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Guidefitter Spotlight Episode 02: Jenny Burbey, President of the Colorado Outfitter Association

Nov 16

Welcome back to another episode of the Guidefitter Spotlight with our Founder and CEO Bryan Koontz. This insightful conversation features Jenny Burbey, President of the Colorado Outfitters Association and co-owner of Highlands Unlimited, discussing the pressing issues facing wildlife conservation and hunting rights in Colorado and beyond.

Why Watch This Episode?

  • Gain unique insights into the guiding and outfitting industry from Jenny Burbey, whose experience as an outfitter and leader provides a rare look into the challenges and strategies for managing wildlife and wilderness areas.
  • Understand the complex interplay between state regulations, conservation efforts, and the rights of hunters and outfitters, directly from an expert navigating these waters.
  • Learn about the impact of hunting on conservation from someone who not only practices it but also advocates for its role in sustaining wildlife populations and habitats.
  • Get a forward-looking perspective on the future of hunting and outfitting, and discover what plans and measures are being considered to adapt to changing environments and regulations.

If this episode brings value to your understanding of the great outdoors and the intricate balance between conservation and recreation, please leave us a comment, share with your community, and don't forget to follow along for more in-depth discussions in future episodes of the Guidefitter Spotlight.

Guidefitter Staff
Guidefitter Staff
Bozeman, Montana
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