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247 Outfitters that offer Great Lakes Fishing found.The Great Lakes region consistently produces phenomenal fishing for Northern Pike, Steelhead, lake trout, walleye, perch and many other species. Search our database of Great Lakes Fishing Outfitters and book yourself a top notch adventure.
Great Lakes
Roosterfish kayak fishing guide LLC and Rabbit Hunting guide
Roosterfish kayak fishing guide LLC and Rabbit Hunting guide
Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guide in PennsylvaniaFrom $65 to $160
Frenchville • Kayak Bass fishing! Enjoy some kayak fishing on the Susquehanna river or Sinnemahoning creek The Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania is well known for its Smallmouth Bass fishing and the Sinnemahoning creek is a hidden gem for smallmouth bass and beautiful scenery. As your fishing guide I'm not only a great river fishermen, but a great teacher who has a bachelors degree in education and a associate degree in wildlife technology. I'd love to share my knowledge of the Susquehanna River and Sinnemahoning creek. I'm not just a fishing guide but also offer kayaking trips to hopefully see all of the beautiful scenery the great Pa wilds has to offer. My Goal is to make your day the best day possible. I can't control the fish or the weather, but I will always give you my best effort to assure you have a great day on the river! Fish On! Rabbit Hunting! Guided rabbit hunting in Pennsylvania is a fun time for all ages. Fast paced and lots of action. Each day will start when we load the dogs and head for our rabbit hunting trip. When we arrive at our hunting grounds, the dogs will be equipped with GPS tracking collars and released from the truck to start your days hunt. Getting ahead of the dogs while they circle the rabbit is the task at hand. The excitement builds as the beagles bark can be heard as they circle and head in your direction in hopes of getting a glimpse of a rabbit. With some luck and a good shot, you'll harvest yourself a Pa rabbit . Each hunter can take up to 4 rabbits per day. A mid day tailgate lunch followed by an afternoon of chasing rabbits will bring the day to an end. Whether you're looking for a family hunting trip, or getting a bunch of friends together to enjoy a Pa rabbit hunting at its finest, give Roosterfish kayak fish and hunting guide services a call. All group sizes welcome.
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