North Dakota (US) Hunting Trips and Hunting Outfitters

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Bison Ranch Outfitters
BisonFrom $3,300.00 to $5,000.00

Pingree • As you may know from our website, our first and foremost priority is putting the best possible bison meat in your freezer, so our bison hunting packages are for prime bulls and heifers (approximately 18-26 months in age) which are generally going to weigh in the range of 700-900 lbs. on the hoof. You can expect to put roughly 1/3rd of that live weight in your freezer (all boneless cuts), assuming a clean kill where nothing goes to waste. Not only are these bison the prime age for eating, they are 100% grass fed and all natural - grazing on hundreds of acres of native prairie. We hunt them where they live and, ideally, we will put you in position to make the most effective and efficient kill possible. Because bison are a herd animal by nature and they're not afraid of much, the universal truth, whether you're on 10,000 acres or 10 acres, is that finding and approaching a herd of a bison within rifle range in a vehicle is fairly simple. But it takes strategy, patience, and marksman

Coyote HuntStarting from $300.00

North Dakota • Book a bison hunt with us and spend some time hunting coyotes out in the rolling hills of the North Dakota prairie. The best time for this is during out late season; in November and December. You'd be hard pressed to find more yotes per square mile than our backyard!

Waterfowl Hunts

North Dakota, United States • Book a bison hunt with us and spend a couple days hunting birds in the heart of the prairie pothole region. Our waterfowl hunts are partially guided. We provide you access and recommendations, then turn you loose.

Sharptail Grouse Hunts

North Dakota, United States • Book a bison hunt with us and try your luck hunting sharptail grouse. These are partially guided hunts, meaning we provide access and recommendations, then turn you loose. Expect to put on some miles chasing these birds.

Mouse River Outfitters
Waterfowl HuntsFrom $1,695.00 to $2,595.00

Kramer • From puddle ducks over potholes to Canada geese and mallards in dry fields and diver ducks over big water; Mouse River Outfitters will exceed your expectations. In addition to the awesome goose and duck hunting that North Dakota has to provide, we also offer hunts for sandhill crane, sharp tail grouse, partridge, tundra swan, pheasant and deer. We are a full service waterfowl outfitter. Mouse River Outfitters will provide you with an awesome experience that will allow you to hunt geese and ducks at a reasonable expense. We offer goose and duck hunting packages tailored to your needs. Hunting packages include lodging, guided hunts, meals, bird cleaning and complementary alcohol. Mouse River Outfitters lodge allows as many as 16 hunters to enjoy North Dakota hunting.

Upland HuntsFrom $1,696.00 to $2,595.00

Kramer • Mouse River Outfitters offers the finest Pheasant, Grouse, Duck, Goose, Crane, Swan, and Deer hunting in North Dakota. Our packages include lodging, meals, bird cleaning and complementary alcohol. We offer thousands of acres of private land and all birds are wild fair chase. We will tailor your pheasant hunt to your needs. Dogs welcome for upland hunting.

Deer HuntsFrom $3,500.00 to $4,500.00

North Dakota, United States • Deer hunts are six nights lodging, five days of deer hunting, meals, alcohol and basic game processing. Our deer hunts are conducted on a 3000-acre private ranch. Our zone has a healthy deer herd consisting of a large number of large bucks.

Perch Eyes Outfitters
Big Game HuntFrom $1,000.00 to $2,250.00

State Hwy 19 • If Whitetail Hunting is your passion, we have alot of bucks in the 120 to 140 class. Every year there are even bigger bucks taken from our land. You will have a whole section of land for you and your hunting party to hunt. Our package includes: Lodging, gun/kill tag, private lands and a hunting guide. 6 nights lodging and 5 days of guided hunting.

Waterfowl HuntStarting from $200.00

State Hwy 19 • Waterfowl includes Geese, (Canadian, Snows & Blues) Ducks, (Mallards, Pintails, Teal, and divers) and Sand Hill Crane. Perch Eyes Guide Service is located in the heart of the pot-hole region of North Dakota. Our huge migration of ducks offers some of the best hunting in the world. 90% of our mallard hunting takes place in cut grain fields. If you prefer diver hunting, we can set that up for you also.

Top Gun Guide Service
North Dakota HuntsFrom $1,100.00 to $1,800.00

Mcclusky • At Top Gun Guide Services we offer excellent waterfowl hunts with access to thousands of acres in the Devil's Lake area in the North Central, South Central, and South Eastern portion of the state. We hunt waterfowl in the mornings and afternoons. Fall field hunts for Snows/Blues, Canadas, and Ducks are from layout blinds and are usually groups of 2-6 clients and one guide. Spring goose hunts are from blinds and locations will vary depending on the migration of the birds. We will arrange a variety of hunts to suit the interests of your group, and generally do not mix parties unless you have less than 6 hunters. North Dakota is legendary for being the best goose and duck hunting in the Lower 48! We shoot Canada Geese and a lot of Snow Geese in the spring. We shoot mixed limits of ducks including Mallards, Pintails, Teals, Widgeons and just about every duck that travels the Central and Mississippi flyways! Every birds shot is processed and can be taken home.

The Candy Shop, LLC
Killing Green Tops in central North DakotaFrom $325.00 to $975.00

North Dakota • Dry field or sheet water duck hunts. Trophy hunt pure green, or race to your limit.

Rolling Plains Adventures
Pheasant HuntsFrom $1,195.00 to $2,195.00

North Dakota, United States • We believe pheasant and duck hunting with your friends is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in the field. This North Dakota Pheasant and Duck Hunting Lodge provides an unforgettable experience that you and your guests will talk about for years. Our conservation practices ensure some of the best wild pheasant hunting in North Dakota. The pheasants at Rolling Plains Adventures are wild pheasants! With all the different types of habitat to hunt and over 11,000 + acres to hunt on, you should never have to hunt the same fields twice during your hunting experience at Rolling Plains Adventures. Come hunt the true WILD pheasant of the Dakota's!

Buffalo Hunting in North DakotaFrom $5,000.00 to $7,500.00

North Dakota • This is a fair chase hunt on 6000 acres of rolling hills and rugged terrain. We guarantee an animal that meets your approval. Trophy bulls, young bulls, cows, and yearlings are offered. These huge animals usually weigh anywhere from 1000 to over 2000 pounds depending on the age and sex of the animal that you shoot.

Deer HuntsFrom $2,495.00 to $3,995.00

North Dakota • We have ladder stands, blinds, feeding areas, trails, bedding areas, and so much more to hunt within. There are dozens of deer cameras out to help pattern deer, along with our staff scouting the deer activity throughout the day. With over 17,000 privately owned acres all in one huge block to hunt on, we are confident you will have an opportunity to harvest one of these magnificent animals. Rolling Plains Adventures professional guides have placed over 40 stands, blinds, and box blinds for your convenience prior to your arrival. They spend countless hours scouting, viewing deer cam photos, and managing the deer herd to help get our guests the best possible opportunity at the buck of a lifetime.

Waterfowl HuntsFrom $1,195.00 to $2,195.00

North Dakota, United States • We are located along the central flyway for migratory birds. When the birds start heading south from Canada, they hit our fields and ponds heavy. We have a full line of decoys, mojos, lay down blinds, duck boats, calls, flags, and everything else you may need to aid in hunting these huge flocks of waterfowl. You will have to see it to believe it, when these giant flocks come into our blinds!

Coyote HuntFrom $250.00 to $1,295.00

North Dakota • These hunts are very rewarding. We hunt using electronic calls, decoys, and motion decoys. During an average hunt, we may have an opportunity to harvest a few coyotes per day. They can range anywhere from 5 yards to 500 yards. Usually they come to within 100 yards.

Brown's Pheasant Hunting
Upland Hunts

North Dakota, United States • Brown's Pheasant Hunting offers quality first class hunting and lodging at a family price. We have over 9,000 acres of creek bottom, cattail sloughs, and CRP. Each day you will see hundreds of WILD PHEASANTS. Sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge are also common and can be taken on you day to day normal hunts. Totally wild pheasants and a very hunter friendly community has made Glen Ullin a destination of choice. the number of wild pheasants you will see each day is a lifetime memory in itself. HUNT IN YOUR OWN GROUP - We do not combine pheasant hunting groups. We believe hunting with your friends is the way to enjoy each day in North Dakota. We will tailor your hunt for the size of your group. You do not need a large number of guys to hunt with Brown Pheasant. We still believe in the family hunt.

Waterfowl HuntsFrom $350.00 to $475.00

North Dakota, United States • The Devils Lake area is blessed with strong numbers of resident Giant Canada's, migrating Canada's, and is home to one of the largest fall staging areas in the country for snow and blue geese. Our team of guides are well equipped and motivated to show your group a great guided goose hunting experience. If you are a duck hunter you will find paradise in our back yard. Simply put, we have some of the best duck hunting available anywhere. We specialize in field hunts over harvested North Dakota fields. Imagine clouds of mallards and pintails cooling their afterburners over wheat and corn stubble. This is a "in-your-face" type of duck hunting and gunning. Mallards and pintails are the main duck in the harvested fields, but you will often see widgeon, green wing teal, and other varieties of ducks with them.

Cannonball Company
Upland Hunts

North Dakota, United States • Pheasant hunting is our most popular hunt due to the heavy population of pheasants in this North Dakota Region. Our guides will help find the most popular section of the area that provides you, the hunter, with a great experience.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Main Ave S • We have limited guides available to guide hunters who have secured their licenses for the season, so contact us immediately if you are interested in this option.

Dragon Creek Ranch
Whitetail Deer, Elk Hunts

North Dakota, United States

Upland Hunts

North Dakota, United States • We ask that you arrive the afternoon before your hunt begins so that you can enjoy an excellent meal and a relaxing night's sleep prior to your hunt. Most hunts are for three days and four nights. If you would like to stay longer, please let us know so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Your three day and four night stay includes guide service, transportation to and from the airport, your room and meals.

North Dakota Duck and Goose Combo HuntFrom $350.00 to $375.00

Spiritwood • We offer duck and goose hunts on the prairies of North Dakota. Being in North Dakota our hunts can take place in a variety of hunting situations including harvested ag fields, flood corn/beans, potholes/sloughs or larger bodies of water depending on birds and what kind of waterfowl the client is looking for harvesting. Dry field duck hunting on the prairies of North Dakota is something may people dream about and is something all waterfowl hunters should experience at least once in their lives.

Trophy Tundra Swan HuntStarting from $1,200.00

Sanborn • North Dakota is one of only a few states that allow for the harvest of tundra swans. Tundra swans in North Dakota are a lottery tag but the chances of drawing are very high. If you are drawn then you have the ability to harvest 1 tundra swan. Most people are looking for a trophy bird that they can add to their collection and we are just the place to do this. The hunts will take place in areas that have been scouted the day before so that we can be in the best location. The guide can also assist in picking out a mature bird if that is something the person wants. Most of our swan hunts are done out of aframe blinds on the edge of water. In the 3 years we have offer this hunt we have had 100% shot opportunity.

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