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Guidefitter Spotlight Episode 01: Tim Goalen, Founder/CEO, Klean Freak, No More Baby Wipes!

Oct 30

Welcome to the first episode of the Guidefitter Spotlight, hosted by our Founder/CEO Bryan Koontz. In this special episode, Bryan sits down with Tim Goalen, the visionary founder and CEO of Klean Freak—a brand revolutionizing personal hygiene for outdoor enthusiasts.

Why Watch This Episode?

  • Discover why Klean Freak is a game-changer in personal hygiene for those who love hunting, fishing, camping, and working out outdoors.
  • Learn about the journey and inspiration behind Klean Freak from Tim Goalen himself.
  • Get a sneak peek into the future plans of Klean Freak and how they aim to keep you fresh and clean in all your outdoor adventures.

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Guidefitter Staff
Guidefitter Staff
Bozeman, Montana
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