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Pigeon Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

25 Outfitters that offer Pigeon Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Cast & Bang Outfitters
Upland HuntsFrom $100 to $200

Walters • The past few years Oklahoma has a head a very healthy quail hatch, which has provided us some amazing hunting opportunities. All hunts come with trained dogs to help find us the coveys! If you have a bird dog you would like to hunt with we welcome it! We will take you to the fields where they are and we will find them!

Chaku Peru
Peru Dove HuntStarting from $850

Peru undefined In Peru we have two ranches, one on the coast for ducks and dove and one in the mountains for big game.

Norte Hunters
Finest Dove Shooting in Cordoba since 1991From $300 to $500

Colón • If you enjoy hunting, you can't miss these 4 days/3 nights experience. On the arrival day, our staff welcomes you with lunch and get ready to go shooting that same afternoon. The next couple of days our routine starts at 700 am with a wake up call and homemade breakfast. We drive for no longer than 30 minutes to the shooting field. Each hunter has a bird boy assigned, to assist you with shells and drinks. You will be located in a hidden camouflaged spot. Everything is supervised by our dove scout. At noon, you return to the lodge for a classic argentine meal. You can get changed and even take a nap, depending on the time of the year. In the early afternoon you go back to shooting until the day declines. It is common for a single gun to shoot 1,000 birds in a day. Back in the lodge you will find a comfy rural entertaining environment with cocktails, beer, dove chest appetizers, pool and dinner off course. You cannot not have fun. Last day, after the morning hunt and lunch, we will take

HP Wingshooting Adventures
Pigeon Hunting with HP Wingshooting AdventuresStarting from $500

Quebrachos • The Best Pigeons Hunt in Argentina

Dove Shooting in Cordoba, ArgentinaStarting from $400

Río Primero

Sierra Brava Lodges
High-volume Dove shooting and pigeon Hunting in Cordoba, ArgentinaFrom $490 to $590

Córdoba • Sierra Brava offers incredible dove hunting that is high-volume, non-stop yet challenging. Sierra Brava lodge is located 1hr and 15min north from Cordoba airport. It is only a 15-minute drive from Macha, the largest and most well-known roost in Córdoba. The hunting can offer variety for those wanting to make the 1,000 bird club or for those wanting to shoot extremely challenging, high birds. Sierra Brava offers the best home-cooked Argentinian meals, with a selection of the finest Argentinian wines. Our first-class chef prepares delicious meals with an incredible presentation. When you are not at the lodge, the most unforgettable lunches with typical gaucho Argentine-style asados (BBQ) are prepared for hunters in the field. An amazing experience you cannot miss! Sierra Brava offers the best rates for hunting in Cordoba, the lowest shell price, and incredible large group discounts. At Sierra Brava you are able to combine high-volume dove shooting with exciting pigeon hunting, all i

Poitahue Hunting Ranch
Pigeons & Doves & Partridges

Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina • With birds so plentiful you can easily shoot over 1,000 shells per day… Poitahue Hunting offers you the most exciting dove hunting trip you may ever experience. La Pampa provice is becoming a hot spot like Cordoba province. The flight of Doves and Pigeons continually fly back and forth between fields and provides our guests with virtually non-stop shooting. You can expect to shoot over 1000 shells per day. Shooting will be limited only by your timing and endurance. Welcome to our circuit of seven family owned ranches specially selected for Pigeon & Dove hunting located in one of the most rustic places on the planet, but with all the luxuries of the great cities.. We provide our clients with impeccable service. From the moment we receive your reservation, every aspect of your trip is assembled and executed with the utmost of care.

TGB Outfitters
Dove, Pigeon Hunts

Provincia de La Pampa, Argentina • All of our hunting activities are conducted by an excellent crew of people that include bird boys and assistants, which specialize in each activity. We provide the necessary equipment and our team of professionals help our clients achieve all their goals during the trip.

Field N Marsh Outfitters & Kennels
Upland HuntFrom $150 to $525

London Dr • Find out why hunters believe our terrain, hunting habitat, and dogs are the best! Half day or multiple days, hunt a different area every day. Available in season are wild bird hunts for Valley Quail, Grouse, Mountain Quail, Pheasant, Chukars, and Huns. Upland Game Preserve Hunts generally start in August and continue to March 31st the following year, every year. Wild Bird Hunts are dependent on the posted legal hunting seasons for that species. Usually wild bird hunts start in September and run through late January.

Argentina Dove Hunters - C&C Outfitters
Dove, Duck and Pigeon Hunting in Argentina

Ischilín • Dove & Pigeon hunting in Ischilín, Córdoba, Argentina Duck hunting in San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina

Frontera Wingshooting
Argentina WIngshooting

Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina • Cordoba is considered the dove shooting capital of the world. The 100 square mile radius (60 km) around the lodge is annually inhabited by over 30 million doves. The lodge has around 25 shooting fields, which are within a walking distance or a short drive through the region's rich farmland.

Exciting Outdoors

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina • Our dove hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Doves and Pigeons are the only two bird species which can be incorporated into any hunt in the Entre Rios province, any time of year. Additionally, dove hunts may be enjoyed as a 'stand alone' activity at Los Laureles. Argentine seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. Pack accordingly for either hot summers or the relatively mild winters. Dove season is year around. Our Perdiz Hunting takes place exclusively at Los Laureles Lodge in Entre Rios province. The May - August perdiz season represents our winter which is mild by the standard of many other regions. Early morning temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with temperatures rising to the mid-seventies during the day. Clothing in layers is recommended. Our pigeon hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Both lodges offer pigeons as one of the species in their mixed bag package.

Celtic Field Sports
Upland Hunt

Texas • At Celtic Field Sports we can custom fit your hunting package to any destination in the world.

La Criolla Wing-Shooting
High volume Dove Hunting in Argentina

San Justo • Because there are so many birds, you can practice all kinds of shots. This makes dove hunting in Argentina an experience unlike any other in the world and we invite you to experience it in style!. Have you seen our guests dove hunting records? Take a look to get an idea of how many doves will you hunt in just one day!

Comre Safaris
Upland Hunt

New York, United States • The emphasis of our Wingshooting Safaris is to provide our clients with a wide variety of quality shooting experiences and the opportunities to collect a number of different African Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds. Our population management strategies do not allow for anything other than reasonable bag limits; the reason for this is that we only hunt free living, wild game birds.

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