Orion Coolers - ATA 2016

At the 2016 ATA Show, Orion Coolers introduced their newest series

Jan 20, 2016 #adventure

Attending the show their second year in a row, Orion Coolers come in a variety of amazing colors and handy new features.

Available in six different sizes, Orion Coolers are designed to fit perfectly in your kayak or truck. Innovative features like bottle openers on every corner and a very useful YackAttack Track system allow you to mount all kinds of accessories like your GoPro camera, phone or ram rod holder. Highly adaptable to any situation, Orion Coolers even have a mini bar you can pull out and just have a glass of wine with your lunch.

Possibly the coolest cooler out there, with all-in-one capability to suit all your needs when you are out hunting, fishing or just spending the day outdoors.

For more information visit www.orioncoolers.com

Danny MTexas
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