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Bighorn Sheep
Tenderfoot Outfitters
From $3,250.00 to $5,250.00
Gunnison High country horseback hunts in Colorado's legendary West Elk Wilderness area. First-class fully guided hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, and Bighorn Sheep with bow, muzzleloader, and rifle. For the adventure of a lifetime, make plans now to hunt with Tenderfoot Outfitters. We offer the ultimate Extreme Fair Chase Hunt with the finest quality outfitting available. You must be able to ride and control a horse with confidence, not only in daylight but in the dark, be able to mount and dismount your horse despite changing ground conditions, and be prepared to ride for extended periods of time, occasionally on rough trails through rougher terrain. These backcountry hunts take place at altitudes of 10,000 foot plus, so come prepared. - Preparation, Determination, Desire - - Extreme Hunting - Don't your "Extreme Fair Chase Hunt" now!
Starting from $5,000.00
Gunnison The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep inhabits some of the most remote, demanding, and spectacular regions of western North America. They make their home in the highest mountain cliff faces and scrambling talus slopes, at altitudes that cause most hunters to gasp for air. It's imperative to be in "sheep shape", but the truth is no matter how good of shape you're in, the terrain and altitude is going to kick your butt. Being in the best shape you can be will make the hunt less painful and more enjoyable. One archery and three rifle ram tags are available through the draw in GMU #S54 and are available to Colorado residents only. A bighorn sheep hunt is only a dream for most hunter, but for those lucky enough to draw one of these coveted tags the logistics and challenges can be overwhelming....... Let us help you access the area and be successful on this once in a lifetime hunt.
Wilderness Outfitter Productions or WildOutPro
From $1,500.00 to $5,500.00
Farmington Elk hunts range from Chama NM to the Gila country and over to the Ruidoso area. State wide units offer many great hunting opportunities. Our guides will be out looking for good bulls and listening to "the call of the wild." Many hunts offer hunts in or near the rut season and locating your quarry and slipping into the vital range with any weapon is a thrill we want you to encounter. Rifle and Muzzle loader hunts are 5 days and archery hunts are 7 days in most areas. The North West New Mexico Mule Deer bucks that reside in our public and private lands offer some of the best mule deer hunting in the Western states. The native lands that surround our Mule Deer Units have world class hunting and when these bucks migrate into the wintering area you can bet we will be glassing up some big trophy bucks. January migration mule deer hunts with a bow are action packed and our late season October and November hunts are great choices for the buck of a lifetime.
Garrett Bros Outfitting, Ltd
From $4,000.00 to $55,000.00
Fort Mcmurray Garrett Bros. Outfitting is a family owned outfit that provide's World Wide Hunts. Whitetail Deer Hunts and Fly in remote Moose hunts. We strive to get you the trophy of a lifetime. Pat Garrett has hunted all his life and know what it takes to get the game you are after. If it's a a big Alberta Trophy Canada moose or a huge Alberta whitetail deer , Maybe a Big old ram on top of a mountain peak or a trip to spain for the grand slam of ibex or any antlered game animals that you are after then give us a chance and come and hunt with Garrett Bros and you will not go home disappointed. We realize that your hunt is not only about taking the animal of a lifetime but to feel welcome and have fun, stay in comfortable clean accommodations and eat well. None of us would expect anything less on an outfitted hunt. You can be sure everything is taken care of with Garrett Bros Outfitting And World Wide Consulting.
From $45,000.00 to $60,000.00
Clearwater County Come join us for a hunt deep into the rocky mountains chasing one of the most majestic rams alive, the bighorn sheep, Your trip will start with your arrival into Calgary Alberta and from there we will take you to your mountain camp using horses. This adventure will take you into deep hidden valleys where secluded rams live, accommodations are outfitter tents and the use of horses will prove to a huge factor in accessing these areas. In Alberta we are restricted to 4/5 curl rams and have a abundance of legal sheep it just take a dedicated hunter to find and have the patience to hunt the rams.
Cross C Ranch
From $6,500.00 to $11,000.00
Wheatland Fully guided 10 day hunt in Wyoming Area 19 based out of a centrally located Hunting Lodge. We include a full time cook, food, transportation and entire animal recovery from the rugged Moonshine/Reese Mountain Basin. We have prime access to this beautiful area with all the resources necessary to ensure the hunt of a lifetime. Sleep in a beautiful hunting lodge every night and chase Rams during the day via our wonderful access to this timeless wilderness.
Offgrid Outdoors
From $5,500.00 to $11,500.00
Ogden Offgrid Outdoors
White River Guide Service
From $2,000.00 to $6,500.00
Ely There is nothing like hunting Elk in the rut! NV archery hunts start in mid August and run through the middle of September. These hunts are truly awesome to say the least. Nevada rifle hunts take place in November with an early hunt and a late hunt. Trophy Mule Deer are probably the most sought after big game trophy right now. Monster mule deer are tough to find and even tougher to harvest. We hunt the best trophy units. These units will typically produce bucks in the 180" range, but they also have the ability to produce giant bucks. We have world class hunts for Mountain Lions! If you have ever wanted the opportunity to harvest a lion, now is the time to make it happen. Nevada has some BIG cats and with over 25 years of hunting them, we are very confident that we can make it happen for you. Antelope hunts in our areas are really low pressure, fun hunts. We have plenty of bucks and most units can produce bucks in the 80" range.
GT Outfitters
From $500.00 to $6,500.00
Green River Outfitter and hunting guides owned and operated by Guy, Trudy and Cody Webster. Located in Green River, Utah. With a wide variety of hunting adventures to suit your needs. We strive to give the hunter a quality hunt. Our hunts are catered to the type of hunt the client prefers, "this is your hunt, not ours". Unlike others, we aren't just a booking agent. We don't over book because we want to be there to make sure your hunt is everything you deserve. You can expect to see us in person when you show up for your hunt. Contact us for more information. When you book with us, you hunt with US.
Lazy J Bar O Outfitters
From $3,500.00 to $5,500.00
Montana Our southwest Montana hunts take place in and around the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains. This area provides excellent hunts for bull elk, late-season cow elk, bighorn sheep, spring black bear and mountain lion. It isn't as famous as the Bob Marshall Wilderness, but we believe it offers some of the best and even most underrated hunting in the state of Montana. Big bull elk, and lots of them make this one of Montana's best elk hunting areas. These hunts may be conducted from a lodge, cabin, base camp or spike camps and can be customized based on the individual needs of each client or group. We use horse and mule power to access remote areas and the best hunting opportunities. As with all our other hunts, we use our own stock and can provide horses for riders of any ability level.
Wood River Ranch
From $3,500.00 to $7,500.00
Wyoming, United States We offer elite guided trophy hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Pronghorn, Merriam Turkey, Mountain Lion, Shiras Moose, and Big Horn Sheep. With Five Star accommodations at the ranch and a licensed Wilderness Camp in the Shoshone National Forest, we offer the best of both worlds. Uniquely located up the Wood River, our hay fields are the highest irrigated ground in the valley. This makes us a natural hotspot for Mountain Wildlife like none other. The flexibility of being able to hunt from high in camp, and down at the ranch allows us to be able to hunt where the Elk are, no matter the weather. We take a limited number of hunters each year to ensure minimal pressure and maximum trophy quality. You are guaranteed to see staggering numbers of wildlife of all species, and experience the finest in western hospitality. We also have exclusive hunting rights on the historic 31,000 acre 91 Ranch located on the face of Carter Mountain.
NM Arrowhead Outfitters
New Mexico, United States NM Arrowhead Outfitters provides quality guided hunts in Southern New Mexico as well as being your number 1 consultant for hunting in NM. Most all hunts are conducted on public land with in game management Units 34, 36, 16D, 28 and 21B for Elk, Units 28,29, 32, and 34 for Barbary sheep, Antelope statewide and Coues Deer Unit 27. We offer private Mule Deer hunts on our leases as well. We are the premier Oryx outfitter on the missile range as well as McGregor Range. We also offer Bear and Lion hunts with dogs managed by one of my guides. We go further to offer exceptional guiding for Ibex and Desert Bighorn Sheep, if you are lucky enough to draw we work with some of the best guides for these animals.
Frazier Outfitting
From $1,600.00 to $7,000.00
Lake City Fall hunting trips are carried out in quality area units. Although we will not promise absolute success, we do guarantee an honest-to-goodness, big game hunting experience. Our emphasis is on Fair Chase Hunts. Frazier Outfitting is a small business with 25 years of experience specializing in personal, quality outdoor adventures. We are a full-time outfitting operation.
Track 'Em Outfitters, LLC
From $250.00 to $6,000.00
Colorado Track 'Em operates in game management units 048, 049, 056, 057, 058, 059, 069, 084, 086, 481, 561, 581, 691, and S9. We offer the following hunts; Mule Deer, Elk, Mountain Lion, Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Antelope, and Turkey. Deer- We offer 5 day hunts during Archery, Muzzleloader, High Country Rifle, and Rifle seasons. Mt. Lion-This is a 7 day hunt that is physically challenging. Hunts can be from 4 to 10 miles long, in rugged terrain. Elk-We offer 5 day hunts during the Archery, Muzzleloader, and Rifle seasons.
Gros Ventre Wilderness Outfitters, Inc
Starting from $1,500.00
Wyoming Wilderness/horseback hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, and Big Horn Sheep. Spring Black Bear hunts are also available.
Avalanche Outfitters at Redstone Stables
From $5,000.00 to $8,000.00
Carbondale 7 day Fully Guided Hunt, custom to your group alone in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area or White River National Forest Unit 43. Guides, Camp Jack/Cook, Tents, Horses provided, 1 day pack in, 5 days hunting, 1 day pack out. Bring personal gear. Food provided. Game pack out and taken to freezer or processor/taxidermist(processor fees not included) Wall Tent, Cots, Pads, Food provided.
From $1,600.00 to $2,200.00
Redstone 7 day big game drop camp hunts starting at $2200 per person, $2000 per person for 2, $1800 per person for 3, $1600 per person for 4. Tent, wood stove, propane stove, lanterns, cooking equipment, cots, pads, chairs and pack in/out provided. Game pack out also part of pricing.
Tri-Spoke Outfitters
From $6,500.00 to $8,500.00
Wyoming Our wall tent camps are packed in and ready for you well before your arrival. Each camp consists of a dining tent, sleeping tents, tack/supply tent and even a shower tent. Yep, you can have a hot shower each night after your long day on the mountain. Both camps have a full-time cook preparing big western style meals to keep you fueled up. If you are looking for a top notch big game hunting experience, you've ended up at the right place. Tri-Spoke Outfitters will strive to make your dream hunt exactly like you've imagined it. We hope that the friendships and memories you'll make with us will keep you coming back year after year.
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