Jul 20, 2022
IWC IWC President Jeff Whipple, Officer Hoyt Brock, and Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Colonel Thomas Barnard

Blairsville, Georgia (June 28, 2022) -- International Wildlife Crimestoppers, Inc. is comprised of game wardens and conservation officers across the country and Canada, focused on the war against poaching. IWC is proud to be able to honor a game warden that has made a distinct difference in people's lives and for conserving our natural resources.

IWC established the IWC Game Warden of the Year Award to recognize the accomplishments and deeds of individual Game Wardens across the United States and Canada.

After receiving outstanding nominations, Game Warden First Class Brock Hoyt of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Division was chosen as the 2022 IWC Game Warden of the year. Officer Hoyt was nominated by Sergeant Eric Brown for Hoyt’s attention to detail, his community involvement in a large metro area, and his excellence in conservation law enforcement. Most notable is his ongoing investigation of a large-scale poaching ring that consists of 20 hunters in multiple counties.

As part of Officer Hoyt’s award, IWC and Guidefitter have teamed up and given him $1,000 for the exclusive purchase of outdoor gear with Guidefitter.

Guidefitter is proud to be a continual sponsor of the IWC and thanks all game wardens for your efforts and dedication to stopping poaching.

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Candice Henderson,

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