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Wild Goat
Algar Safaris
Provincia del Neuquén, Argentina Our privately owned 85.000 acre (35.000 hectares) ranches are located in Patagonia, Argentina and we offer the best free range hunting experience and also fair chase hunting on our exclusive properties. The scenic and hilly terrain is surrounded by rivers and furrowed by streams. The breathtaking views make this area the perfect habitat for the several species we offer including the majestic Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Blackbuck antelope, Russian Boar, Pere David's Deer, European Mouflon, Black Jacob's Ram, Patagonian Dall, Patagonian Ram, Multi-horned Sheep, Wild Goat, Balearean Boc and Puma. Hunters will find this country vast and open, making it easy to spot game from high vantage points. The captivating surroundings and the wilderness of the country provide the most demanding and experienced hunters with a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience.
Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve
Starting from $725.00
Pennsylvania Whether this is your first experience hunting exotic game on a hunting preserve or you're a seasoned hunter, Pipleine Ridge will certainly become your destination for the ultimate hunting adventures.
Caza Hispanica
Andalucía, Spain Hunting in Spain is an unforgettable experience. Caza Hispanica offers the possibility to enjoy this adventure and for this reason we count on our qualified staff, expert guides and professional hunters that will grant you the spectacular hunt of the Spanish Ibex, a majestic animal that you will hunt in the beautiful Spanish hunting scenery, being surrounded by awesome views of the imposing mountains. There are 4 types of Spanish Ibex in Spain: Beceite Ibex, Gredos Ibex, Southeastern Ibex and Ronda Ibex, each one of them located in a different region, but all majestic and of great value to the hunter looking for prestigious game. Apart from the Spanish Ibex, Spain is rich in many big game hunting species like: Deer: Fallow deer, Red Stag, Roe deer, Chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian, Wild Sheep: Mouflon Sheep and Barbary Sheep, Balearean goat, Wild Boar, Spanish Wolf and our special bird: Red legged partridge.
Hunting Downunder
Starting from $4,000.00
Northland, New Zealand Hunting Downunder Ltd can offer Deer Hunts with 6 of these 7 species to hunt, with the magestic Red Stag usually being the main quarry. As well as the opportunity to harvest those 3 species, Hunting Downunder Ltd provides hunts for 'Whitetail Bucks', 'Sambar Stags' and 'Wapiti Bulls' – otherwise know as 'Elk'. Bull Tahr, is not just the Himalayan Mountain Tahr, but one of the most impressive big game animals New Zealand has to offer. Chamois without the size and bulk of its mountain counterpart the Tahr, Chamois has more the features of an Antelope, and unlike the Tahr, Chamois range from the top to the bottom of the South Island, and from the coastline to the snow covered mountain tops. Feral Goat Hunting is a common pastime in New Zealand even though goat meat – Chevon – is the most widespread eaten meat throughout the world, Feral goats in New Zealand have been regarded as a pest.
Buffalo Creek Ranch
Ranch Rd 337 If you've been looking for a great hunting experience, this is it. Buffalo Creek Ranch can give you a great hunt for great game animals without the hassle! Hunt for African plains game without worrying about killer viruses and political upheaval! Hunt our rugged hills for Ibex, Aoudad and eight species of wild sheep, without having to worry about lotteries and inclement weather! Experience a true "Fair Chase" hunt without having to share the woods with every other hunter.
Black Mountain Outfitters, Inc (BMO)
Claunch Black Mountain Outfitters offers tremendous New Mexico Ibex, Ibex, Oryx, and Aoudad hunting. We have several guides with many years of experience hunting these animals in southern New Mexico. These hunts are only obtained through the draw process; however the kill success rate with a rifle or muzzleloader is very high. If you are considering applying for any one of these species, please consult with us regarding the various hunts that are offered.
Anuritay Ranch
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina At a minimum, we guarantee a Record Book trophy, otherwise you hunt another FREE!
Southern Lodges
Provincia del Neuquén, Argentina All of our hunting activities are conducted by an excellent crew of people that include guides, skinners and trackers, which specialize in each activity. We provide the necessary equipment and our team of professionals help our clients achieve all their goals during the trip. Hunting days will vary according to the chosen program. Recommended time-window for Red Stag hunting: 6-7 days hunt. If overnight in Buenos Aires is needed hotel is not included in the price of the hunt.
Wildside Hunting Safaris New Zealand
Northland, New Zealand Wildside hunting Safaris offers both rifle and bow hunters' a world class trophy hunting experience on both North and South Islands for all of the New Zealand's top trophy species. Specialising in professionally guided hunts on New Zealand's forest clad North Island. Not only for some of New Zealand's finest Red Stags and Fallow Bucks but also for trophy species found ONLY on the North Island like the seriously intelligent Sika Stag and the secretive Sambar and Rusa Stags.North Island hunting is typically conducted on easy rolling to hilly bush country where "up close encounters" are experienced by the "spot and stalk" method of hunting. Usually offering at least one shot opportunity per day (for the bow or rifle) and is ideally suited for the hunter who wants to have the "thrill of the stalk" as well as taking the trophy of a lifetime.
Manuka Point Lodge
Canterbury, New Zealand Yes Unique – Let's remind you that Manuka Point Lodge can correctly and accurately claim to be unique with respect to guided trophy hunting in New Zealand, for they are the only luxury hunting lodge that has breeding populations of the four prime species of trophy game in the immediate vicinity. Outstanding trophy Red stag deer hunting, trophy Fallow deer hunting, trophy Chamois hunting the prized species of European trophy hunters, and the impressive trophy bull Tahr hunting. Let us also remind you that Don Patterson and his 'Team' are carrying on a one hundred year old legend of New Zealand hunting, guiding visiting trophy hunters in the Rakaia Valley at Manuka Point Lodge.
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