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Florida (US) Hunting Trips and Hunting Outfitters

32 Outfitters that offer Florida (US) Hunting Trips and Hunting Outfitters found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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OMM Outfitters
Florida Alligator HuntsFrom $2,295 to $15,000

Labelle • Big Gators - Private Land - Corporate Lodges

Black Tine Outfitters LLC
Florida Wild Hog HuntsFrom $245 to $350

Citra • Florida hog hunting at its finest. As a leading wild hog hunting outfitter in Florida we offer a 99% success rate on some of the biggest trophy quality boars around! Our options include half day hunts, full day hunts, dog hunts, and night time thermal imaging hunts. We welcome all walks of life including youngsters and first time hunters.

Florida Osceola Turkey HuntsFrom $2,300 to $2,300

Citra • Our Osceola turkey hunts are conducted on approximately 9,800 acres of privately owned land. We have offered Osceola turkey hunts for 7 years with a 100% success rate on mature birds. Our Osceola hunt includes a professional guide, calls, decoys, and transportation to and from the hunting locations. If your looking to complete that Grand Slam then look no further as Black Tine Outfitters is one of the top ranking Osceola outfitters in the state.

Whitetail Deer Hunting in FloridaFrom $375 to $850

Citra • Black Tine Outfitters LLC offers free range whitetail deer hunts on approximately 9,800 acres of private land. Hunts are conducted traditionally via treestand/ box stand over feeders, food plots, and mineral sites. Clients can choose from 1 to 4 day hunt options.

Triple Crown Outfitters
2023 Florida Osceola Wild Turkey HuntStarting from $3,500

Pomona Park • 2 day/3 night Osceola Turkey Hunt

Southern Outdoor Outfitters
Osceola Wild Turkey Hunting in FloridaFrom $2,350 to $2,750

Immokalee • Come hunt for your Osceola Turkey with some of the best guides in Southwest Florida!! Southern Outdoor Outfitters has over 42,000 acres of prime turkey hunting habitat, from orange groves to hard woods. We have some of the best turkey hunting Florida has to offer. We cater to the first time hunter or the seasoned hunter looking to bag an Osceola for their Grand Slam!! For the past 9 years we are batting 100% on our Osceola Turkey hunts. We will literally put the birds in your lap! Dedicated and passionate guides that do their homework and pre-scout months before season starts to ensure you have the best hunt possible. We book WEEK DAY hunts as well as WEEKEND hunts. All hunts are 3 days fully guided, lodging and meals INCLUDED

Wild Hog Hunting in FloridaFrom $250 to $400

Felda • Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers hog hunting, both trophy and meat hogs. We guarantee shot opportunity. All of our hog hunts are conducted on private land, so there will be no pressure from public land access. You may use your weapon of choice when harvesting your wild boar, we can even get a little more up close and personal with the dogs and KNIFE! ​ We offer a few different methods for hunting hogs. Walk and Stalk, tree stand or hunting with dogs. Whichever method you choose you will leave with memories of a lifetime. ​ Meat hogs are hogs that are 60lbs and up, no weight limit for a meat hog. You can harvest that perfect BBQ hog for the smoker or that huge slab to feed your family for several weeks! ​ Trophy hogs are hogs that you would like to put on your wall to mount! A trophy hog can be any size, but will have teeth that are 2 inches or better! Skinning and Quartering are included in the price of your hunt. We will provide guns if needed for a $25.00 gun ren

Alligator Hunting in FloridaStarting from $1,500

Immokalee • Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers PRIVATE land alligator hunts year round. We have over 100,000 acres of prime time gator hunting. With hunting private land comes less stipulations as to hunting public land and less hunting pressure. ​ You are welcome to bring your own weapon of choice, or use ours. You may hunt with rifle, handgun, bow, crossbow, bang stick, muzzle loader, or spear. ​ We start the hunt by locating alligators and judging the size of each one until we find the size our client is looking for and then snag the alligator with a fishing pole with large treble hook and take the gator with your choice of weapon. You are shooting at a four inch target, so a steady hand and sometimes more then one shot is needed to kill these very tough hided dinosaurs.

Duck Hunting in FloridaStarting from $300

Naples • Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers private land duck hunting on a beautiful 800 acre marsh. ​ With an early waterfowl season and increased limits, the Florida waterfowl hunting season provides opportunities to hunt resident wood ducks and teal. The blue-winged teal is one of the first waterfowl species to begin the fall migration followed quickly by black duck, mottled duck, canvasbacks, pintails, redheads, scaup, wood ducks, scoters and of course mallards. The early waterfowl season in Florida provides a great chance to harvest some of these amazing birds as they travel through Florida.

Dove Hunting in FloridaStarting from $150

Labelle • Dove season signals the oncoming hunting season throughout Florida. With ample planted fields, your hunting group will enjoy a fast paced, action filled dove hunt. Wingshooting is a great family or group activity and would be perfect to combine with one of our many hunting adventures. ​ 2019/2020 Dove Season Dates ​ Sept. 28 - Oct. 20 Nov. 9 - Dec. 1 Dec. 19 - Jan. 31

Lightsey family ranch
Alligator HuntsFrom $550 to $10,000

Venus • Florida alligators can be taken year round with any weapon. Typically I hunt alligator with a rifle or bow from a swamp buggy on private property. Hunt several different ranches so there are literally hundreds of alligators to choose from between the sizes of 4 feet to 13 feet. This gives me the confidence to guarantee you a gator of the size you desire, or NO PAY! Whether it be a 4 footer mounted for your desk or a 13 footer mounted for your pool. I'm sure I have a alligator hunting package for you. Outwest Farms has been commercially hunting alligators since they have been able to be harvested starting in 1988. With Lee harvesting over 5000 gators bigger than 6 foot since then I'm comfortable guaranteeing you a gator hunt you will remember.

Osceola Turkey HuntsStarting from $3,000

Venus • A true Osceola is only found from Orlando, FL South, giving a turkey hunter interested in a grand slam minimal places to obtain this special turkey. These special birds, Osceola turkeys, at Lightsey family ranch are native to our part of Florida.

Whitetail Deer Hunting in FloridaFrom $3,000 to $10,000

Florida • Come hunt our 2000 acre preserve, for a buck of a lifetime!

Wild Boar HuntsFrom $250 to $500

Florida • Hunt from a swamp buggy with your choice of weapon, yearround.

Bobwhite quailFrom $450 to $450

Florida • Look no further if you love quail hunting, come experience our classy pointers, and southern cuisine!

Everglades Hunting Lodge
Wild Hog HuntsFrom $350 to $2,000

Florida • Hog hunting in South Florida is a bucket list trip for a lot of hunters and a great experience for both beginner and seasoned hunters. Hogs are one of the wariest creatures in the Florida woods but have weak eyesight which is compensated for by their excellent sense of smell and adept hearing. Florida boar hogs have teeth, or cutters, that are sought after by trophy hunters, while female hogs, or sows are one of the tastiest eating critters in the woods.

Seminole Whitetail Deer HuntsFrom $3,500 to $4,500

Florida • Florida deer aren't know for their massive size, but the Seminole subspecies of white-tailed deer should be on every hardcore deer hunter's bucket list. Our deer frequent the swamps, cypress heads, oak hammocks, pine woods, palmetto flats, pastures, and agricultural fields of our properties and our management practices allow us to harvest bucks over 130 inches every year.

Snipe HuntsFrom $300 to $600

Florida • Contrary to popular belief, the snipe is a real bird as well as one of the finest upland hunts in existence. In recent years more waterfowlers and wingshooters have rediscovered this little marsh bird as its population is very healthy. A lot of snipe spend their winters in the swamps and wetlands in South Florida.

Osceola Turkey HuntsFrom $3,000 to $5,000

Florida • Hunting Osceola turkeys is a great way to kick off the spring and enjoy some of the best weather of the year in South Florida. In the mornings, Osceola turkeys can be very vocal and eager to gobble on the roost but have a tendency to be quiet and stealthy once on the ground as there are many predators in the Everglades looking for a turkey dinner.

Duck HuntsFrom $300 to $600

Florida • South Florida has some of the best duck hunting in the Southeast United States. When the weather gets cold up North, the ducks migrate in droves to our coasts, inland lakes, ponds, marshes, and flooded pastures. Most years we winter large amounts of both divers and puddle ducks.

Alligator HuntsFrom $2,000 to $8,000

Florida • Hunting Florida alligators is one of the most unique hunts in North America. Everglades alligator hunting takes place on both private and public land, as alligators inhabit the swamps and waterways across the state.

Ron's Guide Service
American Alligator & Hog Hunting Combo in FloridaFrom $1,000 to $2,650

Venus • Combine our exciting wild hog hunt with a thrilling alligator hunt for an action-packed day full of tusks, tails,-and adventure! Hunt one hog and one alligator on the same day and save up to $125. Get all the benefits of these two thrilling experiences for one low price. Grandma Dean's Tusk & Tail Combo Hunt includes all the benefits of our daytime wild hog hunt with buggy and dogs and your choice of a daytime or nighttime alligator hunt.

Wild Boar HuntsStarting from $275

Lake Placid • Okeechobee is known as "Hog Country" due to wild boar running rampant, destroying farms, killing livestock, and causing billions of dollars in property damage. They can grow to be mean monsters with incredibly strong jaws and six inch razor sharp tusks that can gore a human to death. These invasive species have no natural predators. Help fight against these beasts with our Florida wild boar hunt! You will see hogs! With our skilled guides, trained boar dogs, and private lands teeming with wild pigs we have a 99% success rate and guarantee you will see and have the opportunity to hunt wild boar. Our transparent pricing lets you know what's included in your experience-and what isn't. When it comes to the outdoors there are enough surprises creeping up on you-hidden fees shouldn't be one of them. Choose from daytime or nighttime swamp buggy hunt with dogs-all for one low price. There's no better fun than hog hunting in Florida with dogs!

Aligator HuntFrom $800 to $2,500

Venus • Are you looking for a hunting experience that's out of the ordinary? Ron's Guide Service offers an affordable and exciting alligator hunt that is open to residents and non-residents year-round. Our fully guided hunts are conducted day and night on private ranches and leased lands. These properties consist of wetlands, small lakes, ponds, canals, and marsh which are prime alligator habitat. Our experienced guides pre-scout and monitor all of these hunting properties daily to stay knowledgeable on the best spots.

West Shore Outfitters
Wild Hog HuntsFrom $220 to $375

New Smyrna Beach • We offer half-day and full-day and Thermal Night Vision Hunts. We hunt from either a treestand/groundblinds over feeders or by spot-n-stalk with the Thermal Night Imaging.

Capt. Jeremy"cornbread"Farrell
Duck Hunting in FloridaFrom $75 to $125

Kenansville • Hunt the public lands of Central Florida from the gulf coast to the many local lakes or marsh's. Looking for a mottle duck or Whistler? Come check us out.

American Alligator Hunting in FloridaFrom $500 to $2,500

Florida • Offer guide services for the lucky applicants of statewide lottery for $500 a night.Private land, year round, gator hunts start at $1,500.

Jim Laing Outdoors, LLC
Big Game Hunting in FloridaFrom $500 to $2,500


Osceola Wild Turkey Hunting in FloridaFrom $500 to $2,750

Florida • $500 Morning Hunt, $2750 for Trophy Bird

Townsend and Sons Everglades Outfitters
Alligator Hunting in FloridaFrom $700 to $7,000

Labelle • Hunt the elusive Florida alligator in the swamps of South of south Florida with us. We catch and fight them in with deep sea fishing rods and treble hooks or shoot them with a rifle or bow from land. Very exciting hunt!!

Cast and Blast Outfitters
Florida Alligator HuntFrom $1,000 to $5,500

Okeechobee • Cast and Blast Outfitter's trophy alligator hunts are an experience you are sure to never forget. We can either help you fill your tags or provide private land tags to harvest a mature alligator. The majority of our hunts are conducted from an Air Boat at night by spot and stalk, first locating the alligators then approaching them for the kill. All equipment is included and the only thing you need to bring is your alligator license! Our private land hunts can be harvested by the weapon of choice of the hunter - public land hunts are usually harvested using a combination of crossbows, harpoons, snatch hooks and bangsticks. Private Land Hunt with Tags Provided -Up to 6 Ft...............$1,000 -7-8 Ft.......................$2,000 -9-10 Ft....................$2,500 -11-12 Ft..................$5,500 -12+ Ft.......................Call for Price

Hug HuntingFrom $250 to $450

Okeechobee • Cast and Blast Outfitter's offers hog hunting on over a thousand acres of private ranch land in Okeechobee. Hogs are classified as a nuisance animal and have overrun South Florida, so you will have your pick of the boar or sow you want! We offer both meat hogs and giant trophy hog hunts that accommodate hunters of any level! Meat Hog Hunt..............$250 Trophy Hog Hunt...........$450

Duck HuntingStarting from $175

Okeechobee • Cast and Blast Outfitters offers world class duck hunting on Lake Okeechobee and surrounding private lands in Glades and Okeechobee Counties. Most hunts are conducted from duck boats fully equipped with comfortable seating, decoys and blinds. We also have the capabilities and equipment to hunt in float boxes or in the water with waders. We strive to keep current tabs on the ducks and their movements by scouting throughout the entire season to maximize our client's success on the water!

Osceola Turkey HuntStarting from $2,000

Florida • Cast and Blast Outfitters offers world class duck hunting on Lake Okeechobee and surrounding private lands in Glades and Okeechobee Counties. Most hunts are conducted from duck boats fully equipped with comfortable seating, decoys and blinds. We also have the capabilities and equipment to hunt in float boxes or in the water with waders. We strive to keep current tabs on the ducks and their movements by scouting throughout the entire season to maximize our client's success on the water!

Tiger Island Outfitters
Wild Hog HuntsStarting from $210

Florida • Tiger Island Outfitters is your home of the three hog special! We offer all kinds of hog hunts to suit your personal preference. From spot & stalk archery to stand hunting over a feeder and everything in between, Tiger Island will personalize your hog hunting experience. We have plenty of hogs in all sizes, from small meat pigs to trophy boars... and never any trophy fees. Once you harvest your hog, your guide will take it from there. We'll pick it up, clean it, butcher it and pack it in your cooler for the trip home. Taxidermy is provided on-site for an additional fee.

Wild hog huntsStarting from $200


Osceola Turkey Hunt

Florida • Florida is the home of the Osceola Wild Turkey, the most wiley and notoriously elusive of all the wild turkey subspecies. Tiger Island Outfitters has plenty of Osceola turkey and we can help you get closer to your grand slam. Our turkey hunts are suited to your style of hunting. Whether you prefer a classic blind set up, running & gunning or anything in between, Tiger Island has something to fit your needs. Our customers can choose to hunt on their own or with a guide. Let us build a hunting package to suit your needs.

Gator HuntsStarting from $800

Okeechobee • Come on down to the swamp and hunt some massive gators! Fully guided by state licensed professionals.

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