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Military Verification is Easy and Safe - Find Out How It Works!

Insider's personal information security is a top priority at Guidefitter - Kris Poirier, Guidefitter Military Liaison and Retired Green Beret.

Jul 23

A time traveler, professor, mentor, optimist and a family man. These five guides give their profession a very good name.

Mar 18
The Cutthroat Quest

More than a road trip, it was a chance to spread awareness about the need to protect the last native fish in Wyoming

Mar 15
Peak performance

Nick Morgan seeks out the world's toughest, tallest mountains

Mar 11

Billie Taylor put everything on the line before she took the reins of the only female-owned trail-ride outfitting business in Yellowstone

Mar 5
Holiday Dinner Like A Pro

A Fool-Proof Recipe For The Holidays

Nov 20, 2020
How To: CuddeLink Trail Cam Network Set Up

More than a wireless trail cam, it's a camera network that saves you money.

Oct 10, 2020
What's In Your Pack

Essentials For Backcountry Archery Hunting

Aug 28, 2020
American Public Land Gets Direct Deposit

Historic Great American Outdoors Act Funds Land Restoration, Purchase

Aug 8, 2020
Fatherhood & The Outdoors | Outfitter Jake Halmes

Raising two boys as an outfitter in Montana.

Jun 20, 2020