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Rock Ptarmigan Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

2 Outfitters that offer Rock Ptarmigan Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Adak Island Caribou Hunting in AlaskaFrom $4,250 to $5,100

Kodiak • Our vessel-based Adak caribou hunts are a truly unique adventure; caribou, duck, and ptarmigan hunting, along with fishing. NO bears! No biting insects! No thorny brush! Caribou numbers reaching record numbers! The Adak caribou numbers are extremely high with most animals concentrated in the hard to access areas of the Island. With our vessel-based hunts, you will find yourself at these hard to reach places, giving you the opportunity to experience some of the best hunting and fishing Alaska has to offer. These vessel-based hunts offer hunters more than just fantastic un-guided caribou hunting opportunities. The fishing, duck and ptarmigan hunting add to the experience. Halibut, Rock fish, and other tasty deep-sea fish await the angler looking to add to their experience. For more of a variety, try doing some sea duck hunting. It's your trip, you decide, our crew is there to assist you.

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Upland Hunts

Alaska, United States • Small game is often taken on big game hunts - no extra charges - bring a shotgun & shells. Kodiak has many Red Fox in all 3 color phases, some ptarmigan & many ducks - Harlequin, Old Squaw, Common & Barrows Goldeneye, Mallard, etc.