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White-winged Scoter
Kodiak Bear Guides/ Port Lions Lodge
Starting from $3,100.00
Alaska, United States Sea duck hunting is most often done in conjunction with Sitka blacktail deer hunting, but if you're interested in focusing only on these great birds, let us know! We would be happy to help you connect with some of these fantastic speices. Kodiak island supports a great variety of ducks, including many collector species. Commonly seen species include Harlequins, Barrow's Goldeneyes, Surf Scoters, White Wing Scoters, Common Scoters, Buffleheads, and longtail ducks such as Old Squaws. This is a fun hunt with LOTS of shooting.
The Swampers
Hindle Dr The Swampers waterfowl hunting was started in 2005 by Capt. Brian Rhodes, who was born and raised in southern Rhode Island. Capt. Brian started duck hunting at a young age and began eider hunting off the coast of New England when he was just a teenager. Rhode Island holds thousands of wintering sea ducks, brant, geese, and puddle ducks as they migrate south from Canada, Maine, and Massachusetts.
Waterfowl Specialist Guide Service
From $150.00 to $850.00
Louisiana, United States Our land is privately leased marshes with a wide variety of species of both puddle and diving ducks. So come experience some of the finest duck hunting that Southeast Louisiana has to offer!
Midcoast Outfitters, LLC (MCO)
From $275.00 to $400.00
Maine, United States Midcoat Maine is at the top of the Eastern fly-way and has outstanding Maine sea duck hunting. Midcoast Outfitters has a high success rate for sighting sea ducks on Penobscot Bay. We can guarantee a fun filled day. With generations of local knowledge and exclusive locations, guests keep coming back each year. Ask about our Canada goose hunts.
Kodiak Adventures Lodge
From $2,450.00 to $3,450.00
Alaska, United States Kodiak Island, Alaska is truly a sportsmans paradise. For the traveling hunter the destination "Kodiak, Alaska" conjures up big bears and fantastic sea duck hunting. For waterfowl hunters, sea duck hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska is one of the top destinations to experience waterfowl hunting at its finest. There is a large variety of species including: Black, White Wing, and Surf Scoters, Harlequin, Old Squaw, Common and Barrow's Goldeneye, Red Breasted and Common Merganser, Bufflehead, Bluebill, Mallards and many other puddle ducks early in the season. Some of the puddle ducks also winter here in Kodiak and can be hunted until the end of the season. Alaska's sea ducks migrate to here, not though here. Kodiak Island is the final wintering place for many of them and Kiliuda Bay is ice free all winter. The season starts in October and runs through late January. If you are looking for fully plumed birds to mount, I suggest hunting in mid Nov. - January.
Northern Flight Guide Service
From $350.00 to $475.00
North Dakota, United States The Devils Lake area is blessed with strong numbers of resident Giant Canada's, migrating Canada's, and is home to one of the largest fall staging areas in the country for snow and blue geese. Our team of guides are well equipped and motivated to show your group a great guided goose hunting experience. If you are a duck hunter you will find paradise in our back yard. Simply put, we have some of the best duck hunting available anywhere. We specialize in field hunts over harvested North Dakota fields. Imagine clouds of mallards and pintails cooling their afterburners over wheat and corn stubble. This is a "in-your-face" type of duck hunting and gunning. Mallards and pintails are the main duck in the harvested fields, but you will often see widgeon, green wing teal, and other varieties of ducks with them.
West Wind Outfitters
Starting from $175.00
New Jersey, United States New Jersey is home to the largest concentration of wintering Brant on the Eastern flyway. Long tailed ducks, Black, White and Surf Scooters. These are open water hunts at a fast pace. Scooters run from mid-October to January in good numbers. Old Squall are by far the most sought after Sea Duck and peaks in mid-November to January. Anyone who has hunted these birds knows some days they decoy beautifully and other days they won't even look at you. New Jersey is home to thousands of Broadbill and a good Broadbill shoot cannot by rivaled by anything else.
Ducks on the bay
Rhode Island Sea duck, diver and Brant goose hunting in R.I.
Eastern Shore Guide Service
Maryland Eastern Shore Guide Service hunts occur on hundreds of acres of prime leased fields and as well as rivers and Bays of Maryland's Eastern Shore. With farms spreading into more than two counties we are always able to put you where the birds are, shooting over custom decoy spreads specifically for your hunt.
Montana, United States We offer exclusive hunting for ducks and geese on numerous private fields, where birds are less wary... an excellent opportunity to hunt your limit of ducks and geese. These hunts are 4 night 3 day hunt package.
X-treme Waterfowlers
Starting from $125.00
Nebraska, United States We offer numerous hunting capabilities from field hunting, (on over 5,000 acres) out of heated blinds, lay down (ground blinds) to our all electric pond hunting pit blinds. Our guides have over a century of experience behind them which will help to ensure you of a great Nebraska waterfowl hunt.
Widewater Waterfow
From $100.00 to $180.00
Virginia, United States Ranging from Canada geese, puddle ducks and divers they are sure to meet your hunting needs. Widewater offers fully guided hunts, non-guided hunts and lease offers as well. They can accommodate up to 20 hunters in one party and still have room for more. If you are looking for a guide service that knows this river than you have came to the right place.
ELLEN-R Charters
Maryland, United States For those who enjoy fast shooting on a cold winter day with the added comfort of a heated cabin to return to after the shoot try a day of Sea Duck Hunting. This sport runs through most of January. Hunters must provide their own shotgun and ammunition and valid Maryland Hunting License and Stamps. 12 ga. recommended with steel shot a must. This is a true hunters experience that you don't want to miss. The Dress for hunting should be warm clothing, along with Foul Weather Gear to fight off the elements of winter hunting. Remember, there is a warm cabin to return to after the hunt. The types of Ducks are, Old Squaws, Scooters, Blue Bills. The Season begins in November and runs to the middle of January. No Hunting on Sundays.
Muddy Creek Outfitters
New Jersey, United States
Cape Cod Sportsfishing Charters (Magellan Fishing Charters)
Massachusetts, United States Captain Len Greiner has been guiding duck hunting parties for 20+ years. His knowledge, experience and sense of humor will insure you to have a safe, productive and enjoyable trip. On our Waterfowler's hunt we can specifically target sea ducks other than Eiders or target a mixed bag of waterfowl before or after an Eider hunt. On a Waterfowler hunt you may see and bag any of the following: Black Duck, Brant, Geese, Bufflehead, Merganser, Scaulp, Golden Eye, and a wide variety of puddle ducks depending on where we hunt or the given day. This is not necessarily a sunrise to sunset hunt. We hunt the weather and the tides for these additional species and incorporate this hunt in conjunction with an eider hunt. Trophy Eiders are our specialty.
Second to Nature
Starting from $175.00
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