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Green Farm Guide Service
Upland Bird Hunting for Grouse and WoodcockFrom $200.00 to $350.00

Stratton • Hunt the western Maine Mountains for grouse and woodcock. With an abundance of birds in the area, early October often provides the most opportunities with both species. It is not uncommon to see birds around the logging roads along the way to or from your hunt. We hunt a variety of cover and your personal pace is always considered. I offer day trips with or without dogs. The Hunt: Our bird hunts are generally day hunts. The length of the hunting day reflects how many days we may have booked. We often meet after breakfast (8-9am) then head out to our first hunt. We usually hunt an area for 45 min to an hour with the first dog. Then we relocate and use a second dog for a short hunt. We continue this cycle having snacks and water when needed. Lunch is usually in the field then we are be back around 4:30 pm leaving some time to relax. We do not want to overwork our dogs or the additional dogs we may work with. Shorter days are easier on the dogs as well as the hunters not used to the terrain we may hunt, so our multiple day hunts may be slightly shorter. Half day hunts are 4 to 5 hours are also available. We most often hunt during the cool of the morning until lunch but afternoon hunts are also an option. Again, this year, we are also teaming up with Tim Pond camps, to offer a more remote hunt for you with less travel to some prime hunting areas. Check out their website for more info about the camps.

Maine moose huntsFrom $1,000.00 to $2,000.00

Stratton • Moose are one of the largest game animals in America that you may get a chance to hunt. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to take a moose. I have been guiding moose hunts since '99. Including hunts myself, I have helped harvest 39 moose in that time. In June 2012, I finished 2nd in the World (Maine) Invitatioal Moose Calling Championship and tried again in 2015 for a 3rd place finish. Generally, we will spend time calling and searching for moose in cuts. The moose will be looking for love, food, drink and a place to rest. We may walk a short distance or we may hunt close to the vehicles, the choice is yours. If you would like a more traditional hunt, be advised that a moose harvested deep in the forest takes a lot of time and effort to retrieve. We will often hunt in areas we can still get a jeep or 4 wheeler in to assist with retrieval. I guide in WMDs 7, 8, 4 & 1 regularly and have guided other WMDs as well. Please note the Maine moose hunt is a lottery hunt. I may also have information regarding lodge permits. This hunt includes meals, lodging, guide and PERMIT.

Maine Black Bear huntsFrom $1,200.00 to $1,300.00

Stratton • In 2016 I secured my first lease of 9000 acres and set 10 bait sites. We had a successful season with all 5 of my hunters seeing bear. Two of them harvested and 1 miss while the others only saw sows with cubs. I'm now leasing around 17500a with 15-17 bait sites. Last year (2022) had its challenges with tons of mast for the bears, but after talking with others in the area, we actually did pretty good! I spoke with one guy who said they had 3 of 10 hunters successful and only 2 others even saw bear. Knowing the challenge, my goal was 3 bear for the 6 hunters. With 4 of the 6 having opportunities, we managed 2 harvested, 1 clean miss and 1 wounded, but unfortunately 2 never saw bear. Pretty good considering. Our hunters will have 2 bait sites to hunt. You have your choice of a tree stand or blind at 2 sites. Some sites may have a blind and a stand at them this year. Generally, people do a treestand on one and a ground blind at the other. I will generally take just 3 hunter a week.

Maine deer huntsFrom $175.00 to $1,000.00

Stratton • We offer Maine deer hunts, big woods trophy hunts and one on one hunts. All of our hunts are limited to three (3) on one unless discussed in advance. Hunts are generally in WMD 7 and 8. Here the deer population took a hit several years ago. With mild winters and hunting pressure down over the last few years, deer populations are coming back. Deer hunts are from stands and blinds, with some stalking. All stands are set over natural areas, and trails. All of our hunts are customized to you and your party. There will be no other hunters / parties guided during the time you have booked.

Maine Guided Hunts and Guide School
Whitetail Deer Hunting in MaineFrom $550.00 to $1,950.00

Lebanon • Semi Guided hunts - We put you in an area with high deer traffic. You will hunt from tree seat stands, tree stands or ground blinds on known game trails. Semi-guided hunts we provide a morning stand and an afternoon stand, or you can choose to hunt the same stand all day. Due to landowner permission requirements in Maine, you will be assigned a stand location that you must hunt from morning and afternoon. Semi Guided Hunt - $1150 per week each person. $750 for a 3 day hunt, 3 nights lodging, $550 for an additional 3 days, includes 3 nights lodging if guide is available after any 3 day hunt. Our lodge stays are included in our brand new Attic Lodge! See pics We offer Apprentice Hunting Opportunities one on one with your guide. Apprentice hunters must remain supervised and instructed at all times while hunting, personal instructions for the new or inexperienced hunters. These hunts are either a 3 day hunt for $900.00, or we offer an apprentice 6 day hunts for $1600.00. Must be 18 years old or older. This is a great opportunity for beginner hunters to learn and be safe with immediate instruction. Our lodge stays are included in our brand new Attic Lodge! See pics

Maine Eastern Turkey Hunting - 2 birds Spring and Fall Seasons in Maine!From $250.00 to $450.00

Lebanon • Maine has awesome turkey hunting opportunities! Your Guide, Steve, has lived in Maine all his life and has hunted turkeys in Maine since Maine had a lottery permit hunting system for turkeys, when Steve didn't get a tag, he hunted New Hampshire, Mass. and Vermont for his gobbler! A veteran local turkey hunter now can be your guide! Two (2) Birds in Spring and two per day up to (5) birds in fall!

Maine Upland Guide Service
Black Bear Hunting in MaineFrom $1,000.00 to $2,500.00

Jackman • Especially good setup for youth/elderly/handicapped persons. Everything is included... Food, lodging and care of animal after the hunt.

Ruffed Grouse/Woodcock Hunting in MaineFrom $300.00 to $500.00

Jackman • Hunt ruffed grouse and woodcock over trained pointers in Maine's pristine Enchanted Pond wilderness. We provide everything, lodging food and transportation.

OMM Outfitters
Maine Bear HuntsFrom $2,695.00 to $3,495.00

Maine • A Maine Black Bear Hunt. Now this is where the fun begins, the feeling of having a trophy black bear only yards from your tree stand. The rush is intense and OMM makes it possible. Or, try an action-packed bear hunt with hounds. With the help of our game cameras pursue that record book Maine black bear you've been dreaming about. We strive for quality and not quantity taking very few bear hunters per week. Black bears are found in abundance around the lake and throughout the reserve, where they are attracted by many excellent food sources. Guided bear hunts begin in late August and take place from stands and blinds.

Maine Grouse, Goose, and Duck HuntsStarting from $1,595.00

Maine • Enjoy the fall colors, the sounds of falling leaves, and the fresh scent of the fir and balsam as you stroll along gravel roads hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock. Well trained pointers and retrievers help ensure success and provide hours of entertainment while upland bird hunting. Northern Maine offers some of best covers for grouse and woodcock anywhere since birds face less pressure than even in Southern Maine. Expect 10 to 25 flushes per day depending on weather. Back at camp, be entertained by the sight and sounds of eagles flying in search of their next meal, or a bull moose in hot pursuit of a cow. Duck hunting is also available at this time.

Hunt East Adventures
Snowshoe Hare Hunting in Maine with BeaglesStarting from $125.00

Machias • Snowshoe Hare hunting in Maine is a sport all ages can enjoy. The action-packed excitement of a group of hunters awaiting the beagles to circle the Hare builds memories you won't soon forget. Snowshoe Hare season runs from October 1st-March 31 and can be hunted on a Maine Small Game License. The daily limit is 4 Snowshoe Hare per person. Our hunts are done over our well-trained beagles or feel free to bring your own. The day of hunting begins around 7am when we head to our hunting area for the day. Once all our beagles are equipped with a GPS collar we turn them loose and let the fun begin. After the beagles jump a Hare we will get the hunters in position for the shot as the Hare circles. Be ready with the gun because they are fast! If the Hare gets by us, no big deal, we will sit tight and listen to the beagles as they circle right back again! At noon we break for a delicious hot tailgate lunch prepared by your guide and then we hit the woods again till 3-4pm when the hunt ends.

Katahdin's Shadow Outfitters
Katahdin's Shadow Outfitters Maine's Premium Bear Hunting ExperienceFrom $1,950.00 to $1,950.00

Wytopitlock • 7 day stay, 6 day hunt, everything included except processing. Licenses, baiting, cleaning, caping, 3 hot meals/day, beds with linens, satellite TV, running water, group discounts, families always welcome, any weapon, 64 bait sites, transport to and from bait sites, game retrieval, daily baiting 30 days prior to the season, paved road to our doorstep you park your vehicle and don't move it until you go home we take care of everything

Reddog Guide Service
Maine Turkey HuntFrom $200.00 to $400.00

Bowdoinham • Maine has an excellent number of wild Eastern turkeys. Being a resident of Maine since 1996, turkey hunting outfitter Casey Mowers has been chasing these wily gobblers for many years. Over the years Casey has accumulated many prime Maine turkey hunting properties, both on private grounds and on state lands, where he has been successfully hunting and guiding turkey hunters. Over and above harvesting a Big Maine Gobbler, the scenery alone in Maine is absolutely spectacular and worth the price of admission alone! Expert Maine Turkey Hunting Outfitter Casey Mowers takes great pride in making sure each and every guided turkey hunt offers a most enjoyable and memorable experience for all of his Maine turkey hunters.

Maine Upland HuntFrom $200.00 to $400.00

Topsham • On your Maine upland bird hunting adventure with Reddog Guide Service, you will have the opportunity to hunt some of the best ruffed grouse hunting cover in Maine. Hunting grounds include thousands and thousands of acres of commercial woodlands, old farms and old apple orchards. Our region is located in a major Woodcock fly way. If your hunt is timed right you could catch one of the major flights for a World Class caliber Maine Woodcock Hunting Adventure. We also offer professionally trained dogs to hunt over including our top notch Vizsla or German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). You are welcome to bring your own dogs as well. On an average day you could have between 10 - 20 flushes per day. Throughout the day your Maine upland bird hunting guide will tell you about some of the local history in the area as well. Our goal is to make this a most enjoyable and memorable Maine Upland Bird Hunting experience for you and your family!

Maine waterfowlFrom $200.00 to $350.00

Maine • We offer incredible Maine Waterfowl Hunts. You will be hunting the infamous Merrymeeting Bay and areas that the famous Maine duck hunters, and market hunters have hunted for Black Ducks and Mallards. We can hunt the area beaver bogs and can incorporate a field hunt for Canadian geese. Our Canadian goose hunts run in early September in the fields and lakes around the area. Our diver duck hunts for Ring Necks and Golden Eyes take place on the area lakes and bays. Maine is a destination renowned for its rugged coastline. That same rugged coastline also draws waterfowl hunters from around the country for Eiders that are found all along the coast of Maine. Perhaps some of the best sea duck hunting is in the midcoast of Maine. The season takes place from mid-November into January.

Maine Moose huntFrom $1,800.00 to $5,995.00

Maine • Moose Hunting by Lottery Winners Only! If you were selected in Maine's Moose Drawing and need a guide to locate your moose.. Contact us! Keep in mind we have one guided hunt per season. New for 2016 season - we are now providing two experienced Maine Registered Hunting Guides on every moose hunt, to increase odds, additional removal help and other reasons we have decided to double team our guides on your hunt! We know where to hunt, how to call. Our hunts are custom engineered to provide you with a truly remarkable hunting experience.

Maine deer huntStarting from $200.00

Maine • We are located on the borders of zones 14 and 17 for your moose hunts. We do spike camps or can rent camps in other zones. On your hunting day we will hunt and visit areas that have been scouted by your guide and call moose.Hunting deer can be tough in the state of Maine but if you put in the time you can be rewarded with a real trophy. We will put in the time scouting for you and put you on stands that have deer activity or spend the day still hunting or float a local river or bog.

Rail HuntsStarting from $100.00

Bowdoinham • We start hunting 2 hours before high tide and hunt 2 hours after high tide. I will pole you through the rice flats. Jumping rail and learning about the Merry Meeting Bay

Canoe the Wild
Guided Maine Moose Hunts, Skip the Lottery, Book Now!Starting from $18,000.00

Saint Francis • Guided moose hunts in Maine from remote comfortable wall tent camps. Late September/early October is peak rutting season. Hunting moose is much like hunting turkey and elk when it comes to calling and interactions. What a thrill as a trophy bull moose responds to the call. Expect opportunities on bulls 40″-50″ with some bulls going over 50″. We have a high success rate on guided moose hunts going 12 for 14 over the past 2 seasons. This will be our 4th season working for lodges that won permits through a special drawing in January. What is Provided: 1 on 1 guide, meals, transportation, quartering, packing out, caping your moose for amount, deboning your meat and loading it into coolers for travel (ice provided). Note: Must NOT have had a Maine moose permit during the 3 previous seasons to be eligible for this hunt.

Katahdin's Shadow Outfitters, LLC
Big Game HuntsFrom $500.00 to $2,500.00

Wytopitlock • We truly are the State of Maine's premier guide service specializing in Black Bear, Moose, and Whitetail Deer hunts. Providing only quality bear hunts in prime bear area. Includes 6 days bear hunting over bait, lodging, guide service, transportation to sites, bear retrieval, and meals. Fishing in local rivers and streams for brook trout and bass is available within walking distance (fishing license is required). Upon winning a moose license in the Maine moose lottery, Katahdin's Shadow Outfitters offers the chance for a successful once in a lifetime moose hunt. Our preferred method is calling & stalking, this is the most productive and exciting method to hunt. We do all our scouting for bulls ahead of the season for your best possible opportunity. Wild turkey hunting in Maine is some of the finest turkey hunting in New England.

Eustis Ridge Outfitters
Black Bear Hunting/Trapping in MaineFrom $1,800.00 to $2,800.00

Medway • With a full month of pre baiting before the season opens we offer a unparalleled ability to pattern and scout for trophy quality bears to better put you in position to harvest a trophy of a lifetime. You will arrive in camp on the Sunday before your hunt starts (Monday-Friday) Maine does not allow Sunday hunting so we will use the day to get settled in your private cabin and make sure your weapon of choice is dialed and ready for your hunt. After a home cooked meal we will gather around a fire or in the Main lodge and go over our rules and safety procedures for the upcoming week. During your hunt your day will consist of a home cooked breakfast (if you have added the Trapping of a bear onto the package we will then go Check your trap) you will then have a few hours to enjoy the awesome fishing in our local brooks or lakes or enjoy the comraderie of camp life with fellow hunters. After lunch we will depart for your stands for the evenings hunt. The nights are filled with stories from th

Wild Turkey Hunting in MaineStarting from $300.00

Berwick • With a Booming turkey population estimated at over 60,000 birds and a two bird bag limit Maine is quickly becoming a premier destination for Eastern's. Come complete your turkey state slam with our seasoned guide who also happens to be the President of the Maine NWTF. Here at ERO we truly believe in conservation and preserving the right and opportunity to hunt for generations to come.

Eastern Moose Hunting in MaineFrom $3,000.00 to $5,000.00


Rising Sun Outfitters
sea ducksFrom $350.00 to $1,750.00

Jonesboro • World class gunning with "Maine's Premier Waterfowling Outfitter" for Eiders, Scoters, Old Squaw

Northern Pride Lodge
Fully Guided Hunting in MaineFrom $350.00 to $4,600.00

Greenville • Enjoy comfortable lodging and wonderful meals, while being guided on your hunt of a lifetime! Wayne caters the hunt to your style and needs and works tirelessly on your behalf to get you your trophy animal.

Woody's Guide Service
Deer, Bear, Moose, Turkey HuntsFrom $175.00 to $2,400.00

Maine • Accommodations include our new lodge in fall of '07, nestled in the north shore of Kingsbury Pond. Whether you're in our lodge with indoor plumbing and and hot water showers or our more rustic camps on the shore, we make it our goal for you to have a time of your life. We can't guarantee the kill or the weather, but we can great food and great times. Book with us and get full use of our kayaks, canoes, or row boat w/motor. You haven't hunted a trophy whitetail deer until you've hunted the Bald Mountain region of northern Maine. The brooks, streams, cut-offs and logging roads make this a prime area for Maine deer hunting. We offer a number of great stand locations for you to bag your buck. Whether you are drawn around our lodge (zone 14 to the north or zone 17 to the south of Rt. 16) or one of the outer great zones, 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8, we will get you into your zone with a 2000 30' 5 wheel w/slide out so that you're Maine moose hunting out your front door first thing, no long trips.

Ruffed Grouse HuntFrom $225.00 to $2,000.00

Sabattus • Accommodations include our new lodge in fall of '07, nestled in the north shore of Kingsbury Pond. Whether you're in our lodge with indoor plumbing and and hot water showers or our more rustic camps on the shore, we make it our goal for you to have a time of your life. We can't guarantee the kill or the weather, but we can great food and great times. Book with us and get full use of our kayaks, canoes, or row boat w/motor.

Boggybrook Outfitters LLC
Trophy Moose HuntFrom $3,500.00 to $16,500.00

Island Falls • We hunt all zones

Black Bear hunt over baitFrom $1,500.00 to $2,000.00

Ellsworth • Hunt over time proven active baits for trophy Maine black bears

Trophy Whitetail DeerFrom $1,000.00 to $1,800.00

Ellsworth • Hunt from tree stands,ground blinds and heated box blinds

Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting in MaineFrom $300.00 to $950.00


Jim Neville Outdoors
Maine Big Woods Whitetail QuestStarting from $900.00

Cherryfield • The vast Maine timber land of eastern Maine provides the ultimate whitetail challenge. Smaller deer numbers and hundreds of thousand acres of working forest make it the ultimate deer hunting challenge. If you can kill a mature whitetail in eastern Maine you can kill one anywhere.

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