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Ruffed Grouse Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters

58 Outfitters that offer Ruffed Grouse Hunting Trips, Guides and Oufitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Green Farm Guide Service
Upland Bird Hunting for Grouse and WoodcockFrom $200 to $400

Stratton • Hunt the western Maine Mountains for grouse and woodcock. With an abundance of birds in the area, early October often provides the most opportunities with both species. It is not uncommon to see birds around the logging roads along the way to or from your hunt. We hunt a variety of cover and your personal pace is always considered. I offer day trips with or without dogs. The Hunt: Our bird hunts are generally day hunts. The length of the hunting day reflects how many days we may have booked. We often meet after breakfast (8-9am) then head out to our first hunt. We usually hunt an area for 45 min to an hour with the first dog. Then we relocate and use a second dog for a short hunt. We continue this cycle having snacks and water when needed. Lunch is usually in the field then we are be back around 4:30 pm leaving some time to relax. We do not want to overwork our dogs or the additional dogs we may work with. Shorter days are easier on the dogs as well as the hunters not used to the terrain we may hunt, so our multiple day hunts may be slightly shorter. Half day hunts are 4 to 5 hours are also available. We most often hunt during the cool of the morning until lunch but afternoon hunts are also an option. Again, this year, we are also teaming up with Tim Pond camps, to offer a more remote hunt for you with less travel to some prime hunting areas. Check out their website for more info about the camps.

Maine Upland Guide Service
Ruffed Grouse/Woodcock Hunting in MaineFrom $650 to $700

Jackman • Hunt ruffed grouse and woodcock over trained pointers in Maine's pristine Enchanted Pond wilderness. We provide everything, lodging food and transportation.

OMM Outfitters
Maine Grouse, Goose, and Duck HuntsStarting from $1,595

Maine • Enjoy the fall colors, the sounds of falling leaves, and the fresh scent of the fir and balsam as you stroll along gravel roads hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock. Well trained pointers and retrievers help ensure success and provide hours of entertainment while upland bird hunting. Northern Maine offers some of best covers for grouse and woodcock anywhere since birds face less pressure than even in Southern Maine. Expect 10 to 25 flushes per day depending on weather. Back at camp, be entertained by the sight and sounds of eagles flying in search of their next meal, or a bull moose in hot pursuit of a cow. Duck hunting is also available at this time.

Border Country Outfitters
Upland Bird HuntStarting from $200

Rainy River • Semi-guided hunt on miles of groomed trails over 20,000 acres of private land (with/without your own dogs). We have a diverse population of upland game birds including ruffed grouse, woodcock, sharptail grouse, and prairie chicken. Note from Paul Fuller: "Bird Dogs Afield was here in the fall of 2013 for a grouse hunt and film shooting. I have never seen so many grouse. Our 2nd day we had 49 ruffed grouse flushes and 6 sharptail flushes. In all about five hours of hunting. Our trip to Emo is one of our best broadcast television episodes this fall. This episode will be posted on our YouTube channel. Go to (url removed). Watch the Best Grouse Hunting episode." Hunting parties will stay at our lodge for the duration of there trip. Hunting parties will be responsible for transportation to and from hunting locations also their own meals. Owners will prepare one or two dinners for hunting party if they so desire. We recommend three to five days for a quality hunt.

Reddog Guide Service
Maine Upland HuntFrom $200 to $400

Topsham • On your Maine upland bird hunting adventure with Reddog Guide Service, you will have the opportunity to hunt some of the best ruffed grouse hunting cover in Maine. Hunting grounds include thousands and thousands of acres of commercial woodlands, old farms and old apple orchards. Our region is located in a major Woodcock fly way. If your hunt is timed right you could catch one of the major flights for a World Class caliber Maine Woodcock Hunting Adventure. We also offer professionally trained dogs to hunt over including our top notch Vizsla or German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). You are welcome to bring your own dogs as well. On an average day you could have between 10 - 20 flushes per day. Throughout the day your Maine upland bird hunting guide will tell you about some of the local history in the area as well. Our goal is to make this a most enjoyable and memorable Maine Upland Bird Hunting experience for you and your family!

D.C. Outdoor Adventures Inc.
Upland HuntFrom $140 to $280

Carston St • We Hunt Pheasant During October Upstate On State Stocked Lands With Bonus Grouse, Woodcock And Rabbits Over Two Trained German Shorthaired Pointers. November Opens Small Game On Long Island With Pheasant, Quail, Rabbits And Squirrels The Game Sought.

Trinity Fork Outfitters
Grouse (Sooty and Ruffed) Hunting in CaliforniaStarting from $400

Big Bar • California is home to a wide variety of game birds. At Trinity Fork Outfitters we target mountain quail, valley (California) quail, sooty grouse, ruffed grouse, and band-tailed pigeons. Doves can also be found incidental to hunting other species. We have permits to operate on thousands of acres of incredible upland habitat. We are working on adding chukar and Gambel's quail properties to the list. All of our upland bird hunts are over pointing dogs that are also trained to retrieve.

Blackfeet Outfitters
Upland Bird HuntFrom $400 to $400

Fort Benton • Blackfeet Outfitters provides guided hunts consistent with State regulations for Upland Game.  Bird hunting the prairie to the east of the mountains is yet another way to enjoy this amazing land and get an entirely different perspective than what you get in the Rockies. Not to mention, its close and the hunting is incredible! The hunting pressure is very light and the bird populations are consistently strong. Combine our wild and fast birds with a dose of our prairie winds and you are guaranteed a very rewarding day of shooting. Take all four of our Upland bird species: Pheasant, Hungarian partridge, Sharptail grouse and Ruffed grouse. You are welcome to hunt with your own dog(s), however, our German Wirehaired pointers are always happy to help!

North View Hunting & Fishing Lodge
5 day bird huntsFrom $1,600 to $1,600

North View • Looking for an excellent ruffed grouse or woodcock hunt? Look no more!!!! We have some of the best hunting in the country.

Northern Pride Lodge
Fully Guided Hunting in MaineFrom $350 to $4,600

Greenville • Enjoy comfortable lodging and wonderful meals, while being guided on your hunt of a lifetime! Wayne caters the hunt to your style and needs and works tirelessly on your behalf to get you your trophy animal.

Border to Border Outfitters
Minnesota Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock HuntsFrom $500 to $2,000

Leiding • So you want to hunt the Northwoods of Minnesota in search of the "King" Ruffed Grouse behind broke gun-dogs? B2B Outfitters has a hunt for you! INCLUDES: breakfast, lunch, bird cleaning, transportation during the hunt, and lodging

Woody's Guide Service
Ruffed Grouse HuntFrom $225 to $2,000

Sabattus • Accommodations include our new lodge in fall of '07, nestled in the north shore of Kingsbury Pond. Whether you're in our lodge with indoor plumbing and and hot water showers or our more rustic camps on the shore, we make it our goal for you to have a time of your life. We can't guarantee the kill or the weather, but we can great food and great times. Book with us and get full use of our kayaks, canoes, or row boat w/motor.

Northern Aurora Outfitters LLC
Ruffed Grouse Hunting in MichiganFrom $500 to $800

Gulliver • Upland bird hunting in northern Michigan is a very special and unique hunting experience. It been a tradition in my family for generations. Something that all ages can enjoy. No dogs needed. Just a solid shotgun and a keen eye with a good pair of hiking boots and plenty of shells.

Sportsman's Pride Outtfitters
New Brunswick Bear, Moose and Bird hunt you'll never forget!From $200 to $2,500

Saint-Joseph-De-Madawaska • We offer Hunts from the woods to the water you will talk about for years to come!

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