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American Alligator
Red Bluff Lodge
From $1,250.00 to $4,250.00
South Carolina, United States Red Bluff Lodge was founded in 1998 as a full-service shooting sports and hunting destination specializing in high quality deer, hog, alligator, and turkey hunts. We are located in one of the most pristine hunting regions in the country, in the heart of the lowcountry of South Carolina. Our focus is on customer satisfaction coupled with an understanding of wildlife management. We strive to provide our hunting guests with their greatest opportunity to harvest deer, turkey, hog and alligator on some 4,000 acres under management. We are South Carolina's only full service lodge offering alligator hunts in all four public alligator hunting units, and a variety of private lands we have under management. Red Bluff Lodge's owner, Jim Boone, is a United States Coast Guard (USCG) licensed captain and has been hunting alligators since the inception of the season in 2007. Our customers have enjoyed a 90% success rate!
OMM Outfitters
From $2,295.00 to $15,000.00
Labelle Big Gators - Private Land - Corporate Lodges
Reel Rush Charters
Wadsworth September only hunts with limited tags! This thrilling adventure gives you the opportunity to be apart of a hunting experience that so few get to be apart of. Our alligator harvests are done from boat or land. Guns and ammo are provided and harvests with bows are optional. WE ONLY CHARGE $200 A FOOT and NO TROPHY FEES! We also have references for turning your game into luxury items like belts, wallets, bags, mounts, meat, & more!
Ron's Guide Service
From $1,000.00 to $2,650.00
Venus Combine our exciting wild hog hunt with a thrilling alligator hunt for an action-packed day full of tusks, tails,-and adventure! Hunt one hog and one alligator on the same day and save up to $125. Get all the benefits of these two thrilling experiences for one low price. Grandma Dean's Tusk & Tail Combo Hunt includes all the benefits of our daytime wild hog hunt with buggy and dogs and your choice of a daytime or nighttime alligator hunt.
From $800.00 to $2,500.00
Venus Are you looking for a hunting experience that's out of the ordinary? Ron's Guide Service offers an affordable and exciting alligator hunt that is open to residents and non-residents year-round. Our fully guided hunts are conducted day and night on private ranches and leased lands. These properties consist of wetlands, small lakes, ponds, canals, and marsh which are prime alligator habitat. Our experienced guides pre-scout and monitor all of these hunting properties daily to stay knowledgeable on the best spots.
Runamuk Outdoors LLC
Starting from $2,350.00
Angleton  Join us for a hunt you won't soon forget! Nestled next to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, our seclusive piece of property is prime real estate for your next quality alligator hunt! With 12 miles of bayou frontage, over 500 acres of water on property and bayou drainage ditches that intertwine throughout the entire property we can guarantee you up to a 7 ft alligator, with 12 Ft gators having been taken before! When you're not chasing your prehistoric beast, kick you feet up and enjoy yourself in our lodge, located on the property! Our alligator season runs September 10th-30th. With such a short time frame, being successful starts early! We scout our property from early spring, thru the end of season, daily! Being in a CORE County, we only have a 20 day season. Spots fill fast, and we only offer a handful of trophy alligator hunts, so don't hesitate, let us get it done for you!
Cast and Blast Outfitters
From $1,000.00 to $5,500.00
Okeechobee Cast and Blast Outfitter's trophy alligator hunts are an experience you are sure to never forget. We can either help you fill your tags or provide private land tags to harvest a mature alligator. The majority of our hunts are conducted from an Air Boat at night by spot and stalk, first locating the alligators then approaching them for the kill. All equipment is included and the only thing you need to bring is your alligator license! Our private land hunts can be harvested by the weapon of choice of the hunter - public land hunts are usually harvested using a combination of crossbows, harpoons, snatch hooks and bangsticks. Private Land Hunt with Tags Provided -Up to 6 Ft...............$1,000 -7-8 Ft.......................$2,000 -9-10 Ft....................$2,500 -11-12 Ft..................$5,500 -12+ Ft.......................Call for Price
Everglades Hunting Lodge
From $2,000.00 to $8,000.00
Florida Hunting Florida alligators is one of the most unique hunts in North America. Everglades alligator hunting takes place on both private and public land, as alligators inhabit the swamps and waterways across the state.
Outwest Farms, Inc
From $550.00 to $10,000.00
Florida, United States Florida alligators can be taken year round with any weapon. Typically I hunt alligator with a rifle or bow from a swamp buggy on private property. Hunt several different ranches so there are literally hundreds of alligators to choose from between the sizes of 4 feet to 13 feet. This gives me the confidence to guarantee you a gator of the size you desire, or NO PAY! Whether it be a 4 footer mounted for your desk or a 13 footer mounted for your pool. I'm sure I have a alligator hunting package for you. Outwest Farms has been commercially hunting alligators since they have been able to be harvested starting in 1988. With Lee harvesting over 5000 gators bigger than 6 foot since then I'm comfortable guaranteeing you a gator hunt you will remember.
Townsend and Sons Everglades Outfitters
From $700.00 to $7,000.00
Labelle Hunt the elusive Florida alligator in the swamps of South of south Florida with us. We catch and fight them in with deep sea fishing rods and treble hooks or shoot them with a rifle or bow from land. Very exciting hunt!!
Triple M Outfitters Unlimited
Starting from $2,500.00
Florida Here's your opportunity to hunt Axis Deer, Fallow Deer and Black Buck on the world famous Brady Ranch. The Brady Ranch is home to the largest Axis Deer herd in North America, offering quality trophy selection unlike anywhere else. Triple M Outfitters offers spot and stalk archery and rifle hunts for Fallow Deer, Axis Deer and Black Buck on 2,000 acres covered with beautiful pasture lands with live oak and cabbage palm hammocks. Meals and lodging is available for $100 a night (per hunter) and $150 a night for couples. Gator hunting packages will take place on several private ranches and water impoundments in south central Florida. Gator hunting is available year round through a private land harvesting program developed by the state. This allows the outfitter to hold all the gator tags.
Wild Florida Outfitters
Starting from $4,000.00
Florida This your chance to experience the hunt for a true giant. Our trophy hunts are a experience of a lifetime. We hunt some of the best private lands Florida has to offer. Get up in close and personal with a bow at night or enjoy the hunt from the shore with a rifle, either way we have the experience for you.
Starting from $1,500.00
Florida Our management hunts offer a quick getaway to experience the best alligator hunting in the state of Florida. Get up in close and personal with a bow at night or enjoy the hunt from the shore with a rifle, either way we have the experience for you
Everglades Adventures
From $1,000.00 to $7,500.00
Florida Everglades Adventures offers year-round alligator hunting on over 75,000 acres of private ranches in South Florida as well as seasonal hunts on public waters. Our public water's hunts are conducted on public lakes, rivers and wetlands throughout the state designated by the Florida's conservation commission as harvest units. We conduct our hunts only on harvest units located in Southern Florida, basically Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Everglades depending on areas drawn for permits. The areas we specialize in are #406 (STA-5), #601 (Lake Okeechobee WEST), #604 (Lake Okeechobee SOUTH) #404 (Everglades WMA-WCA 3A). These hunts are only conducted during specific harvest periods from August 15th through November 1st of each year.
Gator Raiderz
Starting from $700.00
Florida Our year round gator hunts are done on over 20,000 acres of Private Land throughout the South Florida region. Gator Raiderz has multiple types of properties to choose from, some are accessible by foot and our truck, while some are only accessible by airboat. Depending on the situation and terrain, we use multiple methods of harvesting the gator. You may choose throwing a snatch hook, using a crossbow, rifle, pistol or harpoon. Our public water hunts include a full night of extreme air boating, 100% shoot opportunity, and if you do tag your gator early in the evening we offer you a chance to try some bow fishing or frog gigging to ensure you get a full night of Florida WILD life!!
Guided Ventures
Louisiana Guided Ventures in Lake Charles, Louisiana, provides guided alligator hunting trips and trophy hunting parties along the Bayou River and swamps. With more than 35 years of hunting and guided hunting experience, we are some of the most knowledgeable outdoorsmen you will find. Hosting people from all over the world, we provide all the accommodations and guidance you want in a hunting trip. Whether you are new to hunting or seasoned vets looking to try your hand in the swamp, we will make the trip memorable.
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