GF TV Ep. 3 Seconds and Inches Pt. 3

Steve Koontz is archery hunting elk during the Montana rut

Apr 25th, 2016

The Montana hunt continues with Co-Host Bryan Koontz’s hunt coming to an end while Bryan’s brother, Steve Koontz, arrives in Montana to hunt elk in the rut with his bow. It just so happens, it’s a month later and the full moon is back in full swing. As a Guide, Lenny’s tactics are put to the test this week.

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1 Comment
Willi Pfeiffer Es sind gute Videos von Euch, leider ist mein Englisch NOT GOOD, deshalb verstehe ich vieles nicht! Für Euch for allways good huntig! Es grüßt Euch ein Deutscher Jäger!
3 years ago