British Columbia (CA) Hunting Trips and Hunting Outfitters

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British Columbia (CA)
Anvil Mountain Guiding & Outfitting
6-day Mule Deer Hunting in Big Creek, British Columbia, CanadaStarting from $5,500
Cariboo K • BC is known for the best mule deer hunting around and our hunts are no exception. We offer many different hunts, from our early season high country alpine hunts (availability on request) which have produced some very impressive trophies to our late season low land migration hunts and rut hunts. Each one is different in every way and gives you the choice of picking the adventure that is right for you. Our high-country alpine hunts are for those that like to get out and climb a mountain or two to find that big gnarly mule buck. Backpacking, horseback riding and spike camps are the norm during these hunts, so good physical condition is a must. The rewards are high with many bucks being taken in the 160 to 200 B&C. Shots out to 300 yards are very common, so come prepared. If you are looking for that wall hanger of a lifetime then this is the hunt for you. Our low-country migration and rut hunts are for those who want a big buck or a nice meat buck, but would rather come back to a hot showe
10-day Moose Hunting in Big Creek, British Columbia, CanadaStarting from $11,500
Cariboo K • The area around Anvil Mountain which our outfit is named after is some of the best moose hunting country in the Chilcotin. We offer trophy bulls averaging from 45 to 48" and larger. Our success ratio has been 99% in the last years, however, the government cut back the quota to one moose per year as this species became rather rare. We never take a high number of hunters which puts less pressure on the moose and gives our hunters more one on one time with their guide. Nonetheless, we offer different packages up to several hunters or observers at once to accommodate our hunters needs and dreams. Package 1 – 10-day Canadian Moose Hunt: This hunt is for the hunter looking for that trophy of a lifetime and for some meat to fill the freezer. Package 2 – 10-day Canadian Moose Group Hunt: This hunt is for those on a budget that still want to experience a true Canadian Moose hunt and give their families meat for the winter. With a minimum of 2 hunters and a maximum of 4 hunters per hunt we will
Total Outdoor Adventures, Ltd (TOA)
British Columbian Moose HuntFrom $9,500 to $12,330
Fraser-Fort George G • 5 years ago TOA purchased an area in Northern BC for Moose and Black Bears. This area encompasses an insanely high density of moose with a 3:1 Cow to Bull ratio. Our density is proven by our high yearly quotas for Bull Moose and unlimited bear tags every year. The area spreads over 3000 square miles, with such a big area to hunt many areas go untouched for years. The area consists of hunting cut blocks and lakes near roads for hunters who aren't in great physical shape to river camps and float trips for the more adventurous type. We are happy to provide our clients with an 80% opportunity on trophy bull moose over the last 5 years with an impressive 75% success rates. Our moose average 45" to 55" with bulls over 55" taken every season. Hunts can be combined with a black bear and wolf tag. We have good success on black bears in the fall, average bear is 6.5' with a 18" skull. Wolves are an opportunity animal *references upon request*
Lynx/Wolf ComboFrom $7,500 to $9,500
Fraser-Fort George G • Our lynx hunts are conducted in North Central British Columbia, this is a exclusive lynx only area that encompasses 3000 square miles of timber, lakes and river systems. Lynx are hunted with the use of hounds in the mornings and every afternoon/evening will be spent hunting the elusive timber wolf over bait. Success on lynx is very high over the last 4 years and around 50% on wolves. You can expect to be in action every day chasing lynx, we try to focus our harvest on mature toms only. We will only take around 8-12 hunters every year to ensure success and trophy quality for all of our clients. In the last 5 years only one hunter has gone home empty handed (lynx). There is only two spots available for the 2019 season and bookings are half full for 2020 bookings.