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Varmint hunts are all about controlling nuisance animals that affect other populations and public safety. Hunt coyotes in Wyoming, foxes in California, prairie dogs in Colorado and beyond.

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Dakota Prairie Lodge and Resort

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Tenderfoot Outfitters

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Prairie Farm Homestead, LLC

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Monster Whitetail Outfitters

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Raging Point Outfitters, LLC

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Hiland Outfitters, LLC

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D.C. Outdoor Adventures Inc.

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Schrader's Outdoors

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Montana Big Game Outfitters

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Western Kentucky Outdoors (WKO)

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Days In The Wild Outfitters

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Tankab Outfitters

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Great Plains Outfitters, LLC (GPO)

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Turkey Track Outfitters (TTO)

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Headwaters & Highcountry Outfitters