IWOM Product Spotlight

The IWOM is an all in one solution for comfort and containment
Jul 21, 2016

Hey everybody, this is David Eisenhuth with IWOM Outerwear. We're out here in one of our trade shows. We're introducing our new snow camo for the season. We've got a very unique product that goes from a hands-free carry bag. This bag will actually convert into a parka, like Brett's wearing here. Gives you a lot of mobility. You can wear it hung out like a parka all day, has full ammo pockets, face mask, and head net.

Once you get your location, whether in a tree or on the ground, you can deploy the lower section of the IWOM, giving you full body heat, instant containment all day, every day. Unlike any other product in the field, it gives you full range of movement. You can turn completely around in a stand. And the nice thing about it is, you also have your arms free to shoot, whether it's a gun or a barrel, giving you the ultimate garment in the field.

Also, as the IWOM surpass the functionality of a jacket and a pant, where it also really shines is the release points. A jacket and pant has four release points, the neck, the wrist, the waist, and the feet. Once you're zipped in the IWOM, you're fully contained from all the elements, and it really contains your heat inside of the system.

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