryland's Eastern Shore. With thousands of acres of prime waterfowl properties in established flyways, hunters are assured of the finest possible opportunities. All hunts are conducted from field pits, A-frames, and shore blinds with the exception of snow geese which are hunted by laying out in the decoys. Our Waterfowl Hunts are conducted on a variety of farm ponds, beaver ponds, marsh, river blinds and permanent offshore blinds. Field hunting is done in a variety of grain fields (corn, soybeans and winter wheat). All waterfowl hunts are guided by professional guides to provide a pleasant, safe and productive hunt. A variety of the highest quality commercial decoys are used including, silhouettes, shells, hand painted full bodies and stuffers. Decoys are placed in either feeding or roosting patterns to ensure the finest possible hunting opportunities on a regular basis.

Dove Hunting Maryland's Eastern ShoreFrom $125.00 to $200.00

Maryland • Hunting Doves at Schrader's is fast action, a Maryland Eastern Shore tradition where sunflower fields, cut corn and produce fields provide bountiful harvests. We offer daily hunting packages that include sporting clays and buffet lunch. Schrader's can accommodate private fields for larger groups as well.

Upland BirdStarting from $175.00

Maryland • Go out in the field with our professional guides and well trained bird dogs or bring your own dog on a self guided hunt. Their quickness in flight and full plumage will only enhance your hunt. Mixture of Upland Game Packages (Quail, Chukars, Hungarian Partridge and Pheasants) can be tailored to suit clients needs.

Spring Turkey Hunting On Maryland's Eastern ShoreStarting from $350.00

Maryland • Schrader's Outdoors offers Turkey hunting at its best on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Hunt with one of our professional guides or you can come on a semi guided hunt. We offer thousands of acres of prime habitat for Turkey hunting. Hunting is offered in the Spring only by law in the counties that we hunt which are; Queen Annes, Caroline, Talbot and Kent.

Varmint Hunting On Marylands Eastern ShoreStarting from $150.00

Maryland • Schrader's offers guided and semi-guided rabbit, squirrel, Fox, Raccoon and Crow hunting on thousands of acres of privately owned land. Come and enjoy a morning or afternoon of small game with us.

Hickory Knolls Outfitters
Whitetail Deer Hunting in MarylandStarting from $250.00

Newburg • Whitetail deer hunting on private land in Newburg Maryland bow,gun

Duck Hunting in MarylandStarting from $400.00

Newburg • Open water duck hunting ,goose hunting on fields and ponds

Muddy Marsh Outfitters
Archery Sika Deer HuntsStarting from $250.00

Church Creek • Muddy Marsh Outfitters has preset stands in sika travel corridors and baited areas. We hunt all types of terrain on various properties throughout the Dorchester county area. We only allow archery hunting. Our Properties are closed during the firearms season to provide a sanctuary for the Sika Deer. We welcome physically challenged hunters and will make special arrangements to ensure you have a safe and rewarding hunt. These are wild sika deer native only to our region. It is a unique experience to hunt what some believe to be one of the most difficult animals to take.

Williamson Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntsFrom $200.00 to $1,495.00

Maryland, United States • Williamson Outfitters is operated on Maryland's Eastern Shore specializing in waterfowl hunts for Canada Geese, Puddle Ducks and Diver Ducks. The Eastern Shore is known for some of the best waterfowl hunting grounds. During the course of your hunt we should be able to shoot a variety of birds from diver ducks, puddle ducks and Canadian geese. Some days depending on the situation we will hunt ducks at first light and once the morning flight is over we will move back into the field for the goose hunting. Other days we may just hunt geese or see how good your reflexes are and try your luck on the diver ducks.

Hammer Hollow Outfitters (HHO)
Whitetail Deer & Turkey Daily HuntsFrom $200.00 to $350.00

Maryland, United States • All Booked hunts require a 50% deposit. Lodging, Meals, Licensing, and shells are NOT included.

Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors Unlimited (LOU)
Waterfowl Hunt

Maryland, United States • Have you ever shot a Canada goose and caught a quality smallmouth bass-in the same day? We launch a jet boat on the upper Potomac River-all dressed up in camouflage-before dawn. The boat has fishing rods, decoys, shotguns, boots, lunch, drinks and excited men aboard. It's September, Maryland's Resident Goose Season, and you are about to experience one fine outdoors event.

Big Game Hunt

Maryland, United States • We also offer turkey hunts, archery and black powder for deer-but on a very select basis.

Tollers Gun Club, LLC
Duck, Goose HuntsFrom $325.00 to $600.00

Maryland, United States • Tollers Gun Club has a long history gunning in the Canada goose hunting capital of the world. The Chesapeake Bay and its confluences are a wintering home to the largest concentration of Canada geese and ducks in North America. We properly manage our hunting farms and NEVER overshoot them. We believe that the "should have been here yesterday", motto will never apply to us. If at all possible we will call and tell you that the birds are not using our farms for whatever the reason in advance and offer other hunting options or book another date. Whether divers or puddle ducks are your quarry we have them all. Bluebills and Canvasbacks, Mallards and Pintails take your pick. We, like our goose hunting, take great pride in managing our duck properties to offer you some of the best waterfowl shooting opportunities.

Dove HuntsStarting from $125.00

Maryland, United States • Tollers Gun Club offers fast paced wingshooting for doves over large sunflower fields. The season starts on or around September 1, so reserve your date, spaces fill rapidly. If you have never tried dove hunting you are really missing some of the greatest wingshooting ever. To see hundreds of these quick flying acrobats dive bomb into your field throughout the shoot is truly remarkable.

Quaker Neck Gun Club
Waterfowl HuntsFrom $700.00 to $960.00

Maryland, United States • Our legendary puddle duck hunting is conducted on our forty drained and planted impoundments. They encompass several hundred acres and over 18,000 bushels of seed. These impoundments have been planted in standing corn, sorghum, millet, and moist soil plants creating a smorgasbord of food sources for the ducks. Maryland's Eastern Shore is world famous for its Canada goose hunting and the Chester River has long been known as the Canada goose capital of the shore. The gun club manages approximately eight miles of waterfront along the Chester River mostly preserved as sanctuary areas. This allows us to manage our waterfowl from the roost to our feeding areas and back. The primary species harvested are mallards and black ducks. Wood ducks, green wing teal, widgeon, pintail, canvasback and lesser scaup make up the rest of the bag depending on the time of the year and areas being hunted. Maryland currently has a 60 day season with a five bird limit.

Mourning Dove HuntsStarting from $200.00

Maryland, United States • Mourning doves are hunted over our planted sunflower fields located across the Delmarva Peninsula. Our habitat management program calls for the periodic scattering of our grown grain crops, fresh dirt for gritting, and water is provided to entice our local and migrating birds to our fields. Individual and whole field private shoots are scheduled for the first several weeks of September. After hunt parties can be provided featuring Quaker Neck Gun Club's signature crab dip and your doves grilled right in the field.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Morgnec Rd • Quaker Neck Gun Club has been practicing Quality Deer Management in conjunction with our Kent County cooperative for over a decade. Numerous mature bucks and does are harvested annually. We have a minimum 15" inside spread rule for bucks (one per weapon) being harvested and very liberal doe limits (10) in accordance with our state regulations. Violations of our spread rule are subject to a maximum of $100.00 per point fine. Our year around habitat management programs includes over two dozen green fields planted with clover, alfalfa and brassicas. Large blocks of warm season grasses have been planted creating additional bedding and comfort zones. Annual food plots made up of standing corn, sorghum, wheat and barley are also planted. These standing crops provide winter food sources and create corridors across and between our hunting areas. Sanctuary areas have been set aside on each farm creating a safe haven for the deer. Off-site butchering service is available nearby.

Eastern Shore Guide Service
Maryland Waterfowl Hunts

Maryland • Eastern Shore Guide Service hunts occur on hundreds of acres of prime leased fields and as well as rivers and Bays of Maryland's Eastern Shore. With farms spreading into more than two counties we are always able to put you where the birds are, shooting over custom decoy spreads specifically for your hunt.

Waterfowl HuntsFrom $150.00 to $250.00

Maryland, United States • Grove Point Outfitters offers hunting like no other. Richie's love of the sport, years of experience and duty to satisfy his clients shines through again and again. Whether you choose waterfowl hunting, trophy deer or turkey hunting, Grove Point Outfitters showcases what Maryland's Famed Eastern Shore has to offer and guarantees you will be taken care of from start to finish. We have over 15 properties leased primarily in Kent County, MD. These farms offer some of the best hunting found on MD's Eastern Shore. Waterfowl hunting locations include ponds, off-shore blinds, shore blinds, pit blinds and field blinds. We spend countless hours preparing and scouting to ensure that your hunt will be as successful as possible.

Deer, Turkey HuntsFrom $300.00 to $1,200.00

Maryland, United States • Grove Point Outfitters offers hunting like no other. Richie's love of the sport, years of experience and duty to satisfy his clients shines through again and again. We have over 15 properties leased primarily in Kent County, MD. These farms offer some of the best hunting found on MD's Eastern Shore. Locations include wooded area, field area and food plots of clover &/or standing corn. We also utilize bait piles and feeders to increase your chances for success. Grove Point Outfitters uses mostly ladder stands and hang-on's. We also use ground blinds and climbing stands if you prefer. Each stand is strategically placed based on scouting, trail cameras and deer movement. We spend countless hours scouting to ensure that our stand locations are in the best place.

ELLEN-R  Charters
Sea Duck Hunting

Maryland, United States • For those who enjoy fast shooting on a cold winter day with the added comfort of a heated cabin to return to after the shoot try a day of Sea Duck Hunting. This sport runs through most of January. Hunters must provide their own shotgun and ammunition and valid Maryland Hunting License and Stamps. 12 ga. recommended with steel shot a must. This is a true hunters experience that you don't want to miss. The Dress for hunting should be warm clothing, along with Foul Weather Gear to fight off the elements of winter hunting. Remember, there is a warm cabin to return to after the hunt. The types of Ducks are, Old Squaws, Scooters, Blue Bills. The Season begins in November and runs to the middle of January. No Hunting on Sundays.

Duck, Goose Hunts

Maryland, United States • Hunt for Mallards, Blackducks, Woodducks, and Teal on one of our many impoundments, farm ponds, or Water blinds. Our impoundments are planted in corn, Sorghum, and millet, and then flooded in the fall. The Ducks find it hard to resist, making for some fantastic shooting if the conditions are right. Hunt for Canvasbacks, Blackheads, Redheads and other Divers on one of our waterfront farms. On-shore or off-shore blinds are available to get you close to the ducks. Large rigs of custom made decoys are used to attract the ducks, and well trained retrievers bring back your downed birds. Starting around November 1st and ending in March you'll find plenty of time to try these wary birds. No Texas Rags or windsocks here. We use large expansive rigs of the best decoys available, whether brand new full-bodies or custom made stuffers. Combo hunts are available and can be tailored to your wishes for an unforgetable hunting experience!

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Maryland, United States • We have leases in the three most sought after counties on the upper Eastern Shore. We focus our efforts on the Early Muzzleloader Season in October and of course our firearms season starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Limiting the bow hunting on the farms means they remain well rested in between seasons.

Dove Hunt

Maryland, United States • Some of the finest wingshooting opportunities available on the East Coast can be found right here on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Come join us for a dove hunt over sunflowers or harvested Cropland. Corporate Packages are available for client or employee entertaining, and private shoots can be scheduled for groups of 8 or more. Don't let another season go by without trying one of the most challenging hunts that we offer.

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