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Parana Sunrise Hunting & Fishing Lodge
Argentina The province of Santa Fe is home to untold millions of eared dove that are under much lighter hunting pressure than Cordoba. The agricultural plains of Santa Fe abound in corn, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, and soy bean fields along with plenty of water sources…a dove hunting paradise! At Parana Sunrise, our private dove fields are situated close to dove roosts, feed and water, providing a wealth of shooting opportunities. Your professional guide will place you in an ideal shooting location and your skillful bird boy will keep your gun loaded for endless shooting action! Dove season is open year-round. We use Beretta 20 gauge semi-autos for dove shooting.
Timber Hills Lake Ranch (THLR)
From $170.00 to $550.00
Kansas, United States The best of all worlds. You can hunt for Trophy Whitetail Deer, Elk, and Buffalo inside our 1,500 acres. Or, you can free range hunt on thousands of acres of Kansas rolling farmland for Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Duck, Doves, and Geese. We also now have Pheasants, Quail, Chukar. Like we said, the best of all worlds. All hunts are fully guided with a dog and its handler. You will be chauffeured to the field prior to your hunt in a 4-­‐wheel drive vehicle and driven back when your hunt is complete. Soft beverages will be available during your hunt. Once you have completed your hunt, sit back and enjoy lunch or dinner in our 4,000 square foot, world class, lodge.
Pure Pigeon Outfitters
From $350.00 to $400.00
Idaho Hunting locations can vary, but are typically found in fields, dairies, feed lots and granary locations. When hunting in dairies or feed lots, group will be set up in the corrals with the cows or just outside of the corrals. Group will be sitting on bucket seats or chairs (which will be provided) when hunting in or outside of the corrals. For fields and granaries group will be using layout blinds (which will be provided) the majority of the time. Keep in mind this is not pass shooting like is found in Argentina, instead the pigeons will be decoying fifteen yards out from group right over the decoy spread. Here in the state of Idaho there are no seasons or limits associated with pigeons. The pigeons start flying shortly after sunrise and will be steady for two to three hours. After this point it will be up to the customer if they would like to stay set up and decoy the occasional groups of pigeons between the morning and afternoon hunt, or take a break at a designated resting spot.
Billingsley Ranch Outfitters
From $200.00 to $300.00
Montana, United States Upland bird season opens September 1. We hunt Sharp Tail grouse, Sage chickens, Pheasants and Hungarian partridge. Doves are also here in the early part of the season. Sage chickens can be hunted close to the ranch on public lands. Pheasants are mostly on private land. You are welcome to bring your bird dog as kennels are available at the ranch. We offer year round coyote hunts, praire dog and gopher hunts in summer and fall. We now also offer in our region a mountain lion hunt.
Brugman Outfitting Service
From $150.00 to $500.00
Claunch We are a friend and family oriented business and we understand the desire to hunt versus the budget to afford it. Like any business we do have to make a profit but we will do our best to get creative on pricing especially for families trying to bring their children on a hunt as well as mobility impaired and Military past and present . I offer hunts guided only for two days on some draw hunts then you can hunt on your own.Call for details and special pricing . These hunts are for the do it yourselfers you will need your own vehicle. Same units that we normally hunt just an option for those on a tight budget or just like to be on there own.
Salt Fork Ranch and Outfitters
Starting from $75.00
Texas Dove Hunts Our dove hunts are over tanks, sunflowers and known fly ways. Even with the drought of 2011, we had an excellent year due to our tanks retaining water.
Feathers and Sheds Unlimited Outdoors (FSU)
From $65.00 to $125.00
Texas, United States Based in the heart of South Texas, just around the corner from the infamous King Ranch, we offer some of the state's best hunting, saltwater fishing, and outdoor recreational opportunities. We provide many services for the hunter, fisherman, rancher, breeder, or outdoor enthusiast.
A Fishing Fantasy Guide Service and Outfitters
From $650.00 to $700.00
Dilley Over 30, 000 acres privately owned farm and ranch land. Hunt over grain stubble for morning, white wings, and ring neck doves. Housing and food included, Minimum of 12 hunter and max of 135 .
MG Hunting
Starting from $900.00
Pehuajó The Ducks program takes place in an area at 3 hours drive from the international airport of Buenos Aires, right in the center of the province. This area, sowed with cereals and surrounded by inlets and lagoons is an important habitat of many duck species hunted over there.
Red Fern Plantation
Starting from $400.00
Georgia, United States Pheasant Hunting in the deep south, now offered here at Red Fern Plantation Hunting Preserve. Whether looking for a European Style Pheasant Hunt or a Flush Hunt with Dogs we are able to provide you with a day of high volume exciting fun shooting. In South Georgia there in nothing quite like the experience of seeing a covey of Bobwhite Quail flushed up by an exceptional bird dog. Watching the dog go on point and knowing you can trust his nose, flushing up the birds and taking aim. What else could you ask for? What a way to start a day. We offer the Dove Club for those who desire an exceptional experience and enjoyable atmosphere beyond the typical dove shoot. We work year round preparing the fields and providing the habitat needed for doves to be in abundance. Our main goal is for everyone to leave with good memories of the hunt and friendships that last into the future. We want you to leave us with a smile on your face looking forward to the next hunt.
Fowl Pursuer Outdoor Adventures
Starting from $200.00
California, United States Fowl Pursuer Outdoor Adventures services include freelance waterfowl hunts, spring turkeys, pig hunts and scenic tours for photographers, bird watchers and other nature lovers. Other trips include dove and goose hunts.
Everglades Adventures
Starting from $125.00
Florida, United States Your hunt begins by meeting at our camp and offices area to register all hunters. Once we have you registered, our guides will take you by truck to the fields where they will place you in a pre-built blind. You must remain in this location for safety reasons and out of respect for other hunters. Once you have been placed in the field, you will need to remain as still as possible to help keep the birds from flaring off as they approach. Once you have shot your limit of birds, our guides will transport you back to our camp and offices area where we have cleaning facilities available to clean the birds. We can assist you in cleaning the birds if necessary. We generally have one guide for every twenty hunters to assist you in locating your birds and to assist you in any problems or questions you may have. All hunters are required to have in their possession a hunting license and a migratory bird permit.
Kansas Farmaland Outfitters, Inc (KFO)
Starting from $200.00
Kansas, United States Fast Flying. Fast Action. Lots of shells. This is Kansas dove hunting. We hunt doves the whole season at waterholes, feed fields, and pass shooting. I can think of nothing more thrilling than an early morning hunt with hundreds of dove flying by. Mourning doves have become the most popular game bird in the country. More shells are expended during the opening weekend of dove season then are expended during the entire upland game season. It is not only a challenging and exciting hunt but more importantly, it marks the opening of the hunting season. These birds offer the most challenging shooting experience you will find anywhere hands down. Greater prairie chickens currently occur in parts of 10 states, but by far the largest populations occur in Kansas and Nebraska. The traditional stronghold of greater prairie chickens in Kansas is the Flint Hills, a roughly 50-mile-wide band of tallgrass prairie that extends from the Oklahoma border northward nearly to the Nebraska line.
Field N Marsh Outfitters & Kennels
From $150.00 to $525.00
London Dr Find out why hunters believe our terrain, hunting habitat, and dogs are the best! Half day or multiple days, hunt a different area every day. Available in season are wild bird hunts for Valley Quail, Grouse, Mountain Quail, Pheasant, Chukars, and Huns. Upland Game Preserve Hunts generally start in August and continue to March 31st the following year, every year. Wild Bird Hunts are dependent on the posted legal hunting seasons for that species. Usually wild bird hunts start in September and run through late January.
Red Bluff Prairie
Starting from $100.00
Texas, United States We do everything in our power to give you the hunt of a lifetime each time you hunt with us. Our repeat business attests to our commitment to meeting your needs.
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