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Castle Peak Outfitters
From $250.00 to $17,500.00
Texas Castle peak outfitters has your next hunting excursion!All of our hunts are fully guided most are fully guaranteed we provide lodging and if you want to add meals we can do that as well you will not be disappointed when booking with us we provide quality animals and a great time is a guarantee we we are always running specials on different hunts and would love to Book your hunt!!! Our booking process is super easy and stress free!!
Oak Stone Outfitters
From $150.00 to $250.00
California Oak Stone Outfitters is committed to serving its clients the highest quality hunts. We guarantee opportunity at game on all of our hunts. Our hunts run at an amazing 99% success rate. All guides and staff are experienced and knowledgeable. Success on a hunt is always an outfitters priority but we also believe that the camaraderie of the hunt and the quality of time spent in the field is just as important.
Conservative Game Management
From $300.00 to $300.00
Coalinga Over 25,000 acres of upland game bird hunting on multiple private ranches
Bellerive Game Farms, LLC
From $275.00 to $375.00
Kansas, United States A Family Tradition! Hunting Pheasant, Quail, Chukars, Ducks, Geese, Turkey, Deer & Dove in Kansas!
Blast To Cast Guide Service
From $100.00 to $150.00
Olmito Corporate and small groups can be accommodated. We have excellent white wing and morning dove populations that winter here. All dove hunts are crop field hunts that start in the afternoon and hunt till shooting hours in the evening. Dove hunts can be combined with private bay fishing in the morning and dove shoot in the afternoon.
Border to Border Outfitters
From $500.00 to $2,000.00
Patagonia If you are the type of Upland hunter that enjoys beautiful scenery, bountiful coveys, and great working dogs, Arizona has it all! At Border To Border Outfitters, we offer the full experience. The mystique that the border fence provides is as chilling as the first day a covey ever let loose up your pant leg. We have 3 huntable species; Gambels, Scaled, and Mearns. Want to try your chance at all three? It could just happen! Start planning for your hunt! You will need your legs in shape and your barrel clean. It's not hard to fly through a box of shells quickly. INCLUDES: breakfast, lunch, bird cleaning, transportation during the hunt, and lodging
Sierra Madre Hunting
Estado de Zacatecas The privileged location between roosting cover, grain fields and water supply, of our Hacienda ranch in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico, provide us with the ideal situation for a fantastic dove, quail, ducks, sandhill cranes and geese combo hunt. The proximity to the hunting grounds make most of our drives for dove and quail under 30 minutes and from 45 to 90 minutes for the waterfowl action. Depending of the size and preferences of the group we can combine all this species in any of our 3 to 5 day hunts. We provide plenty of shooting between grain field, cover and ponds and with a cold "cerveza" provided by your bird boy at the end of the session, will do an unforgettable shooting experience. Daily scouting will make you sure to be in excellent wingshooting conditions each hunting session. Down the Mexico Way! Dove shooting Mexico is all about the volume when it comes to dove shooting. Sierra Madre Hunting will provide a mixed bag of mourning and white winged dove aroun
Brown's Hunting Ranch
Starting from $900.00
Gettysburg All our bird hunts are 100% WILD birds, the only guarantee we'll make. The hunts can be demanding, however all our hunts are designed for your enjoyment, it is your day and your hunt. Our guides and staff put your comfort and enjoyment first and foremost.
Wild Horse Whitetails
Starting from $750.00
McAlester Wild Horse whitetails offers two types of upland bird hunting. Mourning doves and bob white quail both abound on our property and offer fantastic wing shooting opportunities. We have great habitat to natural support and attract these game birds to our property. Food plots containing many varieties of seeding plants also help to boost our game bird populations
Poitahue Hunting Ranch
Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina With birds so plentiful you can easily shoot over 1,000 shells per day… Poitahue Hunting offers you the most exciting dove hunting trip you may ever experience. La Pampa provice is becoming a hot spot like Cordoba province. The flight of Doves and Pigeons continually fly back and forth between fields and provides our guests with virtually non-stop shooting. You can expect to shoot over 1000 shells per day. Shooting will be limited only by your timing and endurance. Welcome to our circuit of seven family owned ranches specially selected for Pigeon & Dove hunting located in one of the most rustic places on the planet, but with all the luxuries of the great cities.. We provide our clients with impeccable service. From the moment we receive your reservation, every aspect of your trip is assembled and executed with the utmost of care.
Gobble 'n Grunt Outfitters
From $1,850.00 to $3,450.00
Nebraska Sharptail Grouse are found in the same habitat as the Prairie Chicken and are commonly shot on the same day. We refer to the two species combined as "Prairie Grouse". The limit is currently set at 3 prairie grouse per hunter per day and 12 in possession. Absolutely, positively, without doubt, question, or debate, America's most fabulous and historic gamebird species. Come and hunt this rare bird in its last remaining stronghold at Prairie King Wingshooting. The bird that everyone loves to hunt! At Prairie King we don't hunt ONLY the native species. Our CRP acres hold great numbers of pheasant. Hunt preserve and non-preserve acres for born wild, wild and released birds. Face it guys, the pheasant is not a very successful introduction here in America. In September the mourning doves come through our area. They stay as long as they can. They love it here!
Chaku Peru
Texas In Peru we have two ranches, one on the coast for ducks and dove and one in the mountains for big game.
Double P Ranch: South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge
From $1,495.00 to $1,995.00
Vienna Double P Ranch has the finest habitat of any lodge in South Dakota. We hunt every type of pheasant cover. Our guests are allowed to shoot four birds per day, including one partridge, with the option of shooting additional birds. Pheasant hunting during the September season occurs on the private preserve area of the ranch.
Chattokee Lodge
From $150.00 to $1,400.00
Alabama, United States At Chattokee Lodge, we hunt both quail and pheasant on our upland bird hunts. From traditional quail hunting to our European Pheasant hunts, we are able to offer a variety of hunting styles that will test shooting skills. Our traditional hunts will take you through planted pine plantations, hardwood bottomland, and agricultural fields with an experienced guide and well seasoned bird dogs. We offer half-day, full day, and Lodge Upland Hunts that are all inclusive. We require a minimum of 4 hunters and can accommodate up to 8 on the Lodge Upland Hunts. If non-stop action is what you are looking for, we suggest a European Pheasant Hunt. 10 birds are released per hunter and we require a minimum of 10 shooters and can arrange a hunt for 20. Chattokee Lodge will schedule 4 European Pheasants hunts throughout the season but we can provide a hunt specifically for your group.
Parana Sunrise Hunting & Fishing Lodge
Argentina The province of Santa Fe is home to untold millions of eared dove that are under much lighter hunting pressure than Cordoba. The agricultural plains of Santa Fe abound in corn, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, and soy bean fields along with plenty of water sources…a dove hunting paradise! At Parana Sunrise, our private dove fields are situated close to dove roosts, feed and water, providing a wealth of shooting opportunities. Your professional guide will place you in an ideal shooting location and your skillful bird boy will keep your gun loaded for endless shooting action! Dove season is open year-round. We use Beretta 20 gauge semi-autos for dove shooting.
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