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Where to hunt wild hogs? Let us help you in your search. Check out our extensive outfitter listing of wild boar and hog hunting trips in Texas, South Carolina and beyond.

Red Bluff Lodge
From $600.00 to $925.00
South Carolina Red Bluff Lodge was founded in 1998 as a full-service shooting sports and hunting destination specializing in high quality deer, hog, alligator, and turkey hunts. We are located in the heart of one of the most pristine regions in the United States, the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Our focus is on customer satisfaction coupled with an understanding of wildlife management. We strive to provide our hunting guests with their greatest opportunity to harvest deer, turkey, hog and alligator on some 4,000 acres under management. We hunt free ranging hogs year-round on two miles of pristine bottomland along the Savannah River. Hog hunting can be combined with deer in the fall and turkeys in the spring. Night hog hunting is available year-round.
Low Country Hunting Lodge
From $500.00 to $1,500.00
Garnett Wild hog hunting has become very popular as out of state hunters have learned what we in the low country have known for a while – that wild pigs are smart, tough animals that are extremely fun and exciting to hunt; they also taste great! To get that big wild boar, the best way to do it is our afternoon/night hog hunt which is available all year long. With the help of our many trail cameras, we will determine when the pigs are moving the best and then arrange to have you in the stand during those times. We usually start the hunt approximately 2 before dark to take advantage of any afternoon daylight movement, then leave you in the stand for another 4 hours after dark to capitalize on the nocturnal tendencies of wild pigs to provide our hunters with the best opportunities to shoot a monster. On all hunts, you will use one of our Savage .308 bolt action rifles equipped with the latest ATN X-Sight II or ATN 4K Pro Day/Night scopes. Season Dates -Year Round-
From $660.00 to $1,500.00
Garnett Our Combination Whitetail Deer & Hog Hunt is for the hunter who likes the opportunity to harvest multiple types of animals. Hunters are placed in elevated stands overlooking bait piles, food plots or travel corridors on both a morning and evening sit with the evening sits being the most productive for hogs on this hunt due to their nocturnal nature. Hunt Includes - home cooked meals, comfortable lodging, linens, game retrieval, transportation to and from the hunting locations. Season Dates -August 15th to January 1st
Texas Trophy Whitetails, LLC
From $250.00 to $750.00
Sonora Your wild hog hunt here in Texas takes place on our private ranches, located in an extremely high density, animal rich part of the Hill country loaded with multiple species of free range exotics and trophy whitetail deer. We are a fully licensed and insured hunting outfitter specializing in low fence guided Texas archery and rifle hog hunting. Hunt over feeders day or night, spot and stalk, ambush along roads corned for your hunt, there are many styles of hunting for these wild pigs here in Texas. We also offer many other exotic hunts to complete your Texas year round hunting adventure. ($250 PER DAY, INCLUDES MEALS, LODGING, GUIDING) - $750.00 for a 3 day hunt - 1 Free hog with each scheduled trip. Hogs $100/each
Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters
From $300.00 to $3,500.00
Olustee 150+ average. Free Range. 30,000 acres. Our whitetail genetics are extremely unique giving our bucks big bodies, big racks and a number of stickers and kickers, splits, and even droptines. Not only are our deer unique, but their habitat is unique as well. Our farms range from the deep Red River valley to the wide open mesquite flats and wheat fields and all the way into the valleys of the Wichita Mountain Range. Your hunt includes lodging, meals, game care, assistance with game recovery and multiple pre-scouted set-ups. We are after deer that score over 140", the bigger the better! Many outfitters are known to try and "hold out" bucks, to save big deer etc, we do not. The biggest buck that is consistently showing up on camera is the one we are after with who hunts with us. We know that if we do not kill the biggest buck, someone else down the road or even worse, road hunters will, so we hunt hard and try our best to get our guys the biggest bucks possible!
From $250.00 to $3,500.00
Faxon It's no secret that our country's predator population has skyrocketed over recent years. And our premier area of Oklahoma is no different. Oklahoma coyote and bobcat population has absolutely exploded over a short amount of time which has, in turn, created a huge opportunity for hunters all across the country to come harvest some nice big bobcats and coyotes. The varmint hunting opportunities at WOTO are top notch. The Oklahoma coyote population is extremely dense and must be dealt with in order for our whitetail deer and turkey population to thrive. We also have a very healthy population of bobcats that would make a wonderful trophy in any lodge or home. With over thirty thousand acres to hunt, there are plenty of areas to have the ultimate predator hunt. Our standard predator hunts are semi guided, which means we take you to and from the properties and give you a lay out on where to hunt from set to set, however we do offer self-guided hunts upon request. Facilities are avai
Black Tine Outfitters LLC
From $245.00 to $350.00
Citra Florida hog hunting at its finest. As a leading wild hog hunting outfitter in Florida we offer a 99% success rate on some of the biggest trophy quality boars around! Our options include half day hunts, full day hunts, dog hunts, and night time thermal imaging hunts. We welcome all walks of life including youngsters and first time hunters.
JPC Guide Services
California Fully Guided Wild Pig Hunt
LL DD Ranch.&.Outfitters
From $600.00 to $800.00
Redford Javelina Hunts will take place on our private owned ranch located in the rugged mountains of South West Texas next to the beautiful Rio Grande located in the Big Bend Area. We offer a true fully guided spot and stalk hunt where we will be hunting low fence free range javelina, we have strict limit of hunts every year to keep pressure on the game to a minimum to ensure your hunt has the best possibilities of being successful , our guides will always go the extra mile to make your hunt successful, and a true hunt of a lifetime! From bows to guns on a true spot and stalk hunt or hunting under a feeder we will get you taken care of!
From $300.00 to $1,000.00
Southern Outdoor Outfitters
From $250.00 to $400.00
Felda Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers hog hunting, both trophy and meat hogs. We guarantee shot opportunity. All of our hog hunts are conducted on private land, so there will be no pressure from public land access. You may use your weapon of choice when harvesting your wild boar, we can even get a little more up close and personal with the dogs and KNIFE! ​ We offer a few different methods for hunting hogs. Walk and Stalk, tree stand or hunting with dogs. Whichever method you choose you will leave with memories of a lifetime. ​ Meat hogs are hogs that are 60lbs and up, no weight limit for a meat hog. You can harvest that perfect BBQ hog for the smoker or that huge slab to feed your family for several weeks! ​ Trophy hogs are hogs that you would like to put on your wall to mount! A trophy hog can be any size, but will have teeth that are 2 inches or better! Skinning and Quartering are included in the price of your hunt. We will provide guns if needed for a $25.00 gun ren
Night Vision Hog Hunting Guide Service
From $300.00 to $650.00
Palestine Hunt Hogs when their most active at night! We provide the guns, ammo and everything you need for the hunt! Thermal screens are set up in hunting vehicles so everyone can view the thermal as we drive scanning for hogs. We also offer Long Range hog hunts if you want to test your shooting skills at distances up to 1 mile. Come practice at our 1 mile range before the hunt. Combine your hog hunt with a Alligator Gar fishing trip through Bubba Bedre's Garzilla Alligator Gar Guide Service for a hunting & fishing combo package. Any package you choose, we promise you will have a blast and make memories that will last a lifetime! We look forward to sharing our passion for the outdoors with you! Now let's Hunt & Fish!!
Cast & Bang Outfitters
From $250.00 to $500.00
Walters If you have never sat against a tree and watched a coyote or bobcat hunt for it's next meal, then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The adrenaline of watching them run towards your call is guaranteed to get you blood pumping, and make you a predator hunter for life! We hunt coyotes year round and pursue bobcats when in season December 1-February 28.
Starting from $300.00
Mapu Hunting Lodge
Starting from $5,995.00
Utracán 5 hunting days / 6 nights all inclusive package for one hunter. - 1 Free range red stag - 1 Blackbuck antelope - 1 Texas dall sheep - 1 Wildboar Your Argentina Red Stag hunting adventure begins following an overnight flight to Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa. One of our guide, will meet you at the Santa Rosa airport for an hour transfer to the lodge. The following five days will be full hunting days in search of a trophy stag. The red stag hunting starts in the morning before dawn with breakfast and return to the lodge before noon. After the lunch, you can rest in the lodge for a couple of hours to be ready to enjoy the next hunting adventure of the day. You will return after sunset to enjoy the dinner with us.
Sunrize Safaris (Ted Nugent)
From $750.00 to $750.00
Jonesville Sunrize Safaris offers hunt at Ted Nugent's Sunrize Acres hunting ranch in Michigan for hog or ram. These hunts are one day or until you get one. Bow or Gun. Guided.
Starting from $1,750.00
Jackson Hunt a Hog or a Ram at the Ted Nugent Porkslam! The hunt will start on Friday and Ted will join you on Saturday for a Pork Slam you won't forget!
Kanati Creek Outfitters
From $125.00 to $3,750.00
Lone Wolf Customize your hunt of a lifetime
From $350.00 to $650.00
Oklahoma Hunt wild hogs in south west Oklahoma. We offer thermal hunts and stand and feeder style hog hunts.
Red River Valley Outfitters
From $700.00 to $700.00
Quanah Thermal hog hunting in comfortable blind or spot & stalk depending on the weather. Spring thermal hog hunting dates: Jan. 14- Mar. 25 Summer thermal hog hunting dates: May 15-Sept. 25 Minimum of 2 hunters & up to 3 hunters per group. Fully guided, includes food, lodging, linens, thermal equipment, ammo & transportation to hunting site. Checkout Facebook (url removed) and Website page-(url removed)
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